Definitions of the Terms Movement, Profitability, and Sustainability

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Definitions Movement Profitability Sustainability

Movement is

_ about Fitness - in the physical sense, linked to ergonomics in the workplace or wellness/recreation … to move from A to B - get out from behind your desk and move 

_ about Fitness - in terms of what does it lead to (What is the fit of this program in our service offerings?) … in other words, what do your actions lead to?

 _ for internal use - as in program movement - to maneuver the program into alignment for completion … have a Community of Practice - A Movement of Safety (not a Culture of Safety)

_ about Management and Leadership - through story-telling and story-sharing … suggesting the motion required by holding attention of the stakeholders 

_ for external use - as in, How does the Organization contribute to society because of the influence of the Well-Living Workplace platform and paradigm? - about dealing with societal movements like homelessness, diversity & inclusion, etc.

Profitability is

_ about Financial Capital = $ - the internal/external interface re $ exchange while making a profit to advance your wellth

_ about Experience-based Capital - in the ideas, intellectual assets (patterns, trademarks, etc.)

_ about Relational Capital inside the organization - what happens in the white space of the organization chart 

_ about Organization Culture - the cultivated capital (human construction) like systems - considers the internal-external mixing of the lines and boxes and white space on the organizational chart

_ about Social Capital - resulting from the web of correspondences at Regional, National, Continental, Inter-Continental depending on the sphere of profitability you want to understand 

*Note I did not refer to Human Capital or Natural Capital - thoughts?

Sustainability is

_ about the continuation of a certain rate or level of personal involvement 

_ about the maintenance of personal and group growth and development 

_ about the conversation//conversation of the ecological-natural resource allocation used by organizations

_ about living in the present without jeopardizing the environmental future for the generations to follow

_ about regeneration of the ways and means forward for the world, with the planet, from the whole intentions 

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