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The Noise is deafening! It keeps you lost, at a loss, and playing small!

Instead, STAY FOUND by becoming a Nature-Informed Edupreneur sharing your STORY and insights! (Edupreneur = educator entrepreneur)

Stay Found

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Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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From the Desk of Dr. Stephen Hobbs
Founder of WELLth Movement

Which is true for you?

___Do you want to walk through the doorway along the hallway to the classroom? 

___Do you want to walk through the forest archway to the quiet area by the river?

In both locations, you gain the insights necessary to be well and live well, albeit with different lenses.

Or Navigate the Two Together?

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As I track my conversations with life travelers, more often than not, they say "Weave Together". 

I agree - it's my approach! I'm informed by the Planet and the World --- BOTH from the Whole! 

In my life space, workplace, and one-to-one interactions over the past 40+ years, I worked to move my participants (learners - clients - customers - mentees) forward in ways that have them feel "gratitude, presence, inspiration, enthusiasm, and certainty" while accomplishing projects together and achieving intentions for self.

  • I'm an aficionado at Mentoring, and the use of nature informed educating approaches 
  • I've written management & leadership books to outline the workforce learning concepts and practices to engage stakeholders in their words
  • I've written personal development books to outline living life concepts and practices to encourage persons to move forward 
  • I've put to the test what works (and learned what does not work) 
  • I've tested my concepts and practices in multi-million dollar M&A projects as I have offered living life workshops to address the day-to-day requirements to become wellthy-wealthy contributors to family, friends, communities, and more!
  • I've presented live workshops & play shops around the world, as I've presented online.
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And NOW...

It's from these "Weave Together" and "Felt" perspectives, while sharing my lived experience, I ask we work together!

  • to improve, focus, and strengthen your personal Stay Found "Educator" approach, and 

  • to acknowledge, advance, and amplify your shared "Extraordinary Experiences" approach!

Through our collaborative conversations, you can learn and move forward with clarity and confidence. More so, you can make it happen on your terms in the worlds you care to share your life without wasting time, effort, and money.

We Offer 1 to 1 and Group Mentoring Services

Click on one or all of the book covers below to learn more about our core experiences, services, and products.

I get you! Over the past 40 years, I have had many novel experiences around the world. I collected the multi-colored T-shirts with catch phrases. My portfolio is deep and diverse!

The book covers identified below are ways I can mentor with you. 

Living Your Great Life
Leadership Legacy Well-Living Workplace
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Organization Work
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Across all areas - when appropriate - we ensure the coverage of:
Organization Culture meets Personal Context; the Mission and Purpose Paradox; the Vision and Values Tension
Safety: Manage Safe Systems for Persons & Lead Persons from Safer Practices based on the Organization Value of Safety
Performance Meets Productivity: Where the Anxiety Zone meets the Learning Zone, How to MAKE IT Happen NOW!
Answer your questions - Respond to your queries - Alleviate your concerns - Learn from You

If becoming a "Mentor" is your preferred pathway, we can help through the International Mentoring Community.

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mentor mentoring mentorship

On a Personal Note: Here are three truths drawn from my work so far!

Truth 1:

To serve others - in whatever capacity - it's about your willingness to Leave the Legacy You Intend to Live!

And to do so in your words, on your terms like the aroma and tastes of your favorite meal shared with those you love! Are you willing to... 

__ identify your hierarchy of values from which you feel gratitude for each day 

__ discover your sense of presence that moves you forward with each step

__ embrace inspiration for the tasks you achieved and projects accomplished with others

__ feel enthusiasm for the path you have taken through the stories you share 

__ express certainty from the contributions you make in being for the world, being with the planet 

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Educators Reciprocity Resilience

Truth 2: 

When you educate others, it's your willingness to explore and discover, and organize and use the correct Educating Approach(es) for the Situation and Intended Learning 

Are you willing to move further forward as...

__ a Facilitator: Inspired Practitioner... someone openly committed to growth and development with others knowing the net benefit of human development is "safety"?

__ a Mentor: Natural Educator... serving and learning from others based on evolving your lived experience in being fully human and being natural?

__ a Celebrant of the Successes (and Failures) as ways to metaphorically and literally support others in their learning and development in Being FOR the World and WITH the Planet?

__ a Weaver of Communities of Significance for those who care about each other including the ripple effect to family and friends, and the wider community?

__ a Navigator in full expression of physical, mental, soulual, spiritual, and wholistic well-being for self and the well-living with others?

Truth 3:

Early on as I was becoming the person I'm today, I learned I was weaving fiber to thread to string to cord to rope. I was tracking a legacy approach that met the situation according to my hierarchy of values.

Just as you can!

Which meant, to organize and deliver Extraordinary Experiences I had to:

  • Set-Up as a Facilitator with gratitude from Legacy Value(s)
  • Step Forward as a Mentor being present for the Legacy Challenge(s)
  • Stay Found as a Celebrant inspired by Legacy Project(s)
  • Shine Light as a Weaver exhibiting enthusiasm through Legacy Story/Stories
  • Share Wisdom as a Navigator through the certainty of Legacy Contributions


In using these 5 stepping stones, you will actuate one or more of the following statements: 

  • educate what you love to learn 
  • gather others of like mindedness to create a bigger ripple for your workplace
  • answer questions for those stuck because it's your knowledge and skills they need to hear so they can live their extraordinary life 
  • support your family and friends to appreciate who they are and what they share  
  • monetize what you educate to ensure a profitable career
  • blow-up the myths of contradictory management & leadership requirements 
  • loverage the ways nature informs your managing and leading approach, from a legacy perspective
  • and one you can add?
Legacy Project
Legacy Project Move Forward
Manage Legacy Project Forward

The WELLth Movement Platform like the foundation of a building or the seedbed of a garden offers you a place from which to Be FOR the World - Be WITH the Planet - Be WITH the Whole. 

cornerstone of truth in your living your life approach is being natural based on:
When you listen you learn,

You are this story-line... 
__ When you nurture and nourish yourself 
___ When you expand and extend your ethics-based communities of practice
____ When you excite movement and profitability among those with whom you share your stories - offer your services - deliver extraordinary experiences 
_____ When you co-create the well-living workplace as you encourage all stakeholders to define the terms & concepts, agree on the terms & concepts, make the map, use the plan to create a safe place in which to work well together as they satisfy their personal hierarchy of values and they meet their performance requirements

Hi. WELLcome...

Meet Dr. Stephen Hobbs.

He is an eco-creator, nature-informed entrepreneur, facilitative-mentor, writer, and philanthropist for children and trees.

He is committed to
those who manage & lead, and who want to extend and/or expand their workplace practices with clarity and confidence, and without wasting time, effort, and money

He has published 15 books, 4 academic-level book chapters, magazine articles, and blog posts. He has developed and delivered 300+ workshops and online courses. And he continues to write and instruct. And he has two active YouTube channels.
Adding a little more:
He has worked on 6 of 7 continents - and has a plan for the 7th continent
He has
__ worked as a white water rafting guide for 22 summers, 
__ instructed wilderness and remote first aid for 25 years,
__ served as a university professor for 15+ years
__ operated as an entrepreneur for 40+ years
__ and continues to live an extraordinary life as a house sitter & dog walker

Also, click on About Us to learn more about who we are and why/how we got here ))smiles 

What people are saying:

Jack Riley

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is much more of an artist as he weaves a tapestry of thought and action together into a seamless living piece of artwork...

Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Stephen Hobbs as a partner in your work. His effectiveness, thinking, facilitation skills, and integrity are exceptional.

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John Higgins

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