You're 55+ years young - possibly a Grandparent (or not) - wanting to leave your legacy & you enjoy trees

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Dr. Stephen Hobbs
Guide on the Ride
Facilitative Mentor
Navigative Weaver

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___You want to open your "60-years young door" without tripping over the threshold and/or having the door slam you in the butt as you walk through;

__You desire to have "confidence - commitment - community" as your new middle names...

_You're at the roundabout of your next fifty!

People are pushing the retiree story at you - others are referring to you as the older person... while others use the "elderly" word. And you are saying: 

NO WAY am I that!


Instead, you see yourself as vibrant - with years of giving ahead - sharing lessons learned... while caring and loving those close to your heart, head, and hands...

More so, you have decided to be FOR the world! To be with the Planet!

And yet, today you are 

  • standing at the crossroads multiple choices
  • sorting out the cloverleaf of possibilities
  • feeling like screaming "Now what!"
  • seeing zero hour approach
  • knowing you are at an impasse of What's Next?

Then you see the words:

Evolve Legacy and Being Natural

And something pulls you into the potentiality of this story.

Listen to this Calling - Tune into this Frequency 

I did!

Albeit as I moved through the threshold of 60 years young - I caught myself kicking and screaming, then going silent.

Gratefully, I realized the pleasure (and pain) awaiting me ... so I decided to walk into the fray of living life on my terms, in my words!

Then, I discovered a truth that is misunderstood and underrated when it comes to living vibrantly in your Next Fifty!

And, this truth might apply to you. 

elder inspired practitioner

Elder: Inspired Practitioner Products, Services, & Experiences are Available Here

Elder Inspired Practitioner Course Challenge
Elder Facilitative Mentoring

It's about your willingness to DECLARE yourself an Elder and SERVE as a Mentor.

That is, "Are you willing to move further forward as...

__ an Elder as Inspired Practitioner... someone openly committed to growth and development for self, with others?

__ a Mentor as Natural Educator... serving and learning from others based on evolving your lived experience

And then consider becoming...

_ a Celebrant of Extraordinary Experiences with your family and friends incorporating the ways of nature...

_ a Weaver of Communities of Significance with those who care about all creatures and creatives...

I saw the indecision in knowing this truth - this resultant hiccup - because when I began living as an Elder-Mentor I saw the value of living as a Celebrant and Weaver as well. 

So, I decided to share my wisdom and wise practices with you with the help of persons I call WELLthers. 

Together, we will guide you to:

  • Set-Up as an Elder: Inspired Practitioner
  • Step Forward as a Mentor: Natural Educator
  • Stay Found as a Celebrant: Deliver Extraordinary Experiences
  • Shine Light as a Weaver: Support Communities of Significance
  • Share Wisdom according to Your Word for the World - Word with Planet

Because of your lived experience through working, volunteering, playing, and so much more, your involvement in these five action-outcomes will have you control your life in your words and on your terms with confidence, commitment, and caring.

In making it happen, you: 

  • educate what you love to learn 
  • monetize what you educate to ensure a smoother financial transition through your next fifty
  • gather others of like mindedness to create a bigger ripple for the movement you support or want to create-manage-sustain
  • answer questions of those who are stuck because it's your knowledge and skills they need to hear and use to live their extraordinary life 
  • support your family and friends to appreciate who they are and what they share together 
  • loverage the ways of nature in being natural as you evolve your legacy

Who is Dr. Stephen Hobbs? -- About #Trees#Grandparents, and Grandkids --
He shares his 5 Action Verbs that guide his day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month work -- ecocreate, walk, imagine, educate, and write

tree stories appreciation enquiry problem inquiry

Watch the video to the left...
to learn about the programs and projects, and processes and products available for you through WELLth Movement!

tree stories appreciation enquiry problem inquiry

I have another question for you... "Would you like to

____ declare your presence as an Elder?

___ serve as a Mentor from your lived experience?

__ organize extraordinary experiences as a Celebrant?

_ support your communities as a Weaver?

_______ identify your Word for the World? Your Word for the Planet?

With your resounding YES to one or more of these questions above...

Click the Book Image Below to Access the Overview Page
where you can Read more about the TOPIC and View the Products, Services, and Experiences Available: 

Evolving Legacy

The WELLth Movement Platform like the foundation of a building or the seedbed of a garden offers you a place from which to Be FOR the World - Be WITH the Planet.

We are creating Products, Services, and Experiences from which you can learn to evolve your legacy and be natural as an Elder - Mentor - Celebrant - Weaver.

The cornerstone of truth in evolving your legacy and being natural is:

When you listen you learn,

You are this story-line...

__ When you nurture and nourish yourself 
___ When you expand and extend your communities
____ When you excite movement and profitability among those with whom you share your stories - offer your services - deliver extraordinary experiences 
_____ When you connect with nature in ways that encourage you in being natural - being planetary - being in full expression of You

Click one of the book images above and get started now!


Before you move on...

What would it mean for you - personally and professionally -

to serve as an "Elder: Inspired Practitioner"

who becomes a "Mentor: Natural Educator"

who delivers "Extraordinary Experiences" as a Celebrant

who supports "Community of Significance" as a Weaver

who witnesses "Movement and Profitability" as you help manage and lead! foster and fashion! nurture and develop! advance and amplify! create and sustain! listen and laugh!

all while using "Eco-Ethical Architexture?"  

Click one of the book images below and get started now!

Evolving Legacy
self-assessment natural educator
chris thomson course intelligence
chris thomson course intelligence
evolve your legacy

Hi. WELLcome...

I'm Dr. Stephen Hobbs.

An eco-creator, entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist for children/youth and trees.

I'm an educator committed to your development and expression as a natural educator who delivers extraordinary experiences with your community of significance, in their words, on your terms so WE ALL ECO-CREATE THE WELL-LIVING WORLD.    

I interact with WELLthers - other inspired practitioners // eco-creators - who share their knowledge and skills through interviews, programs, and experiences with the WELLth Movement.

I've published 15 books, 4 academic level book chapters, magazine articles, and blog posts. I've developed and delivered 500+ workshops and online courses. Recently, I opened Wholversity, WELLth Movement's Learning and Educating Agora (a public, open space for dialogue & ethical decision making about Evolve Legacy and Being Natural).

Also, click on About Us above for more about who we are and why/how we got here ))smiles 

What people are saying:

Jack Riley

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is much more of an artist as he weaves a tapestry of thought and action together into a seamless living piece of artwork...

Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Stephen Hobbs as a partner in your work. His effectiveness, thinking, facilitation skills, and integrity are exceptional.

extraordinary employee experiences testimonial

John Higgins

Cervus Equipment


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