Use Your Existing Products and Services
to Deliver Extraordinary Experiences
with the ongoing involvement of your customers

You Are an Entrepreneur Involved With
Wellness, Health, Ecology and/or
Professional Services as a Practitioner, Speaker,
Coach, Mentor, Consultant, and/or Facilitator…

Join “Your Entrepreneurial Architect” to
Map, Manage and Measure Your Business
Improvement & Expansion Through the
Delivery of Extraordinary Experiences
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Working with Us:

Get Clear!
Get Perspective!
Get Support!

To move forward decisively

as you fulfill your commitments...

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You’re struggling with your business improvement and expansion
…having moved on from the startup phase?

The next stage fog has rolled in … and you request someone
to co-navigate the next steps and serve as a sounding board.

Well, what we do is guide your development of a business map from
which to prioritize action steps to deliver extraordinary experiences.

For example…

When I met Dr. Stephen Hobbs, I had always thought about writing a book, but no idea what to write about, how to do it, or even where to start. He mentioned that he could pull a book out of what was in my head. We sat down in about one hour time not only did I have an outline for a 10-chapter book, I have an outline for multiple books, e-books, online course, workshops, and much more than I thought was possible. Together we created a vision for me and my business that I did not think was possible.
Amanda Howden

My mentoring/coaching/facilitating session with Steve rejuvenated me. Steve pulled things out of me that I didn’t even know were there. I started with absolutely no clue about what my life purpose could be, and actually laughed at the idea when he asked me. By the end of our session, I felt I had discovered my purpose. I learned how I could fulfill my dream of travelling, and also use it to create a business. Steve’s method is simple and efficient, and surprisingly fun!
Laura Malone

Having a one hour meeting with Stephen was well worth my time. He was able to look at what I wanted to do and point out an easier way for me to generate an immediate fast cash system that I had totally missed. I have had this same conversation with quite a few other people and no one saw the opportunity that Stephen presented. Thank you Stephen for being able to look at my situation from a different prospective and give me the starting point that will hit my project out of the ball park.

Lorraine Clifford

The way we do it is by using this
7 Step interactive and reusable
MAPPing Tool and Technique

And so … once you’ve learned it
you can use it over and over again to ensure …

You innovate ways to use your products and services
to engage your customers they’ll not find elsewhere.

You move forward with confidence as you
differentiate yourself in a noisy marketplace.

You fulfill your commitments because you truly
value the needs and wants of your customers
in their words, on their terms.

You save time, lessen effort and make money so you
can enjoy vacations with your family & friends.

You enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy!

In closing – a final question for you:

What would it mean to you and your business to
deliver extraordinary experiences with your customers?

What’s the impact on you?
What’s the impact on your business growth?
What’s the impact of monetizing-by-leveraging
your current products and services now?
What would your customer say when you use their words
to involve them in an extraordinary experiences?

Join with Your Entrepreneurial Architect
to make it happen – starting today!

To be sure... when you work with us you

Get Clear!
Get Perspective!
Get Support!

Start with a FREE 25-minute
Extraordinary Experiences Consultation.

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Extraordinary Experiences

Entrepreneur Creates EX2

As an entrepreneur, when you deliver extraordinary experiences you improve, focus and strengthen your customers involvement and evolvement with your business … 

Executive Creates EX2

As an executive, when you involve your employees & customers in the delivery of extraordinary experiences you’ll witness them grabbing the paddle and working with you …

Ultimate EX2 with Dr. Hobbs

For entrepreneurs who desire to dive deep into the concepts and practices of extraordinary experiences and mapping business growth, grab one of the two Ultimate EX2 seats …



Free and paid webinars are available on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis covering all topics related to EX2 including updates from those making it happen … 


A variety of offline workshops are available for those who prefer face-to-face connections. Two, Three and multi-day format are available … 


Each year a variety of retreats are organized to provide opportunities for people to refresh, recreate and reinvent themselves and their work. Locations vary … 


Book Store

An array of books are available for purchase. Most books are authored by Dr. Stephen Hobbs and/or WELLthers (colleagues of the WELLth Movement). Delivery via Amazon, SmashWords and his website … 

Online Courses

Online courses covering various topics are available for purchase. Most are 7 or 21 modules with accompanying handouts and bonuses. Excerpts  of workshops and gatherings also are available … 


Free videos, video interviews and podcasts of various lengths are available for download and/or watching/listening from the website. Some material available via other websites including YouTube …   

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