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An Earth Story

Being human
being natural
being planetary

We are children
of the Earth
this place, this time will
always and in all ways
love us, and provide for us

This story of generosity
informs our concepts
and practices
for the ways we hunt
and gather
for the ways we strive
and thrive
for the ways we dance
and share
for the ways we live 
and leave

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Alternatively, from the comfort of a chair, imagine reading this passage as you walk to a tree and say hello. 

AI created tree

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts from Others

I sorted them by keyword in the left hand column.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.

MovementI have known this insight for years ... "Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Walk" https://getpocket.com/explore/item/don-t-underestimate-the-power-of-a-walk via @Pocket
Movement#Exploration #Consideration "Infographic: Generative AI Explained by AI" https://www.visualcapitalist.com/generative-ai-explained-by-ai/ via @VisualCap
MovementStaying in the Loop: "Infographic: 11 Tech Trends to Watch in 2023" https://www.visualcapitalist.com/11-tech-trends-to-watch-2023/ via @VisualCap
NaturePodcast: #Spotify https://open.spotify.com/episode/1LMw3eQJlvfoPRzUjl6aAf #Kinship #Community #Consciousness
Nature#Dedication: The Ants, the Bees, and the Blind Spots of the Human Mind: How Entomologist Charles Henry Turner Revolutionized Our Understanding of the Evolution of Intelligence and Emotion https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/02/02/charles-henry-turner/ via @brainpicker
Nature#Tree: The Remarkable Story of the Dawn #Redwood: How a Living Fossil Brought Humanity Together in the Middle of a World War https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/01/31/dawn-redwood-metasequoia/ via @brainpicker
NatureConnecting your kids (and yourself) with #nature https://thecarbonalmanac.org/connecting-your-kids-and-yourself-with-nature/ --- includes resources to support your approach to exciting involvement for all!
NatureFound this book this morning #nature #natureactivities "Big Book Nature Activities Year Round" https://amzn.to/3E1itGv available on Amazon dot ca as well - TU to the authors!
NatureWestern monarch populations reach highest number in decades #butterflies https://news.mongabay.com/2023/01/monarch-populations-rebound-but-its-still-a-long-journey-to-recovery/ via @Mongabay
NatureI can, I will "Rejoice in the #resilience of #nature" https://thecarbonalmanac.org/rejoice-in-the-resilience-of-nature/
NatureTurning Loss and Loneliness into Wonder: How the Victorian Visionary Marianne North Revolutionized Art and Science with Her Botanical Paintings https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/01/23/marianne-north/ via @TheMarginalian #KewGardens
NatureTrees with Edible Leaves: Perennial agriculture expert Eric Toensmeier has a new publication that focuses on a remarkable group of crops – trees with edible leaves. It profiles 100 species of trees, shrubs, and cacti, detailing how to cultivate these overlooked and highly nutritional food sources (as vegetables, not spices). It may be the first time they’ve been described in a single publication.
Nature#Beavers and #oysters are helping restore lost #ecosystems with their engineering skills – podcast https://theconversation.com/beavers-and-oysters-are-helping-restore-lost-ecosystems-with-their-engineering-skills-podcast-198573 via @ConversationUS
NatureReading to gather #Insights: "Four possible consequences of El Niño returning in 2023" https://theconversation.com/four-possible-consequences-of-el-nino-returning-in-2023-198105 via @ConversationUK #environment #planet #world
NatureBy collecting the #seeds that grow best in their own plots, a movement of gardeners is boosting #biodiversity in a way that more closely mimics nature. https://reasonstobecheerful.world/seed-diversity-uk-gardeners/ #nature
NatureThe ancient trees at the heart of a case against the Crown... A small indigenous community is fighting a historic land rights claim in Canada - and they are using ancient trees and famed British explorer Captain Cook's journal to help make their case. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-63980557
NatureClimate change as required education https://thecarbonalmanac.org/climate-change-as-required-education/ #nature #education
NatureHow to Be Less Harsh with Yourself (and Others): Ram Dass on the Spiritual Lessons of #Trees https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/01/13/ram-dass-tree/ via @brainpicker
NatureA Responsibility to Wonder: Pioneering Neuroscientist Charles Scott Sherrington on the Spirituality of #Nature https://www.themarginalian.org/2023/01/12/charles-scott-sherrington-man-on-his-nature/ via @brainpicker
WellthChoose life - sense the warmth of the earth, and play with it - be an interesting light! https://youtu.be/rt67dpZPrOs
WellthFor those walking into older to elder as mentor considerations as a way to experience the extraordinary - something here for you to consider: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/neurodiversity-you-one-sandwich-generation-prof-amanda-kirby

Summary of Articles, Videos, & Podcasts Available from Stephen Hobbs

I sorted them by keyword in the left-hand column.
At the time of posting, the links were live. AND, we pointed them at legitimate content.

LegacyWhat am I doing when I do what I do for you what am I doing where I do what I do for us
Yes, no ? marks... because you can add something like today? tomorrow? down the road? along the path? #learning #sharing #Wednesday
Legacy10 Considerations For Living Your Legacy Story as an Older-to-Elder Entrepreneur
Based on my experiences, here are 9+1 entrepreneurial insights for your consideration. They are in no particular order. Each is important on its own! In combinations – priceless! https://wellthmovement.com/your-legacy-contribution-as-an-entrepreneur-01232023/
MovementBook review on Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/review/RKDVKWZ10PS1/ref=pe_1086170_134824320_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv
Aff Link: https://amzn.to/3jrcWSq ___I enjoyed: "Singing for our Supper: Walking an English Songline from Kent to Cornwall" https://amzn.to/3HuTOux via @amazon - I shared a video review!
MovementIn what ways are you making what is happening around you better - listening, picking up the litter, pushing the shopping cart back to the stall, smiling --- share your "_ing"
MovementOf temptation, distraction or something else, what gets in the way of experiencing the extraordinary of each day. We determine the quality of our experiences for our reasons.
#experience #eachday #fridaymorning #quality Thinking and feeling #outloud...
WellthThe work unfolding is of value -- worth, truth, & utility; that follows an important with some urgency pathway; for reasons of the proximity of aging
WellthThe narrative between what you design & develop for action is different once you deliver & determine outcomes. And so, rather than action-outcomes, consider outcomes-actions!
WellthA few words written (and spoken) that evolve healthy, hearty, and happy thoughts and feelings are a few words gifted. Onword! ____Video & image below  ___Written and Spoken #Words are a #Gift when they evolve healthy, hearty, and happy thoughts and feelings - Onword! #wellth #movement
WellthThings are a shifting! As of February 1st, 2023 WELLth Movement is shaping & sharing a #movement of #wellth & wealth creation where #legacy, nature, education, experience, and safety meet and greet, and we invite you to play in the lake, river, & ocean sands together. More soon!

Posted Pictures across Social Media Sites

Here is an assortment of images produced for distribution across social media sites. And Instagram as well - here

Healthy Hearty Happy Gift

Image to the Right was posted
on my LinkedIn channel...
I'm looking for its source. 

WellthLearningTV YouTube Videos or Simple Image Videos 

Overview 2023 for WELLth Movement

Outline the 7 keywords and 2 phrases important to the WELLth Movement platform and the associated programming and projects. The 7 Words are legacy, nature, education (mentoring), experience, safety, wellth, and movement. Two phrases are Stay Found and Walking with Nature. 

Book Review - Text & Video

Singing For Our Supper - Bathroom Reader

Yes, I meant what I wrote in the headline. And, you can catch a bit more in the video. TU WR Parsons and friend Ed. I enjoyed walking with you. I followed you on Google World Map as well - when I returned to my desk ))smiles Also; I dog-eared a few pages to stimulate poetry writing. I will reread these pages with paper and pencil in hand.

Amazon Affiliate Link: Book Here
All $ raised through affiliate payments
support Children and Trees Programs

Image as a Video

Mentor Practices and International Mentoring Community

No videos... 

Summary of Free Writing by Stephen Hobbs

Use the ideas here to co-create additional ideas.
Remember - they are free writing, including use of unfamiliar words
and, there might be some (w)holes in them ))smiles 

What is it about another that encourages you to uplevel your IT. If not a person - what metaphoric consideration encourages you forward?

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