Currency Transition

Currency is a tool.
A tool for investment & exchange, transaction.
A tool for growth and presence, transformation.
A tool for meaning & wonder, transcendence.


Consider the currency of living your exceptional life…

And so --> 

Currency, when considered in living an exceptional life,
takes on a more expansive meaning beyond physical or digital money.
It can encompass various forms of #wellth,
including knowledge, relationships, experiences, and personal growth.

Now consider "currency' and #transition
--> #transaction, #transformation, and #transcendence

Transaction: This term represents the exchanges we make in life to attain our goals and live exceptionally. These transactions aren't just monetary, but include exchanges of time, energy, and effort for knowledge, skills, relationships, and experiences. This form of transaction encourages us to be mindful of where we invest ourselves, considering the returns on learning & educating, then integration in terms of personal growth and fulfillment.

__The transition here is the shift from viewing life in terms of material accumulation to seeing it as a series of meaningful transactions leading towards an exceptional life.

Transformation: Transformation encompasses personal growth and change. As we gain more 'currency' as knowledge, experiences, and relationships, we transform, becoming more adept at navigating life and achieving our aspirations. Our perspectives broaden, and our understanding deepens.

__The transition here is the journey from our current self to a continually evolving, learning, and adapting a version of ourselves - a vital part of living an exceptional life.

Transcendence: Transcendence is about surpassing ordinary limits and achieving a state of heightened understanding and fulfillment. As we gather 'currency' through transactions and transformations, we can transcend previous limitations, preconceived notions, and societal constructs. We might achieve a state of inner peace, exceptional wisdom, or unique impact for the world, with the planet, and from the whole.

__The transition here is about transcending from a life led by external factors to a life steered by internal fulfillment and meaningful impact.

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