February 15, 2023

7 Intentions Program WELLth Movement 02152023

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Video Transcript (with slight edits)

Welcome to the WELLth Agora. It's a place where we can have really great conversations with presentations - I'll be making some of them. I'll have guests and sometimes we'll just meet and have a conversation about topics that are of importance to you today. 

What I want to do is go over the seven intentions of the WELLth Movement

I want to give you a sense of 7 Intentions about Olders to Be Elders.They may have some meaning for you as well. 

You'll notice it says we invite Olders to be Elders who now:The word invite is important here because I could say we help, we guide, but I want you to work with WELLth Movement from a perspective of invitation

The invite is to see if there's a way in which we could interact, collaborate, integrate insights and actions.I would love to learn from you as well. 

Olders are 55+ years young
And I thought Elders… the OE mix. The sense of elders here is not to take away from the use of the word in other social-cultural organizations or reference to indigenous peoples around the world. That's not my intention.

Then there is a tree called Elder, and I thought, hang on a minute. If I went from older to elder and I thought about it more like a tree, someone who has wisdom and will share it like trees do!.I thought that was a kind of interesting mix, olders to elders, as trees. And that insight kept unfolding and unfolding for me. From this understanding, I arrived at these seven intentions. [adding: A tree is a tree - a dragonfly is a dragonfly - a whale is a whale - a person is often confused]So, let's go through the 7 Intentions. To let you know, each one will have its own video, and there will be books and handouts. And videos and courses around them as well. Some in combinations, some individuals.

We invite Olders to be Elders who share the legacy they intend to live and leave. We help you discover, shape, and share the legacy
Legacy as we define it: About the useful Whats you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. Whats are time, effort and money

Who serve as a mentor because of lived experience. This lived experience that you have - from this legacy - that you are unfolding and bringing and being for the world, with the planet, from the whole, is one way in which you can interact with persons is, as a mentor of that lived experience

Mentor is a really great way of being with others, from an education perspective
Mentor refers to being able to share your wisdom because of the questions the mentee, the person who's interacting with you, is asking and you're answering those questions
So the mentee can grow - and, depending on how long that interaction is for it’s a way, to help each other learn - grow - develop
It's really important to look at how you educate, because it goes with the following saying:When you listen;  you learn Where you share; you educate The next one who walk with nature as their educator
For Olders to be Elders, to walk with nature, as their educator is placing this notion of time outdoors, the effort of walking outdoors while allocating some money to get a good pair of shoes. Nature as a self-care companionNature as a living systems educator

Next, who experience the extraordinary because of their wellth decisions Now, both decisions are about well-being and well-living, well-being, for yourself and well-living with others.

Well-being — health and wellness
Well-living — wealth and experiences  

An experience
To experience
The experience 

The importance of decision-making — ethical, ecological, environmental decision making 

Move to value the safety of movement for self with others
From the perspective of movement. There are layers of movement. There's the physical aspect of movement—walking, running, cycling, etc
Along a continuum through social-cultural movement
The physicality of well-being, the notion of social-cultural movement of well living

It's important to have a safety perspective to value safety — as to do no harm to yourself, to others, to the planet Consider three main ideas:
Preparation checklist
Prevention mindset//backpack
Practice continuance 

An outcome of growth and development is safety
An outcome of safety is growth and development 

Moving onto resource support for nature-aware (green) programs and projects
Allocate your time, effort, and money
Volunteering — activist and/or actionist
Money involvement - as donation and/or fund development  
Writing and creating books and courses via WELLth Movement, a good portion of $ are going towards programs and projects that are nature-aware, nature-inspired, nature-informed I support
I can help you understand them, and maybe you can help me understand the ones that are important to you Together, we’ll assist each other 

The last intention is to answer the question Whole is it? It? IT? It's a new question. I get that. There is “Why and how and when, where, who, and what” and now “whole is it?” To look at the whole is to look at one’s life — to live life from the notion of fitness. Yes! There's the movement of fitness but there's also, what is the fit? What is my life leading? Consider the other intentions. My life, living my life, unfolds‌.

Let me learn - know - do something that makes it so, so IT is!

Sometimes there is mystery. I don't know everything that's going on and therefore I asked:
“Whole is it?” About giving a pronoun to something arriving for, with, from, because of me
“Whole is It?” About my experiencing it!
“Whole is IT?” About reflection, assigning meaning to it and It that guides my transitions - my growth & development… IT = I Transition

In Closing: Is there something here that you want me to expand on? I'd be happy to do that with you.

Reminder: When you listen, you learn; where you share, you educate ...Take Care
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