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Life Example Stephen Hobbs

Life Example Stephen Hobbs

Summary: Sharing a recent life example Stephen Hobbs … including pictures linked to a life well-lived, mentoring well-shared, work well-led, and legacy well-gifted Sharing My Recent Story  Five years ago, I left my CEO position to recreate my life. To focus on the design and delivery my Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform.  Early on, I consulted on two multi-million dollar […]

Weekend #2 Picture

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Click to enlarge Weekend 2:  Dr. Stephen Hobbs: I read this quote many, many years ago, way before I was reading about neuroscience and leadership … And so … was da Vinci ahead of his time? ))smiles Yours for the wellth of it, PS: Grab a 30 minute discovery session to explore and discover your way to evolve […]

Weekend #1 Picture

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Click to enlarge Weekend 1:  Dr. Stephen Hobbs: A personal declaration of my voice, position, authority and mastery … in visual format re: WELLth Blog. Yours for the wellth of it, PS: Grab a 30 minute discovery session to explore and discover your way to evolve delivery of extraordinary experiences in the words of those involved (employees, […]

Marie Forleo Seth Godin

Great Interview Between Marie Forleo and Seth Godin I’m going to be watching this interview again and again … Thank you Marie Forleo for doing it – posting it Thank you Seth Godin for sharing – writing Seth Godin Marie Forleo – their body of work is amazing – Been reading Seth’s work for years […]

2016 Summer Book Fun

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2016 Summer Book Selections Here is an eclectic list of books with brief overviews for your summer 2016 reading pleasure … Okay … your fall and early winter pleasure as well.  List compiled by a writer friend. She reaches out to her friends to compile her 2016 Summer Book list – and I added three … can you guess which […]

Legacy Word for the World 

legacy word

Your Legacy Word for the World Once known you have a key to being you for the world.  Within you is a LEGACY WORD. It frames the essence of what you enjoy to learn/educate and learn/educate to enjoy. It illuminates key knowledge and skills that guide you from the future into the present. The associated Legacy Intentions […]

Invigorate Your Life and Leadership Legacy

Life and Leadership Legacy: 28 Practical Ways to Invigorate Your Legacy Contributions With a Smile Leadership Legacy is about the union of today’s outcomes from yesterday’s decisions with how you want to live today and be remembered tomorrow. Leadership Legacy is about your influence, the story thread you share. It’s about how others experience you living your leadership legacy. As […]

Life Legacy: A Core Focal Point for Your Next Fifty

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It’s about your Life Legacy Grandparent Decisions … You’re entering or find yourself in your Next Fifty (Second Fifty, Second Act, Third Act). You’re not ready for the view from the porch. You have some things to do, places to be, emotions to feel, stories to share. You have items on your To Be List […]

Life Legacy Story and Argument

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A good story and a well-formed argument arise from different modes of thought. Here is a short connective post explaining the difference. Your Life Legacy has both. Two Modes of Thought by Jerome Bruner re: Story and Argument Full credit to Brain Pickings ( for this post … Based on Jerome Bruner’s (b. October 1, 1915) insights. He […]

Defining Legacy Four Branches Four Questions

Defining legacy

Defining Legacy, Its 4 Branches and 4 Important Questions About Living From Your Legacy In defining legacy here is a start: Legacy is the useful “whats” you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. Those “whats” express the “time, effort and money contributions” you’ve made by taking action, staying active, remaining […]