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Mentor Collection 

Mentoring NOW, and the overall Practice of Mentoring is advancing as more persons share their experiences of mentoring, their mentor practices. Their stories, and concepts and activities, whether for the workplace or for the community, whether free or paid, whether formal or informal, all advance and amplify the importance of mentoring.

No longer the forgotten cousin of coaching, mentoring is an educational approach worth recognition.

Dr. Stephen Hobbs shares 42 insights from his practice as a facilitative-mentor that align with the Mentor Practices highlighted and recognized by the International Mentoring Community. He is the co-founder and serves as Director of Certification.

These insights are practically useful and conceptually helpful for new mentors and mentors looking for continuous learning and improvement ideas.

The 5 core benefits derived from the book as they apply to the practice mentoring::
  1. Clarify from Consistency your mentoring approach, including the concepts and practices from the book
  2. Contribute from Confidence as you apply your mentor practices using insights from the book
  3. Communicate from Commitment with your mentee by demonstrating credibility and relevance
  4. Collaborate from Community by connecting your thoughts & feelings with the book content; afterwards sharing your insights
  5. Co-Create from Capacity as you leverage the other 4 benefits along your capabilities, competence, and continuance continuum as a mentor within, mentoring without.
As a 6 in by 9 in handbook, you can dog ear it, add sticky notes, and/or use the white space to write your ideas. Carry it with you for rest breaks and solo lunches. As you read it, you can decide the mentor practices you want to continue, start, that mean something to you and your mentees.

It contains self-assessments in the handbook's body.
Also, you'll find checklist pages of the 42 action-outcome insights at the beginning and end of the book.

Scan the book via the Table of Contents and checklist pages.
Go to what you need to learn to know to do!
Explore follow-up resources at the end of the book.
Share your stories & suggestions via the website listed in the Resources section.

Legacy Collection

Legacy Journal is a place to write your thoughts and feelings about pre-planning and planning to live from the legacy you intend to leave. As "prompt journal - guided" book it has ~150 pages to write notes and add sticky notes.

Format of the book:
  • 6 by 9 inches
  • We primarily use white pages
  • Some pages have "creative lines" to write notes
  • We shade some pages to offer stimulation via grey coloring
  • There is a navigation bar on the bottom of each page listing the 5 Branches of Legacy; explained in the beginning of the journal
  • On each page, above the navigation bar, is a word. It serves to prompt a thought or feeling you note on that page or another.
  • Use a large font at the beginning of the journal to present ways and prompts for you to use the journal.
  • TO BE CLEAR - it is not a "lined journal." Has the feeling of an "open prompt book" where you can doodle as well.
Other Updates:
  1. Easily carried with you
  2. Add sticky notes to pages to mark key thoughts. You can dog ear a page as well. It's your journal!
If you were to write notes daily - it would summarize a half year of thinking and feeling out loud. That is ~180 entries written and drawn.

Great for those involved in solo-aging to get organized about discovering, shaping, and sharing their legacy projects, stories, and contributions. This journal is one book in the Noteworthy Legacy line of books available from this author.
Also, if you are an Eco-Ager - a great journal to organize your thoughts and feelings.
And, olders to be elders who mentor can benefit from the journal as well.

Legacy is about the useful whats (your time, effort, and money) you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. To get to your legacy, to live it and leave IT, assign time, effort, and possibly money to discover it so you can share IT.

To guide your discovery and shaping of legacy, this workbook contains 21 Legacy Insights thought useful practically and helpful emotionally. They synthesize ideas and insights drawn from the author's experience of living from the Legacy he is living. His Awarests' book series highlights his unfolding Legacy Project - Stories - Contributions.

Whether you are an Older Adult exploring being an Elder-Mentor; a solo-ager looking to bring light and laughter for the world; and/or a pre-planner of your legacy approach --- you can benefit from this workbook. We will develop workbooks offering more perspectives and considerations.

This workbook is

  • 8.5 by 11 inches
  • with larger font
  • lots of space to write and draw your thoughts and feelings
  • a great conversation guide if you ask someone to journey with you
  • includes a self-assessment form -- asking you which insights flicker like a neon sign at a diner

You can write into the book
We suggest you grab sticky notes of different colors and use the workbook as a posting document

The workbook has a "philosophical" tone because we encourage you to seek the truth of your legacy via the prompts in the workbook. While the first read can be a scan. The depth of insight results from the time given to each statement. You could think of the workbook as a one or two-month challenge. Yes - give yourself time to mull over what's written on the page.

Ask a friend to join you. Maybe a family member, a colleague. It's a great resource for a book club turned book action group!

The workbook is a source of your thinking. With it, you curate your thoughts and feelings you can revisit. Also, it is evidence of the background stories you can share with family and friends, and communities benefiting from your legacy.

Again, give each insight time and energy before moving on to the next one. If the insight does not call to you at first, return later and reread - maybe rewrite. Either way, what you write and draw from the insight will be useful and helpful - more so, eventful once you carry the insight forward.

It's time to bring your legacy to your living so you can enjoy the smiles of those benefitting from your gift(s).

Legacy Notebook: Keep Track of Your Ideas and Insights As You Share Your Legacy Projects, Stories, and Contributions

This notebook is useful for Olders to be Elders, to keep track of the ideas and insights, investigations and interpretations, and inquiries and enquiries required to shape and discover, and share their legacy project(s), stories, and contributions.

It's a significant starting point for 55+ year young professionals and paraprofessionals, retirees with mojo, and nature inspired advocates to gain clarity and confidence for the legacy they intend to live (and leave.)

Alternatively, it's a helpful Journal to record action reflection learning about the activities, behaviors, and consequences of sharing legacy according to one or more of the 5 elements of the Legacy Dashboard.

Whatever your starting point and/or as a way to deal with procrastination and self-doubt issues about your Next Fifty, this Legacy Notebook offers you a way to extend your perspectives about the definition of legacy and why legacy is important to live your extraordinary life.

More so, this Notebook - in large print - offers pages to write - draw your ideas and insights. You can pepper the workbook with sticky notes as well!

There are multiple page formats:

  • fully lined
  • blank page
  • top blank-bottom lined
  • top lined-bottom blank

Whatever your Legacy Project, whether in process or still in manifestation, this Notebook will support, ground, nurture you forward. The insights and ideas you add have a universal flavor!

The Notebook features

  • 5 Elements of the Legacy Dashboard with description and explanation of each element
  • Suggested steps to gain the most from the Notebook
  • 70 pages for adding ideas and insights
  • Lays flat on the desk (not spiral bound)
  • 4 different page formats to stimulate writing and/or drawing your ideas and insights
  • Font Size: Use a large font with lots of white space to add notes
  • Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Style: Notebook (Journal)
  • Space to add different colored Sticky Notes

A magnificent gift for your family and friends talking about their legacy project ideas. The Notebook offers a thought-provoking place to think and feel through possibilities from different angles. It's a "jumping-off point" for considering-creating-cultivating legacy projects-stories-contributions!

Nature Collection including Awarests

Discover the Perfect Balance of Freedom and Guidance with Our Nature Journal

Nature speaks in a language all its own, and our Nature Journal records your understanding, interpretation, and expression in your own unique way. The journal provides a balanced blend of both free exploration and (limited) guided introspection, making it a perfect companion for any nature wonder and wander.

Our Nature Journal offers an open canvas for your thoughts and reflections, with limited prompts to nudge gently your creativity. It's a space for free-style musings and capturing your experiences in a raw, unfiltered way. Think of it as a sanctuary for your thoughts, a place where they can breathe, expand, and take shape at their own pace. It's perfect for those moments when you want to dive deep into your thoughts and let your pen (pencil) take the lead.

Whether you're spontaneously scribbling during a forest walk in the Nature Journal or mindfully musing over the Journal’s prompts in a peaceful park, you have before you a versatile tool for personal growth and connection with nature.

Then, develop actions from your Journal that bring to life your projects and activities framed by your words on your terms.

Amazon Description:
Connect with Nature, Sense Its Prompts, Record Your Thoughts & Feelings in a Whole New Way: The 144-Page Nature Journal

Experience nature as you never have before with our unique, one-word prompt Nature Journal. Designed to inspire, encourage, and guide you on your journey, this 6 by 9-inch journal becomes a haven for your thoughts, feelings, and observations as you explore the natural world around you, whether in person and imaginatively (maybe virtually)..

This 144-page journal accommodates both your detailed thoughts and your broad strokes of inspiration. With a mix of lined and blank pages, you have the freedom to jot down or sketch out whatever catches your eye, whether it's the intricate patterns of a leaf, or the sprawling grandeur of a landscape. It's an invitation to witness and document the beauty of nature in all its forms, and that feels most natural to you.

Worried about writer's hiccups? Don't be. Each page features a single word prompt at the bottom. Think of it as a gentle nudge to kick start your writing or drawing process. If the sights and sounds of nature don't immediately spark inspiration, these prompts are there to guide you, offering a starting point to explore your thoughts and reflections.

Designed for use with pen and ink, colored pencils, and highlighters, this journal is your canvas. Please note, however, that because of the risk of bleeding, we recommend avoiding the use of watercolors and thick black (colored) pens.

Embrace the peace - the tranquility of nature and let your creativity flow freely with our 144-page Nature Journal. It's not just a book - it's your personal companion on your journey of exploration, discovery, reflection, and connection with nature within, nature without.

Multipurpose Journal & Planner - Versatile for Men and Women - Agers and Soloagers, Grandparents - Daily Journal, Sketchbook, or Walking Diary

Pencil-based Quality Paper - 72 Sheets (144 Counting Both Sides) - Compatible with Pens, Pencils, Colored Pencils, Highlighters - possible Bleed-through for bold pens and watercolors

Compact Size - 6 X 9 inches - Easy to Carry for Walking and Daily Use - fits in a Day and Overnight Pack

Timeless Gift - Perfect for Seasonal Anniversaries, New Adventures - Ideal for Writers, Students, and family & Friends, and Your Walking Buddies

Making Nature Note Taking More Approachable: Using Prompt Phrases as Guides to Writing

This prompt-based, note-taking, nature-aware book helps older individuals (agers) engage with and appreciate the trees around the house and in the neighborhood park. And, the trees and forests viewed in the magazine, the TV show, the video, and more.

  1. Note-taking involves writing observations, thoughts, and feelings about nature, especially trees and forests. This could include descriptions of what you see, smell, hear, or touch from your experience that impacts you personally, or any connections or associations that come to mind. This practice encourages awareness and observational skills, while also providing a record of personal experiences.
  2. Prompts are pre-written statements designed to inspire thought and reflection. In this notebook, these prompts relate to specific phrases describing nature, like changes in seasons, evergreen and deciduous trees or personal connections of forests and trees to the planet. They provide direction and focus, which can be useful for those who might find a blank page intimidating or overwhelming.

This notebook is 6 by 9 inches -- 110 pages
For use with pencil and color pencil, most writing ink pens, and some highlighters. It is not for watercolors and bold ink pens.

Suggest you buy sticky notes for writing ideas and insights that you can move around in the book and/or to cover up existing prompts to lessen distractions on the page. Also, they can hang over the edge of a page marking something important.

Overview: For agers (older adults), this note-taking book provides a range of benefits. Here are two:

__Stimulate mental activity and physical activity whether before or after a visit to a forest and/or in your imagination

__Encourage relaxation and stress relief through creative expression on a windy or chilly day when the sun shines on the table in your favorite reading/writing nook and your need to connect with forest and trees with your imagination

The Magic of the Interactive Notebook

The interactive nature notebook is more than a journal; it's a tool for exploration, creativity, and learning. It invites you to explore nature, stirs your creativity with prompts you can use now or later.

Size and Layout: A Delight to Use

We have designed this interactive nature notebook with both usability and convenience in mind. It features a handy size of 6 by 9 inches, just about the right balance between having enough space to express your thoughts freely and being compact enough to carry around.

Inside, you'll find 110 pages of exploration and wonder waiting for you. The pages are spacious and inviting, providing ample room to jot down your thoughts and emotions evoked by your interactions with nature.

The notebook uses a larger font size, ensuring that the 80 prompts and instructions are easy to read and accessible to everyone. The layout of the notebook is intuitive and reader-friendly, providing a smooth and enjoyable journaling experience.

Extend its use with sticky notes. Treat the notebook like a note folder for the ideas you've written, and you store for later use. Carrying sticky notes is another quick way to record that phrase, those feelings in words, the quick doodle.

Multipurpose NoteBook - Versatile for Men and Women - Agers and Soloagers, Grandparents

Compact Size - 6 X 9 inches - Easy to Carry for Travel and Daily Use - fits in a Day and Overnight Pack

Timeless Gift - Perfect for Seasonal Anniversaries, New Adventures - Ideal for Writers, Students, Family & Friends, Your Walking Buddies

With the NoteBook:
__ Unleash the Power of Note-Taking
__ Record Prompted Reflections for Enhanced Engagement

Awareness FROM Forests is a nature aligned prompt and activity book for adults who can share it with children and youth - their family and friends.

The book supports the Awarests program and the various nature-aware nature-inspired nature/informed projects mentioned in the book. Awarests is about Awareness FROM Forests...

The book is about nature awareness from a nature (trees, forests) perspective - using nature-aware lenses.
  • Nature puzzles
  • Coloring pages
  • Tree Stories
  • Writing Requests
  • Challenge Questions
  • Action Prompts
  • Image reminders
  • Places to write notes
You can carry it with you (6 by 9 in) when you need something to read. Also, you can pick it up for a lazy afternoon on the patio/porch to color and/or answer the questions. As you interact with it, think of ways you can use it with family and friends. There are support resources available - information in the book!

Oh yes,
__ Larger font size for story reading
__ Grey and colored photos - you can add color to the grey pictures
__ It asks to be dog-eared, to remian on the table as a reminder and resource book

It has a mix of American and British spelling because authors from around the world submitted stories and ideas/insights.
Unsplash was used to access some pictures. Otherwise, the author took most of the pictures and Wellthers who are persons who contribute/support the book. Use the links identified in the book to access more.

We invite olders to elders who mentor and share the legacy they intend to live.
Audience: Older adults, those who solo-aging, eco-agers, those who use the phrase "I'm years young," adults supporting their parents who are grandparents to the grandchildren and looking for nature-aware ideas and activity suggestions.
  1. Gain awareness from the forests and trees - while you walk safely with nature.
  2. Involve yourself with Awarests (Awareness Forests) literally and/or metaphorically.
  3. Join the Awarests Community.

Education Collection

Stephen Hobbs has created a concise, thoughtful and practical handbook that is equally essential reading for the most seasoned manager-leader and for the manager-leader who is starting her/his career. Hobbs crystallizes the 9 educating approaches that will support you to be the best manager-leader for those you serve. His provocative exercises and worksheets cause you to be more reflective and conscious about your way of managing-leading, to apply the educating approaches to your current situations, and to anchor your knowledge by recording what you've learned about yourself, your team, your organization and your project along the way. This book will not sit on your shelf you will want it on your desk as a ready resource for effectively engaging the minds, hearts and hands of your people. This book is an eminently practical action map, identifying the best educating approaches to take along your career journey.
Dr. Anita Sanchez

In Help Them Help YOU Manage-Lead, Stephen Hobbs zeros in on nine approaches to engage, retain, develop people, and improve their performance, while drawing out a genuine sense of fulfillment. Leaders are learners, which is probably what attracted you to pick up this book. In reading, you'll discover that Stephen offers more than quality content. He designed the book to bring YOU into it, making it your own personal guide to powerfully knowing which educating approach to use in any given situation.I'll keep this book on hand and reference it often, as I'm sure you will too. It will expand your awareness, ability to listen, discern and respond consciously in a way that activates the potential within and grows inspired future leaders.
Marilyn Suttle

It's true! Manager-leaders are positioned to situationally educate their staff. It was true for me when I managed and led in an oil and gas company, and a government agency. I experienced how my influence grew as I properly educated myself and my staff. Dr Stephen Hobbs’ book hits the mark! His simple and concise approach of the 9 educating approaches, whatever the type or size organization, provide a catalyst to help new manager-leaders grow their influence. It will help established manager-leaders to improve their practice and leap-frog them ahead in engaging their staff, improving performance, support succession planning and further personal development. This is simply a MUST BUY book!
Teresa de Grosbois

Thank you for sending us copies of your new book Help them HelpYou to Manage-Lead. I have read the book and find it to be very appropriate to this context. This book, developed as a workbook, encourages managers and leaders to reflect on and adapt their own educating practices. I especially like the minstrel figure and related diagram that links the concepts together. Though the educating approaches are easy to understand, they can be difficult to practice especially here in a developing-country setting where the Government bureaucracy has many dimensions, and individuals may get limited educating support from their supervisors.

Please send us 120 copies of this book so that I can share them with senior Government of Ethiopia leaders and managers.
Sacha Innes

If managing as a leader is your game, this book is a must read. Just like all great leaders, Stephen Hobbs doesn't tell you what to do or not to do. Instead, he models exquisite leadership skills through this comprehensive guidebook that should be required reading. Using fabulous metaphors and real life leadership problems to overcome, Stephen expertly leads the way to a new realm of leadership possibility.
Dr. Shawn Duperon

As a fellow colleague and avid admirer of Hobbit's work, I highly recommend this book for consultants and facilitators in the Organizational Development space as a crucial "handbook" of new thought, new approaches and best practices. Step into Stephen's mind, for even a second, and see the world of infinite possibilities, as he plays with words, thoughts, practices and provocative stories to challenge traditional approaches and methods we use with clients. It is wonderful to finally see all the stories and examples he uses when weave co-educated finally transposed onto paper. This book is as large as Stephen's heart and only a morsel of what he has yet to write and share with the world!
Dr. Laurie Maslak


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read your book on discovering the 9 educating approaches helpful for managing and leading others. I enjoyed reading the book (actually twice to get the full essence) and wish it had been available earlier in my career. I would have been much more effective in my educating approach.

The wonderful thing about the reading experience was that I knew the methods in general through other learning I have had, but it was never presented in a concise and organized manner as presented in this book. I also found the terminology that you used in Chapters 5 to 7 to describe the nine approaches to be a lot more correlated to the concepts presented and, because of that, easier to remember when I encounter a situational leading/managing challenge.

The distinction between commitment and estimate presented in Chapter 8 actually took me by surprise. I now know why in the past I was disappointed in my ability to get some of the team members to deliver on the ‘promises’ they made. Obviously, they were giving me their ‘promise of an estimate’ which I mistook for ‘commitment’. Well things are going to be different going forward – there will no doubt be clarity in expectations. The 7 major commitments cited in Chapter 8 will no doubt provide an excellent reminder to me on a daily basis. (I plan to put it them up on my desktop opening page until they are ingrained in my mind.)

As I mentioned to you in our conversation, I am in the phase of my career where I need to generate continuity of knowledge that would be essential to the emerging young leaders in my organization. This knowledge is gained from experience in the subject matter field such as regulatory reforms in transportation industry. There are no textbooks around that can be accessed by the young leaders to educate themselves. So at least for me, this book has arrived just intime. Connecting the leading and managing with the 9 approaches to educating is going to be a very productive process.

I learned about action mapping the first time at the leadership course you taught. Chapter 11 solidified the concepts for me, particularly the 9+1 suggestions regarding starting with Self.

Steve, this book is exciting and well written. I am certain it will be a hit with the new generations of leaders.

Let me finish by sharing a quick note for those sales letters you will write:

Steve Hobbs’ presentation of the 9 educating approaches helpful for leading and managing stimulates the mind and will evoke a level of confidence in the minds of young, emergent leaders. It’s a win-win approach for both the educators and their learners!

Dr. Deepak Ekbote, B.Sc., M.Sc. Ph.D. M.B.A.

WorkLiving Organization Collection

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managing leading well living workplace

Well-Living Workplace 

Organization Culture

Groups, Teams and More

managing leading engagement recognition

Engagement and Recognition  


Mentoring in the Workplace

Mentoring NOW

Mentor Within, Mentoring Without

Establish the baseline understating of Mentoring, Mentor, Mentorship for your everyday use as you share the legacy you intend to leave. 


Available as Paperback.
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Mentoring NOW - Discover & Shape Your Mentoring Approach. Mentor Within, Mentoring Without - 42 Actions You Bring to Experiencing Your Life as an Elder, Mentor.