Safety - Safe Systems & Safer Practices

The definition of Safety in its simplest form is about not setting up ways to cause harm to self or others. 

Using a Safety Approach (rather than Safety Avoidance) you can:

  • Manage Safe Systems for persons
  • Lead person(s) from Safer Practices

Video to the right connects Mentoring and Psychological Safety on 5 levels. 

It's important, where and when you walk with nature, you have a safety approach including:

  • Preparation checklist
  • Prevention backpack
  • Practice continuance

More to follow on this topic including books, articles, and handouts like those to the right that are useful for day and 1 to 2 day walking trips

And, links to additional resources will be included...

9 Plus 1 Survival Ideas
Survival Tips

Safety System Practices

The newsletter clipping to the right - yes, it's 1999 - hints at my background. 

It shows how long I've been around safety, nature, and first aid.
Actually, I can take you back to the late 1960s and early 1970s, when I worked at a summer day camp, a summer residential camp, and all season playground programs.  

I draw from all of these experiences - and the many that followed - to develop the resources I make available on the website.  

PS, my outdoor nickname is Hobbit.

Story about First Aid

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