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5) Download a PDF of the 40 Action-Outcomes for Mentor-Mentoring in simple checklist format - click button: PDF Copy 2

a) download a copy to write notes -- the format is simple, with lots of white space to write notes
b) download a copy, and cut into strips with a statement per strip; place in a mug, and draw and act on the statement  

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_*_ Download a PDF of the book: Gift of Mentoring by Doug Lawrence ( who is co-founder of the International Mentoring Community
Overview: "I am honored and humbled to be able to share some of my experiences as an effective mentor with you. Effective mentoring is a life long journey of learning and developing personally and professionally. I hope that you will grow as much as I have with the guidance provided through the "Gift of Mentoring"." (From the Amazon page.)

Access the Two YouTube Channels

WellthLearningTV - education about mentoring
InternationalMentoringCommunity - certification of mentor practices

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The 3 by 3 matrix diagram that starts each chapter is a useful organizing tool for the book and serves as a visual memory reminder. 
Click the image to download it!

With the purchase of the PDF copy of the book, you have access to the 42 action outcome-outcome statements organized in 7 chapters with 6 statements per chapter. 

Two types of checklists are available within the book to copy and use as desk reminders:
(a) statements listed by chapter
(b) statements listed with check boxes without reference to chapter

Mentoring NOW Matrix


** The softcover of the book is available on and
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