March 7, 2023

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Reflective Poem about Life, Legacy, and Loverage

It's important to realize my imagined futures  

my intentions to create the base platform

from which to loverage extraordinary experiences  

Also, I'm to improve, focus and strengthen  

my life, my business, my legacy.

That is  

to get clear on a life well lived 

to get a perspective on a business well led 

to get support on a legacy well shared 

I'll take time each day to feel these decisions,

these actions to recognize the extraordinary experiences

I'm designing and committed to deliver for me and with others 

There's a calling to something more 

I'm living it in full involvement  

I'm sharing it in full evolvement 

my IT – My I Transition 

I'm to be an educator of extraordinary experiences

to be a facilitative mentor of extraordinary experiences

with the guidance of trees.

Nature is such a beautiful place

from which to learn

and as I share with others

who wish to create

extraordinary experiences

for themselves and with others,

then we will find and discover places

in nature where we can learn together. 

Today… I picture a forest with a grove,

a place of eco-creation

a place from which to fully express my legacy 

and from this place, I reach out

to be for the world

with the planet

from the whole

So that I might develop/strengthen

experience-based educators in communities

where trees are also the educators

of extraordinary experiences.

Sometimes that means planting trees

because there are no trees to shade learning.

There are no trees under which children

can write, read, and do their arithmetic while at school.  

I make a commitment to my life,

my business, and

my legacy 

to transition because of change as

I get clear on a life well lived 

I get a perspective on a business well led 

I get support on a legacy well shared 

And, I shape, discover, and share

a POV so you can get to know me

as I listen to your POV to know you.

All, so we can enjoy collaborative conversations.

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