Mentor Certification

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Certificate of Practice - Journey Mentor

Is for those who complete the requirements of the Certificate of Practice - Journey Mentor using a reciprocal and wholistic mentoring approach applicable in adult situations like the workplace, mental health support, and support of those aging.

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Source of Education

There are many education providers offering mentoring courses and workshops, and books and libraries. There are persons who serve as mentors.
Key word search will reveal them.

WELLth Movement (Dr. Stephen Hobbs) and TalentC (Doug Lawrence) are education providers through courses, workshops, and resources. More here.

The audit//verification process used in the International Mentoring Community uses the action-outcome statements in the Self-Assessment Profile found below.

Of importance:
The source of your education is not relevant.
What is, is your learning-knowing-doing application
aligned with the profile checked via the IMC audit//verification system.

And to be clear, it's your comprehension and application of a reciprocal and wholistic mentoring approach that is used to enter the certificate audit/verification system. 

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The Certificate of Practice - Journey Mentor focuses
on learning the knowledge and skills, the concepts and practices, and attitudes
about serving as a journey mentor whether paid or free. Re-certification every two years.

Certification is based on submitting a written Journey Mentor Practice Portfolio
we audit for relevance, authorship, and mastery, plus you attend an online verification meeting
with an IMC Verifier assigned by the International Mentoring Community to dialogue about
the practices of a reciprocal and wholistic mentoring approach. 


Click the green button (WordExcel version) or purple button (PDF version) below to access
the International Mentoring Community (IMC) Certificate of Practice - Journey Mentor Self-Assessment Form
(contains a list of action-outcome statements that make up the certificate profile). 

Follow the instructions on the self-assessment form
to set up a 15 minute interview with the Intake Manager to discuss next steps.
There is an email at the bottom of the Self-Assessment Form!

**__Your email will be used for reasons of communication about your involvement.
It will not be added to any email list!

Certificate of Practice - Journey Mentor Self-Assessment Form

International Mentoring Community Logo

On the Certificate, the issuer is the International Mentoring Community with the logo to the left.
WELLth Movement is the administrative support to the International Mentoring Community.
The International Mentoring Community is working on ISO standards & regulations as an Education Awarding Body.

Sometimes, we have scholarship funds available. Use the Contact Form to ask.


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