As an Older, you have a decision to make.

Of the activities you take up,
the behaviors you share with others, and
the consequences by which you live...
they highlight an okay life or an extraordinary, wellthy life.

Both described here: 

Path 1 - Okay Life:
We would call you an "Older-Idler" - you idle along doing what may. While your lived experience expands your life - you'll find it unfulfilling and drab in many ways. Let's be clear it's a path, and many persons walk it happy with their decision.

Path 2 - Extraordinary, Wellthy Life:
We acknowledge you as an "Older-Elder who Mentors." Because of your lived experience and the experiences you look forward to having, you've decided you are willing to share your lived experience as a mentor - whether paid or free.  

If you Decide on Path 1... there are ideas and insights on the website that will be of assistance.

  1. Go to the Navigation Bar above.
  2. Find the Older-Elder tab.
  3. Hover your cursor over Older-Elder.
  4. Select the word that peeks your interest.
  5. Click that word...
  6. Enjoy what you read.
    Alternatively, go to the Blog and scan the posts. 

Decide on Path 2... you have two ways to walk forward.
Like two sides of a coin, select one side, the other side is present. 

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You can discover and shape your mentor practices. You can:

  1. Participate in a cohort (virtual) course
  2. Participate in an evergreen course according to your schedule
  3. Attend short (mostly) weekend workshops 
  4. Read a book
  5. Ask for one-to-one mentoring support
  6. Gain access to the Mentoring Library
  7. Visit our YouTube channel - Playlist: Mentoring
  8. Attend a live Wednesday 10 am Mountain broadcast about a mentoring topic
  9. All of the above - discounts are available for your investment --- ask via the Contact Page 

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You can explore & obtain your mentor certification

Based on your existing lived experience as a mentor and/or because you are learning about mentoring with us or via other education organizations, you can apply for Mentor Certification from the International Mentoring Community. 

Available certificates:

Certificate of Concepts - Mentoring
Receive acknowledgement for learning the concepts of mentoring

Certificate of Practice - Mentor
Gain verification you have the skills and practice to serve as a mentor

Certificate of Practice - Journey Mentor
Up level your Certificate of Practice - Mentor to guide mentors to gain their Certificate of Concepts and/or Certificate of Practice

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