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5) PDF of the 40 Action-Outcomes for Mentor-Mentoring in simple checklist format

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Are you ready to transform not just your life, but also the lives of those around you?

Are you a midlife older progressing into next fifty elder – while still employed and/or seeking other ways to remain relevant and leverage experience?

Then consider the Mentoring as Legacy program.
This opportunity nurtures the well-being of olders, guides them to become well-living elders, along the way aging confidently to becoming a mentor

Using mentoring as a legacy project aligns with your heads, hearts, and hands. Those who you work with see that authenticity immediately.

Hi, I’m Dr. Stephen Hobbs, a mentor and author 

Today, I live in the spaces and places of agers (soloagers) 55+ years young…

I’ve written and published 18+ books about personal and workplace education approaches linked with managers and leaders, career professionals, volunteer managers, and group/team members - all seeking personal and professional tips, tools, and techniques.

Of the 12 education approaches available, my preference is facilitating and mentoring, while incorporating navigating. 

[A new book about the 12 education approaches available soon.]

Stephen Hobbs

Let’s get personal:

Do you feel you are not making/may not make the impact you hoped for?

Are you facing obstacles in living your extraordinary life?

Do you feel challenged in creating a mentoring approach?

Are you on a quest to find your inner guide and mentor?

Mentoring NOW is an answer to these questions

The book is a way to move forward with “mentoring as legacy”

In order to organize a legacy project, olders require mentoring "
and/or hold the belief they can mentor and that mentoring itself is a legacy project.

Either way, the starting point is valuing and nurturing with mentoring. 

The book–by its title–Path Way to Mentoring NOW: Mentor Within, Mentoring Without uses a “thread to strings to cord” metaphor, acknowledging a valuable way to organize a legacy project is by mentoring. 

As you gain proficiency with mentoring, you develop your inner guide/mentor.
You learn about mentorship concepts, mentoring practices, and the self-concepts of being a mentor…
Then–you mentor what you love to mentor!

Why I wrote 'Pathway for Mentoring NOW:
So you could:

Learn to value and use your mentoring capabilities–whether new or seasoned, you have them
Acquire skills to mentor others effectively/relevantly in any professional or personal setting
Discover strategies and tactics for building–growing lasting relationships
Reflect on mentoring for self-discovery and awareness of being YOU, being fully human

Who have benefit from the concepts and practices in the book

Coaches - consultants - business owners have benefited from my mentoring approach.
Some have asked for presentations on concepts and practices for mentoring - covered in this book - to guide their organization of work projects and/or support their staff/volunteers.
University learners pursuing their graduate degrees have benefited from the Mentoring NOW concepts and practices.
Years later, workshop and course participants have written to thank me, sharing how the mentoring approach in the book helped//helps them.

The 3 by 3 matrix diagram that starts each chapter is a useful organizing tool for the book and serves as a visual memory reminder. 

With the purchase of the PDF copy of the book, you have access to the 42 action outcome-outcome statements organized in 7 chapters with 6 statements per chapter. 

Two types of checklists are available within the book to copy and use as desk reminders:
(a) statements listed by chapter
(b) statements listed with check boxes without reference to chapter

Mentoring NOW Matrix

5 Benefits

Enhanced Mentoring Skills:

"Mentoring NOW" equips you with advanced mentoring tools/techniques and strategies/tactics developed and used over decades. 

Start with strategies/tactics to establish a mentoring baseline
Gain tools/techniques to improve/strengthen your existing mentoring approach
Engage more effectively and meaningfully with your mentees

Personal and Professional Growth:

The book provides a unique opportunity to reflect on and enhance your personal mentoring philosophy. 

Self-examine through continuous learning your capacity to mentor
Maintain connection with your professional field(s) using mentoring to remain relevant
Sustain a mentoring role to leverage existing and new experiences

Building Lasting Relationships:

Through its in-depth exploration of both the 'mentor within' and 'mentoring without,' "Mentoring NOW" educates you how to establish and nurture lasting relationships with your mentees.

Extend beyond traditional mentoring boundaries as you explore reciprocal, wholistic mentoring
Enrich your personal and professional life through collaboration with your mentee
Develop a network of supportive persons brought to the mentoring arrangement 

Leaving a Legacy:

By following the structured action-outcome statements provided in the book, you set a pathway to creating a meaningful legacy. 

Shape your mentees' futures and your own
Share your values and insights to consider their consistency with youngers and olders
Ensure your influence endures well beyond direct interactions

Practical Application:

"Mentoring NOW" advances theoretical insights; more so, it has immediate practical application.

Use the actionable steps to see real-world benefits
Apply what you learn with commitment and confidence to your mentoring sessions
Invite your mentees’ use of the action-outcomes to strengthen your connection


Enter "Mentoring NOW," a transformative resource that redefines the concept of legacy. 

This isn't just another book on mentoring—it's a blueprint for turning your life’s work and experiences into a guiding light for both the younger generation and your peers.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive, a dedicated educator, or a community leader, "Mentoring NOW" provides you with the tools and insights to mentor effectively and with purpose.

For your everyday consideration:

What if you could channel your professional expertise and personal growth into mentoring relationships that not only guide but inspire others? "Mentoring NOW" allows you to do just that.

The book breaks down proven strategies/tactics into actionable steps that help you become a mentor who makes a difference.

With 42 unique action-outcome statements organized into seven critical categories, Dr. Stephen Hobbs offers a structured approach to mentoring that draws from over 30 years of experience across various industries.

But "Mentoring NOW" encourages you to engage deeply with your mentees, building connections that are mutually enriching.
It’s about more than transferring knowledge; it's about
_ cultivating wisdom,
_ fostering resilience, and
_ encouraging a commitment for continual learning and improvement. 

These relationships often turn into lifelong connections, 
with mentees looking back on your guidance as pivotal
in their personal and professional development.

"Mentoring NOW" emphasizes the importance of being both a mentor within—enhancing your inner growth—and a mentor without—impacting others externally.

This wholistic approach ensures that you grow as a mentor and individual, refining your ability to influence and lead effectively in all areas of life.

The book also features inspiring stories from fictional characters* like Walter and Lone, who illustrate the profound impact mentoring can have. These narratives provide not just context but also real-world applications of the book’s principles, making the mentoring journey relatable and attainable. [* representing composites of clients!] 

For those interested in formal recognition of their mentoring skills, "Mentoring NOW" aligns with the standards set by the International Mentoring Community. This alignment enlivens your credibility as a mentor AND provides a pathway to certification, further confirming your role and expertise in this essential field.

Imagine a future where your experiences and insights continue to influence and inspire long after you've shared them.

With "Mentoring NOW," you transform everyday insights into extraordinary legacies. 

This book is your invitation to remain active, relevant, and deeply connected, creating a lasting impact that transcends generations.

Step into your role as a mentor and watch as your legacy unfolds, benefiting others today and paving the way for tomorrow’s leaders.

SoloLiving SoloAging Confidently
Two Women Mentoring Conversation

Mentoring NOW Cover paperback

Been working with Stephen for 5+ years on "all things mentoring." His ideas are great - practical and on the mark! He's given me fresh perspectives on how to mentor (and why!).
Our collaborative conversations - he says - guided the content in the book. He is a mentor involved in being mentored. What he shares he lives. I'm a better mentor because of this book!

Doug Lawrence / Mentor with

Picture Doug Lawrence

Book Highlights:

"Mentoring NOW" is a guide - Yes!
Iit's a collection of 42 action-outcome statements crafted from over 30 years of Dr. Stephen Hobbs' dedicated mentoring practice.
It’s a prompt book, suggesting actions to take with supportive concepts.
It’s meant to get to the heart of what matters, and encourages you to take action NOW!

These insights, grouped into seven critical categories, offer a blueprint to mentoring that's been tested in various industries worldwide. 

From fostering internal growth through 'the mentor within' to enhancing how you mentor others 'without,' this book ensures you mentor with heart, precision, and fun.

Walter and Lone, alongside other enriching fictional characters, guide you through a “thread story connecting chapters” including sidebar suggestions. In addition, Dr. Hobbs adds his personal take on the action necessary including sharing signpost (extension) suggestions that enrich the mentoring content, making every page a learning opportunity. 

This book prepares you for personal mentoring success AND aligns with the International Mentoring Community's standards, supporting your journey to certification.

5 Key Action-Outcomes

Chapter 1:
Define terms: mentorship, mentoring, mentor. Establish a foundation to leap from!In doing so, you frame your appreciation of mentor within,mentoring without - what it is, why is it important so you can use the rest of the book to initiate how to mentor

Chapter 2:
Distinguish between NOISE and NEWSS. Consider what hinders and helps your mentoring practice. That way you can stand guard on lessing the NOISE while leveraging the NEWSS, its messages via media that is influencing the mentoring arrangement/relationship.

Chapter 3:
Commit to Moving In, Moving On. Keep your promises. In this case to explore, shape, and share your mentoring approach. The commitments you make guide the integrity of your actions that realize outcomes that matter to all involved. Moving in, moving on requires courage. Suggestions of why and how are included. 

Chapter 4:
Practice Mentor Within, Mentoring Without: Move forward with your learning for knowing to doing! It’s an action management requirement. You have to mentor to advance and amplify your mentor practices. Gain confidence in your mentoring!

Chapter 5: Use the Mentor Mannequin Model. Start with this model to test your approach. Then you can edit (add, alter, or delete) it. A model is a reference-a checklist-a reminder of the action-outcomes in play. Add the measures and metrics and you improve and focus your approach, your experience with the mentee and vice versa!

Bonus Mention — Chapter 6: Walk with the Value of Safety. Manage and Lead with a Felt Safety framework. Manage the socio-cultural systems of mentoring for your mentees. Lead your mentees with psycho-social safer practices. When you manage and lead this way, you and mentee, and others indirectly connected to the mentoring arrangement can experience the wholistic, reciprocal intention of mentoring. 

Mentoring NOW Cover paperback

Been working with Stephen for 5+ years on "all things mentoring." His ideas are great - practical and on the mark! He's given me fresh perspectives on how to mentor (and why!).
Our collaborative conversations - he says - guided the content in the book. He is a mentor involved in being mentored. What he shares he lives. I'm a better mentor because of this book!

Doug Lawrence / Mentor with

Picture Doug Lawrence
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SoloLiving SoloAging Confidently


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Moving Forward

Embrace the role of a lifetime with "Mentoring NOW."
Extend your professional or educational career as a mentor!
Start a new professional or edcuation carreer framed by mentoring!
Enrich your life and the lives of others as a wholistic, reciprocal mentor!
Step into your role as a guide!
Watch as both you and your mentees flourish!
Discover the joy of giving back!
Feel the thrill of continuous learning!
Acknowledge the satisfaction of knowing your legacy!
Encourage youngers-olders to live an extraordinary legacy life! 

Dive into "Mentoring NOW"
Start crafting a future
that celebrates your past and
contributes to the future of being
FOR the world,
WITH the planet,  
FROM the whole...

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Mentoring NOW Cover paperback

Been working with Stephen for 5+ years on "all things mentoring." His ideas are great - practical and on the mark! He's given me fresh perspectives on how to mentor (and why!).
Our collaborative conversations - he says - guided the content in the book. He is a mentor involved in being mentored. What he shares he lives. I'm a better mentor because of this book!

Doug Lawrence / Mentor with

Picture Doug Lawrence
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