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Legacy Project Decisions Using Walking as a Source of Wandrous Insights

Legacy Project Walking Insights

Walking is Wonderful for Your Heart and Soul as It is Wanderous for Your Head and Mind. . .Especially When You Are Working on Your Legacy Project and Your Walking Takes Place Where Nature Infusions Your Being-Having-Doing. Learn about the 5 Legacy Branches and the importance of walking as it adds insights about resilience, resourcefulness, relevance, prescription, and regeneration.

10 Extraordinary Ways Your Legacy Project Influences Others

Legacy Project Ways Influence Others

Your Legacy Project is a Reflection of Community Involvement. Therefore, it’s important you talk about. . .share the ways your legacy project influences others. When they hear your stories – the stories from your head, heart, and hands – your project is brought to life in extraordinary ways that highlight “Living FROM the Legacy You Intend to Share and Leave.”

Legacy Approach Legacy Tenets Alchemy Rescription

Life Legacy Approach Project Tenets Alchemy Alchemist

The Alchemist Way of Moving Your Life Legacy is framed by your intention to set your decision-action-outcomes for moving fromward (that is, moving forward from the future). Adding to this insight. . .An alchemist in the modern world practices the “transmutation” of something into something else that is considered of more value (worth, truth, utility) for self and/or with others.

Workplace Collaborative Conversations May 27, 2020

workplace collaborative conversations

The 5 videos from the May 27th, Workplace Collaborative Conversations dialogue with David Savage  5 Video Series – Workplace Collaborative Conversations 1 – Define Collaborative Conversations 2 – Collaborative Conversations and the Workplace 3 – Collaborative Conversations and Mentoring 4 – Collaborative Conversations and Mega-Projects – Asking So What? What Else? Now What? about Collaborative Conversations – David Savage’s […]

Book: Do The Right Thing

Book Do The Right Think

by David A. Duryea “Great leaders know core business model vision. They instinctively understand what it takes to not only develop a product or service but how to produce a sustainable core business model from an innovation or idea.” And you?Book Do The Right Thing Link to blog post or cut n paste this link: affiliate fee) Excerpt from the […]

Press Release 1 Making of a Movement November 2017

Press Release 1 Making of a Movement

Summary: Press Release 1 about Making of a Movement course in November 2017 … more details to follow: For Immediate Release  Contact: Richard Schultz, Co-Leader Email: Website: Making of a Movement: New Online Workshop Brings Changemakers Together From All Over the Planet Calgary AB Canada, October 17, 2017 — What is the intelligent, impactful movement you need to […]

Answering Movement Query 2: A Question of Concept Bias

Movement Query 2

Summary: Sharing a thought in response to this Movement Query 2 from questioning the use of the term movement: “i am challenged by the word movement.  When I think of movements, I think of disenfranchised people coming together to try to change something so they feel more empowered. The feminist movement, the Black Lives Matter movement, […]

Movement of Movements

Summary: Movement of Movements is about extending this sequence of events … making a movement – making your movement – making of a movement – making of YOUR movement … as you weave YOUR movement into the movements of others. This post includes three short videos of Dr. Stephen Hobbs and Richard Schultz chatting about […]

Answering Movement Query 1: Are Most Movements Reactionary?

Movement Query 1

Summary: Sharing a thought in response to this Movement Query 1 from someone involved in making of a movement: “The question that comes up for me is the ideas or definitions of movements that are already out there… many movements are ‘ reactionary’ ….” From a “movement” perspective and/or “organization culture or workplace culture” … Many organizations/movements […]

Making of Your Movement

Making of Your Movement8-videos

Summary: There is a progression in the “making of YOUR movement” … from making a movement – making Your movement – making of a movement – making of YOUR movement. This progression involves topics highlighted in the videos in this post – with more to follow. And they all lead to a free, 3-video eCourse […]