May 8, 2023

5 Tips to Experience the Extraordinary via Your Legacy Project 05102023

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Agers and Soloagers asked for 5 Tips to Experience the Extraordinary by Sharing Their Legacy Project 

Notes for Video Above:

5 Tips Experience the Extraordinary Legacy Project

WELLcome to the WELLth Agora
00:00 Opening
Word focus: wellth, movement, legacy, nature, experience, education, experience the extraordinary
5 tips to experience the extraordinary via legacy project organization of time effort money personal story;
and yet you extract what makes sense for you

03:15 Review the Resource Image
04:20 Share personal insights about
Experience, Extraordinary, Legacy, Legacy Project
with definitions including Legacy
5 Tips with examples:
15:06 Values & Challenges
18:58 a - to - the Combination about experience
22:24 Action Outcomes
26:40 Novel, Dramatic, Safer
30:11 Consequential, Workable, Metaphoric
37:25 Closing

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5 Tips to Experience the Extraordinary Legacy Project
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