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"Begin an unforgettable adventure that leaves a mark. Learn the essentials of building a legacy through mentoring & start making a difference."

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Legacy Mapping


Course Details

Time: 3 hours (with a 15 minute break)
Attendees: Min 3 max 21 attendees
Date & Time: Sunday -April 28, 2024-
from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Mountain Online


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Meeting ID: 817 3675 9676
Passcode: 179929


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Learning Outcomes:
_Define Legacy - including Legacy Dashboard
_List 5 essential "How to" characteristics of crafting legacy
_Explore legacy as an adventure together supported by your unique journey
_Use a simple story structure to frame your invitation for others to get involved with your legacy project
_Determine What's Next...

__Option: Open Q&A at the end of the workshop depending on group requirements

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Workshop: Navigating Next Fifty Transitions: Collaborative Conversations about Legacy With Whom, Why?

Course: Legacy Mastery (13 weeks)

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What are your biggest frustrations about SoloAging connected with Legacy and Mentoring?
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If you searched Google or YouTube for insights about Legacy with Mentoring while SoloAging Confidently, what search terms would you use?
What resources - courses, webinars, books, and videos - have you read-watched on these topics? (Titles are appreciated, Links more so)
Of the resources you purchased... name it/them, your investment was, and what was missing?
How much would you invest in a course to learn why & how to deliver and maintain a Legacy with Mentoring project confidently?
If you could wave a magic wand and create a course/resources that delivered everything you need to learn-know-do on this topic, what are 3 core subjects you would include?
Is there anything you’re struggling with as you Age? SoloAge? Remain Relevant? Leverage Experience? Make a Lasting Impact?

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