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Online Course and Group Mentoring/coaching

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Crafting Your Wholistic, Reciprocal Mentoring NOW Approach

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90 Day Fast-Track LIVE Online Course with Group Mentoring/coaching

We meet 2x per week, for 13 weeks, 2 hours per meeting 
Wednesday learn the Concepts/practices; Friday apply the Practices/concepts
+ Optional 2 hour Q&A Group Call every 2 weeks... scheduled determine by attendees!

Mentoring NOW

The "Mentoring NOW Course" acknowledges you are an Older to Elder, living midlife solo, exploring and deciding what you want to do in your Next Fifty or someone wanting to serve as a mentor. 

This LIVE online course with Group Mentoring//coaching guides you along the journey of learning and demonstrating the inspired concepts and wise practices of mentorship via mentoring.

You gain a deep understanding of the challenges and triumphs that come with Mentoring using a Wholistic, Reciprocal Framework.

This course outlines the benefits and importance of mentoring as an education approach for application with your project. Supporting you in being FOR the World and/or WITH the Planet.

At minimum, the course encourages you to decide your service parameters as a mentor. Options include: __serve as a mentor in a volunteer capacity
__use mentoring while still employed as a way to support others in their organization of work
__review the possibility of opening a mentoring business based on experience and expertise
__and combinations thereof. 

The Group Mentoring/coaching will guide your approach decisions. When you complete the course, you can decide if certification is a viable marker along your mentoring journey.  

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Elder Mentor Facilitative Mentoring

Before you invest in the course and coaching, we suggest You Contact Us to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you can follow right now to serve as a whlistic, reciprocal mentor.
*CLICK HERE* to book a FREE Mentoring NOW strategy call.
The call gives you a chance to meet Dr. Stephen Hobbs, the course creator,

program facilitative-mentor, and group mentor/coach.

Mentoring Dynamic Exchange

The Mentoring NOW Live Course focuses on the concepts and practices to serve as a mentor based on relevance & reliability, and collaborative conversations while engaging with mentees that fit your life purpose focus and hierarchy of values.

The Mentoring NOW Group Mentoring/coaching improves and strengthens the direction of your wholistic, reciprocal mentoring approach. Bring to the group gatherings your questions for real time analysis and listen to the suggestions you decide to act upon. If you simply need to kick the can down the road, time is available for that request as well!

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Wenesday, March 13, 2024 at 11 am Mountain


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Here are the Payment Options for Mentoring NOW 1

Pay for the whole course and coaching $5000 Canadian
Optional Payment plan - two payments of $2500 Canadian

Pay for the LIVE course only $2200 Canadian

Before you invest in the course and coaching, we ASK You Contact Us to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you can follow right now to serve as a Mentor.
*CLICK HERE* to book your FREE Mentoring NOW strategy call.
The call gives you a chance to meet Dr. Stephen Hobbs, the course creator,

program facilitative-mentor, and group mentor/coach.

After the call, we'll send you the agreed upon investment link to move you forward with WELLth Movement.

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full Payment

Course and Coaching


Total Value you'll receive: $7000 CAN

Course Access

Course Prompt Book (pdf)

Group Coaching Access

Mentoring NOW (pdf)

Mentoring LogBook (pdf)

Mentoring PromptJournal (pdf)

3x 30 Minute Private Conversations within 90 days

$600 Credit IMC Certification 

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Two Payments

Course and Coaching
Split Payments

$2500 x2

Total Value you'll receive: $6100 CAN

Course Access

Course Prompt Book (pdf)

Group Coaching Access

Mentoring NOW (pdf)

Mentoring LogBook (pdf)

Mentoring PromptJournal (pdf)

2x 30 Minute Private Conversations within 90 days

$400 Credit IMC Certification

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Course Only

AND Ask about Mentoring Package


Total Value You'll receive: $3610 CAN

Course Access

Course Prompt Book (pdf)


Mentoring NOW (pdf)

Mentoring LogBook (pdf)

Mentoring PromptJournal (pdf)

1x 30 Minute Private Conversation within 90 days

$250 Credit IMC Certification

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Mentoring NOW 1
Wednesday, March 13, 2024 at 11 am Mountain by Zoom
See email for all confirmation and access details.
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Become immersed in evidence-based learning and experience-based educating to:

__Frame your Mentorship Boundary
__Outline your Mentoring MAPP
__Decide on your Approach to Mentoring
__Prepare your Mentoring Blueprints & Landscapes
__Ground Yourself in Being You - Confidence
__Develop your ((Mentee)) Selection Criteria
__Manage Mentoring Practice Sessions
__Reflect In and On Your Commitment to Completing the Course and Serving as a Mentor
__Consider certification as a reliable marker of your mentoring journey

SoloLiving SoloAging Confidently
Coaching and Mentoring
Mentoring November 2 2022 Vlog
Mentoring NOW Cover paperback

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A)) Fill out the form and we will connect by email. We can answer your questions that way. And if you want to chat thereafter, we can arrange that as well. 

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If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after Day 1 of the course. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

     We Answered Our NEXT Why!     

From when we first met you through our mutual friend,  and the lively  conversations about trees and intention, including your "legacy & wholistic, reciprocal mentoring support", we found the next steps of

our Legacy Project involving 

our Intention Sticks. 

We finished the book and created the accompanying journal! And with your
ongoing support, more is unfolding for a worldwide audience. 

I Am Here. Why? Book Cover

We Got Dug Into What I Had to Do - & I Found My Be-Have Along the Way!

While Legacy is a component of my offering, I got lost. More so, I got in my way. With Dr. Stephen's help I got on my way - I framed my projects and programs, and figured out the "Doorway Project" into my Hunomics Edge(TM) Platform for C-Suite Executives and Senior Leaders.

His mentoring support was top-notch. I use his tools and techniques in my work today.

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre //  Reinvention Sherpa - Embracing Freedom Global

Often It's a MAPP of the Landscape, to See What's Next

We knew what we wanted to do - Make a Difference in corporations. After several mentor-based support meetings, Dr. Stephen asked us, "What is your Word for World that you want to uplevel with your audience?"

After several spirited conversations "caring" arrived, and then "kindness". Voila, we had our initial path stones. And from there, we created "KinDNAmic" - a corporate Kindness program we are rolling out in UK. Then the world!

His Wholistic Mentoring approach matches our approach. His questions are spot on. His insights invaluable! While we didn't think of KinDNAmic as a legacy project - after listening to him, we see it now... 

Preet and Kris //  Founders of KinDNAmic

Preet Dev Kindnamic

About All Things Mentoring, Including Certification

Doug Lawrence Mentoring

We shared a common bond. We both wanted mentoring experiences to be deeper and richer. Two sources coming together to create a legacy – a legacy that would make the world a better place through mentoring. 

Dr. Stephen Hobbs had a way to bring out the creative juices that would nurture the dream and make it a reality. Providing the pathway to continuous learning through mentor certification fueled what became our mutual legacy. Your guidance and wisdom created that pathway and for that I am thankful.

Doug Lawrence //  Founder of TalentC

Legacy Project: Digital Ronin Apprenticeship Program

Martin Ricketts

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Stephen Hobbs for over two decades, focusing primarily on education and personal development. His profound expertise, drawn from a rich background in academia, business, and non-profit management, has been instrumental in shaping and advancing our initiatives. Dr. Hobbs' role in developing and implementing the Digital Ronin Apprentice program stands as a testament to his innovative approach and deep commitment to transformative education.

Beyond his professional achievements, which include his tenure as a University Professor, CEO, and Non-Profit Manager and Board Member, Dr. Hobbs has imparted invaluable mentoring insights into the significance of legacy. Our discussions about the Digital Ronin Apprentice program revealed that it is a legacy program for Digital Samurai, influencing not just current participants but also future generations. His co-management of the Competence Certification and Verification System and mentorship in Digital Transformation and Education Guidelines have been pivotal in all Digital Samurai programs, ensuring they remain at the forefront of educational excellence.

Most notably, Dr. Hobbs' programs have been a beacon of hope and empowerment for disadvantaged African youth. Through his guidance, these young individuals have discovered their core competencies and unlocked their unique brilliance. Dr. Hobbs' work is not just impactful in the present; it represents the future of learning. Digital Samurai proudly acknowledges and celebrates the transformative influence of Dr. Stephen Hobbs' work in shaping a brighter, more empowered future for young minds across the globe.

Martin Ricketts //  Founder of Digital Samurai

Jack Riley

Stephen is much more of an artist as he weaves a tapestry of thought and action together into a seamless living piece of artwork... with him, I came to appreciate wholistic, reciprocal mentoring!

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Mentoring NOW

Mentor Within, Mentoring Without

Establish the baseline understating of Mentoring, Mentor, Mentorship for your everyday use as you share the legacy you intend to leave. 


Available as Paperback.
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Mentoring NOW - Discover & Shape Your Mentoring Approach. Mentor Within, Mentoring Without - 42 Actions You Bring to Experiencing Your Life as an Elder, Mentor.