Definition of Legacy,
Connection between Legacy and Mentoring, and
Connection between Legacy and Nature

Legacy is about the useful whats you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience.
The "Useful Whats" are your time ... effort ... money. 

  • How do you use your time?
  • How do you apply your effort?
  • How do you use your money? 

At work, at play, as you volunteer, others are watching you. 
And whichever way your "feet point" --- they show the direction you're headed. 
Confuse them, and they move away from you. 
Give them clarity, perspective, and support. They walk with you.

The same is true at home and with your friends. 

To be clear ...
Your gifts are the conscious use of of your time, effort and money that benefit others through each interaction. 

  • You can gift your time like volunteering at a school and listening to a colleague living through a rough patch.
  • You can gift your effort like mentoring others involved with a complex project and researching fresh places for your upcoming family reunion.
  • You can gift your money through a corporate social responsibility program and setting up a community fund benefiting a diversity & inclusion program. 

The examples given here are illustrative. You know what's possible in your life, at work, with your family and friends, for the community. 

Legacy and Mentoring
Others can learn something from your gifts because they tap into your lived experience --- through mentoring.
Sharing insights about what you achieved provides examples of what to do (and not do). 
This awareness guides their decision making, which can affect you. 
Therefore, when you design and realize your Your Legacy Story - Your Legacy Experience - you live and work an authentic, sincere and caring approach that is a testament to your life well-lived, your business well-led, and your legacy well-shared.

Legacy and Nature
What is your legacy experience - story with nature?
Are you at odds with nature? Are you scared of it?
Are you an infrequent visitor because you do not value the natural landscape? 
You have you woven visits with nature each day or on a regular schedule! 
Do you support local and/or global environmental initiatives and/or programs? 

Legacy Living
Legacy Story Contributions

If you have Questions - Comments about the Legacy Projects and Programs, please use this form:

10 community outcomes
of your legacy project in action:

  1. Legacy projects offer an opportunity to make a forward-looking impact on individuals, communities, or even society at large.
  2. It can inspire others to engage in similar projects or activities, creating a ripple effect of contribution.
  3. Legacy work often leads to the enrichment and improvement of the communities in which you are involved.
  4. Sharing your wisdom and expertise allows you to pass down knowledge to younger generations, benefiting them.
  5. Legacy projects can contribute to the preservation and promotion of cultural traditions and heritage.
  6. When they focus on environmental sustainability, they highlight your footprint with the planet.
  7. Social justice and advocacy-based legacy projects contribute to progress and equality within society.
  8. Legacy initiatives focused on health and wellness improve the well-being of individuals and well-living in communities.
  9. Artistic or creative legacy projects contribute to cultural richness and artistic expression.
  10. Acts of kindness and charitable contributions create a legacy of empathy and goodwill.

7 personal benefits for discovering,
shaping, & sharing legacy projects

  1. #SenseFulfillment: Engaging in legacy work provides a profound sense of fulfillment as you contribute meaningfully for the world and with the planet - from the whole!.
  2. #PersonalGrowth: Legacy projects require personal decisions about wellth (well-bein for self and well-living with others)that in turn fosters living-life learning and development.
  3. #LastingImpact: By creating a legacy, you leave a lasting impact with your community and future generations especially when the conversation about the legacy project is intergenerational.
  4. #SelfReflection: The process encourages self-reflection, helping you gain deeper insights into your hierarchy of values, beliefs & assumptions (inside out), and opinions & perceptions (outside in)..
  5. #CommunityEngagement: Legacy projects can connect you with like-minded persons and communities, reducing feelings of isolation-loneliness while encouraging ways to remain relevant and leverage experiences.
  6. #SensePurpose: Legacy work gives you a sense of purpose - reasons to move forward, inspiring you to make the most of each day.
  7. #PersonalSatisfaction: Witnessing the positive effects of your legacy projects can provide a profound sense of personal satisfaction and celebration.

Legacy EcoSystem - Programs Available

Legacy Mastery

90 Day with 45 Day (a) intensive LIVE course & 45 Day (b) dedicated Group Coaching to continue your action-learning. Participation moves you through the Dream to Determine process as you beta test an element of your legacy project. Has a start & finish date!

Schedule 4 to 5 per year. Possible to run two at the same time.

Legacy Accelerator

180 Day comprehensive 1to1/1to2/ mentor-heart (think mastermind from the heart) with facilitative mentoring/instructive coaching to help you map, manage, monitor, maintain, & mature a legacy project for your community. Fast-track your project using the WOW248 framework.

Activate 5 packages . Have a wait list.

Legacy Agora

Month by Month access the community marketplace and meeting hub. Maintains a monthly membership fee that renews until you cancel the subscription. Attend webinars, short presentations, review products and services available, Q&A, and network with fellow Legacy Actionists. 

Legacy Mentoring Packages

Access Facilitative Mentoring packages that support your customized legacy project requirements. May involve WELLthers chosen for their expertise to guide you on your ride. You can invest in one hour as you can invest in a long-term package.

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