Update: Awarests--as a fully operational program with products, services, and experiences
--will open April 1, 2025.

We've written articles about nature journalling and awareness writing for the Opal Rising Magazine.
Click an image below to access the Flip Magazine for that month. Under the image are the article page numbers or check the Table of Contents in the magazine once you open it. 

Opal Rising December 2022

Pages 22 through 29 - Nature Wondering and Writing (1 of 3 in series)

Opal Rising January 2024

Pages 9 & 10, and 24 through 31 - Nature Wondering Writing (2 of 3 in series)

Opal Rising February 2024

Available February 5th, 2024
Return for the link (3 of 3 in series)

Opal Rising September 2023

Pages 12 & 13 - About WELLth Movement and Aging Confidently_Like an Intro!

Opal Rising October 2023

Pages 14 to 16 - Nature Journalling Preparation (Supplies)

Opal Rising November 2023

Pages 14 through 18 - Awareness Writing as Creative Process

WELLth Movement's Primary Legacy Project is called Awarests (Awareness of Forest and Trees)

Awarests Logo

Overview of Topics:

Awareness of Forests and Trees:

Our commitment to nurturing awareness of forests and trees remains steadfast. Through experiences, insightful content, and interactive sessions, we aim to deepen your appreciation for these vital ecosystems and inspire conservation action. Together, we can champion sustainable practices and safeguard the invaluable biodiversity that forests and trees harbor.

Awareness Writing Process and Projects:

The art of awareness writing continues to be a cornerstone of our mission. We unveil new projects (e.g., anthology submission requests,  writing challenges, and how to write and publish a book) that explore the intersection of nature, awareness, consciousness, and the creative process. Whether you are an avid writer or a curious observer, our upcoming initiatives will provide enriching opportunities to hone your skills, share your insights, and contribute to our growing anthology.

Walking with Nature Safely (Wholistic Approach):

Knowing the Why and Nurturing the How of Nature Walking safely is a primary conversation in the Awarests Grove. The Wholistic Safety approach we promote encourages you to reflect on physical through socio-cultural safety requirements. We highlight preparation checklist, prevention backpack, and practice continuance using 5 lenses: within, without, between, together, and beyond. As you manage safe systems and use safer practices, you remain alert to Staying Found lessening illness and injury during your involvement with nature. 

Additional Resources manged by WELLth Movement for Awarests:

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Whenever and wherever possible we encourage-support-cultivate
Elder and Youth Conservation Conversation:

Bridging generational divides, we are facilitating conversations between elders and youth to exchange knowledge, experiences, and perspectives on conservation. These dialogues serve as catalysts for innovation, collaboration, and collective action, fostering a legacy of stewardship that transcends generations.


Walking with Nature as Your Educator 
Use Awareness Writing to Journal Your Insights

Nature is a time and location journal.
You can read the tree rings to get a sense of what happened to the tree. You can navigate with the help of trees. You can read the landscape based on the type of tree standing before you or the forest you are standing in.

Nature is a self-care companion.
Time outdoors is wonderful for the head, heart, and hands. Think forest bathing and nature adventure support (therapy).

Nature is a living systems educator.
Nature shares a lot about being with the planet. And, metaphorically and literally, nature is a great educator about what it means to move forward using adeption - knowing how and why to adopt and/or adapt.

Nature Journal

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Nature Prompt Book

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Nature Deeds Done
Nature Stories

Track the Sun Along the Mountains,
It's Natural Cycle

Determine the Time of Sunrise:

Find out the time of sunrise for your specific location
Check online, refer to a weather app, or consult an almanac for accurate sunrise information - lots of resources via your search engine

Observe the Early Morning: 

Wake up early and head outside before sunrise
Note the sky's appearance and the light levels
Notice how it gradually brightens as the sun gets closer to rising
__ Early walking of the dog is helpful ))smiles 

Watch the Sunrise: 

Find a spot with a clear view of the eastern horizon
Observe the changes in the sky and the landscape
Pay attention to the colors, the position of the sun, and the way the sunlight spreads across the surroundings -- I so enjoy how it weaves into the landscape

Track the Sun's Path: 

Observe the sun's movement across the sky
Note the angle at which it rises and the direction it takes as it reaches its highest point (known as solar noon)
_The sun's path will vary depending on your location and the time of year
__Some days in the spring and fall, have to close the blind so the sunlight does not hit the painting

Monitor Shadows:

Observe how shadows change during the day as the sun moves
Pay attention to the length and direction of shadows cast by objects
_Shadows will be shortest at solar noon when the sun is directly overhead, and they will become longer in the morning and afternoon
__I see Shadow Man walking with me

Note Sunset Time:

Determine the time of sunset for your location
_Again, you can check online sources or consult an almanac

Watch the Sunset:

Find a spot with a clear view of the western horizon
Observe the sun as it sets and notice how the sky's colors change during this process
Note the afterglow that lingers after the sun goes below the horizon
_Especially setting on the horizon of a body of water

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