January 6, 2023

Situate Learn Decide Act Outcomes Wellth Movement 01062023

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SLDAO - Situate-Learn-Decide-Act__Outcomes

SLDAO is one of the base tips and tools used in the WELLth Movement.

Below is a brief introduction to SLDAO.
We'll add more descriptions, explanations, expansions, and extensions as the weeks and months unfold.

The Diagrams With the Current Descriptions and Explanations

SLDAO in Its Base Form - below:

SLDAO Diagram

S - Situate
L - Learn
D - Decide (Decision)
A - Act or Action
O - Outcomes
The info-graphic to the right adds more text to the five words.

[  ] refers to the boundary for the consideration and use of SLDAO...
Example 1 - tying shoelaces
Example 2 - baking a cake
Example 3 - placing solar panels on the roof of a house
Example 4 - building an eco-education center 

SLDAO on the Path of Shared Interactions

SLDAO Time Location

The Path of Shared Interactions is highlighted by the two lines and half-arrow heads.
This version of SLDAO hints at the "perspective" of the two lines - as if the path is moving into the page.

SLDAO guides understanding between
Start at Time and Location 1 &
Destination/Finish at Time and Location 2.

Adding more to the base diagram:

SLDAO Full Letters

Is - Issues are the questions
In - Initiatives are the answers

W - Wellth (about well-being and well-living) - another post next week about definition of Wellth

TL - Time and Location

M - Movement

PS - Profitability and Sustainability 

See this post about the definitions of the words: Movement, Profitability, and Sustainability

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