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The International Mentoring Community (IMC) learning and educating platform prepares You to apply and receive a Certificate of Competence - Mentor.

Possibility Exists in Every Handshake When You Receive
Your Certificate of Competence

Benefits for applying and receiving a Certificate of Competence from the International Mentoring Community (IMC) 

  1. Exceed the mentees' (the learners) requirements of the mentors they select to sustain the mentoring arrangement and connection 
  2. Convey authority as a mentor in the mentoring arrangement based on verified competence to support an action_outcome based mentoring arrangement  
  3. Utilize the inspired standards and wise practices of mentoring developed and used by IMC mentors through the continuous learning process inherent to certification and recertification 
  4. Strengthen personal leadership and confidence to assist the mentee to evolve critical thinking skills while both grow personally and professionally 

At the core of your journey with the International Mentoring Community you will realize the extraordinary importance of this statement:

MAKE it so, so IT is!

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Certificate of Competence - Mentor

The Certificate of Competence is awarded based on the Verification of Concept and Practice Competence. 

A competent verifier will assess the competence of the applicant against the criteria set for the certificate. The criteria are the action outcome statements in the Certificate of Competence Profile.

The basic 5-step Certificate of Competence process includes:

  1. complete a Self-Assessment ... to benchmark what you know already, and develop a plan to fill in the gaps. Think of the self-assessment as a checklist to follow - a blueprint to use. 
  2. develop a Portfolio including your "LIVE" Mentor LogBook ... to detail what you learned about mentoring (mentor and mentee, & a mentoring arrangement) from your lived experience and/or completing the online course or attending a live workshop + additional reflective-planning requests based on your LogBook entries and upcoming mentoring sessions
  3. request your Case Review Package ... to review and comment on 3 mentoring situations and prepare additional administrative documents in preparation for step 4
  4. finish the Verification Process ... to submit your Portfolio, LogBook, Case Reviews, and participate in an active conversation with a Verifier about the knowledge and skills of mentoring and serving as a mentor
  5. apply for your Certificate of Competence - Mentor ... to receive your IMC certificate with identification of your recertification date

The Self-Assessment is mandatory for the certification system.

There are 76 No - Yes questions split among 7 Categories:
1) About Mentor -
2) Mentor Characteristics -
3) Mentoring Arrangement -
4) Support Mentee -
5) Mentoring Tools & Techniques -
6) Mentoring Learning & Educating -
7) Certification -

Of importance to the early stages of the certification process, take the opportunity to talk to the Certificate of Competence Intake Manager who can help you determine your best path forward to obtaining the Certificate of Competence - Mentor.

Details of how to contact the Intake Manager are found at the end of the form.

After chatting with the Intake Manager, you decide whether or not to continue on with the certification process.

If moving forward, instructions are listed in the email the Intake Manager will send you. Here is the reason why you need to confirm your email address to receive this correspondence. 

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