January 24, 2023

Your Legacy Contribution as an Entrepreneur 01232023

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10 Considerations For Living Your Legacy Story as an Older-to-Elder Entrepreneur

Based on my experiences, here are 9+1 entrepreneurial insights for your consideration. They are in no particular order. Each is important on its own! In combinations – priceless! 

PS... the post picture of the vegetarian stew is in reference to the "stews" metaphor on the Homepage where you find a meat stew picture. 

  1. If it's a partnership you are considering, recognize the inherent implications of your partnership strategy, structure and relationship on a day-to-day basis and especially for when (before) things crumble.
    Make sure the paperwork is clean and clear on how to move quickly, no matter the circumstances.
    There are no friends in business partnerships. You are friendly, however!
  1. Look up the Abilene paradox (when a person says Yes when they really mean No) and know how to overcome it.
    If you cannot resolve it promptly, walk away quickly. Nay – run quickly!
  1. Leverage everything you can from your life experiences – everything.
    Learning is available for you personally and entrepreneurially. No matter what happened!
    History has many benefits when you bring the best of the past forward.
    Use the creative process to propel you into dealing with the mystery of the future. 
  1. Use a ‘plug n play’ model with people with whom you desire to work.
    Plug in with what you have, knowing you can immediately unplug and continue to work.
    What you bring is yours, what they bring is theirs, what you create together belongs to both of you.
    Use the KISS principle – keep it simple, simple, simple, simple for a lingering kiss is the best to receive. 
  1. Move outside of your geographic comfort zone. Work outside of your region.
    Explore what other cultures offer.
    Learn their way of business there for here.
    Weave this new learning into how you do business.
    Multi-cultural interactions are at your doorstep, more likely they are sitting in the client chair in your office. 
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  1. Find your signature story to unite your ideas. Be willing to share the story in all of its color and sounds.
    You’ll find your entrepreneurial spirit in the story. It will grow to be your guide in becoming exceptional at what you will do for the world.
    Two of my spirit guides are the young girl soldier at the roadblock in Uganda and the young woman who stood and made a great health-related presentation to the village in Uganda. (Ugandan overview here)
  1. Continue your education in formal, informal, and incidental entrepreneurial studies.
    That is, formal=what you require; informal=what you request; incidental= what you learn from each real-time situation.
    And within your continuing improvement and education, learn about people navigation.     
  1. Discern the ‘wanna-be ‘entrepreneurial educators from the spectacular mentors/coaches who will guide you along your learn-action path.
    Mentors and coaches will come and go. Few stick around for the long haul.
    And if they do, challenge them to determine if they are still relevant for you!
  1. Practice “when you listen, you learn, where you share, you educate” from every entrepreneurial perspective.
    Who are you listening to, what are you sharing with others?
    One way to remember this insight – you have two ears and one mouth!
  1. Always and in all ways strive to keep your work FRESH.
    Be Fair,
    Systemic, and
    in every action you take.  

In closing, be wellthy in everything you think, feel and do.
In living your significant life as an entrepreneur, create a well-living workplace and co-create the well-living world.

Step up and engage others in what you have to share.
Stay found in your work and do things to help others become wellthy through the decisions they make.

It's all about sharing the legacy you intend to live (and leave).


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