Unlock the Power of Mentorship:
Choose Your Path as an Older SoloAger

Are You an Older SoloAger?
The Choice is Yours: Mentor or Merely Exist?

Every moment offers a choice. As an Older SoloAger, your decision echoes beyond just you—it impacts generations to come.

Will you be the lantern of guidance, or will you simply tread water?
Two paths are available:

SoloLiving SoloAging Confidently

Path 1: Embrace the Extraordinary Mentor Life

🌟 You Are Valued:
As an "Older-SoloAger who Mentors," you possess a wealth of experiences waiting to be shared.
You recognize the profound impact of guiding the next generation.
You're ready to embark on this transformative journey—whether it's through paid mentorships or volunteering in the community.

🌱 Elevate Your Legacy:
Your life's journey is rich with lessons, triumphs, and wisdom.
By choosing this path, you commit to fostering growth, inspiring shift, and leaving an indelible mark on those you guide.

Path 2: Settle for an Okay Life

Stagnation Awaits:
As an "Older-Idler," you drift through life, letting moments slip by without purpose or interest.
While your experiences may broaden your horizons, you're left feeling unfulfilled, yearning for something more.

🛑 It's Not Too Late:
Recognize that this path, although comfortable for some, may not be your true calling.
If you feel the tug towards something greater, embrace it.

Why Choose Path 1?

  • Legacy & Impact:
    As an older SoloAger transitioning into the elder phase of life, mentoring allows you to leave a lasting legacy.
    By sharing your wealth of experience and skills, AND wellth of knowledge and wisdom, you can positively influence all generations, shaping their futures and contributing to society's growth through your legacy project.

  • Personal Fulfillment & Growth:
    Engaging as a mentor offers profound personal fulfillment.
    It provides opportunities to reflect and celebrate your achievements and learn from past challenges.
    In addition, mentoring fosters continuous personal growth, enabling you to stay mentally agile, socially connected, and emotionally fulfilled during your elder years.

  • Community & Connection:
    Mentoring as an older individual bridges generational gaps, fostering meaningful connections within the community.
    By sharing your insights and experiences, you cultivate a sense of belonging, respect, and mutual understanding among diverse age groups, strengthening community bonds, and enriching collective experiences.

Moving Forward:

  1. Dive Deep into Mentorship: Immerse yourself in the art and science of mentorship. Learn the nuances, embrace the challenges, and celebrate the victories.
  2. Earn Your Mentor Certification: Your experience is invaluable, but formal recognition amplifies your impact. With your existing knowledge and newfound skills, pursue the coveted Certificate of Practice - Journey Mentor from the International Mentoring Community.
  3. Become a Lantern of Guidance: With certification in hand, you're not just a mentor—you're a certified guide, equipped with the tools, knowledge, and recognition to transform lives.
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Your Legacy Awaits: Take the Leap

The path of mentorship promises fulfillment, growth, and a legacy that transcends time.
As an Older SoloAger, your decision today shapes tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and dreamers.

Choose wisely. Choose mentorship. Your extraordinary life begins now.

[Begin Your Mentorship Journey Today]

The International Mentoring Community with its Certification program, is a Legacy Project co-founded by Dr. Stephen Hobbs and Doug Lawarence (TalentC).

Through 2024 and beyond, workshops and resources will be available. 
More information and details of the certification process are available here

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