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A Living Legacy Outline for Olders to Elders: Unlocking the Extraordinary Power of Wellth Movement 15Jan24

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Audience: Olders to Elders - SoloAgers 
- Empty Nesters - Continuing Educators 
- Professionals - Retired Creators
- Grandparents
- Intergenerational Contributors
- and YOU!

A Living Legacy Outline for Olders to Elders:

Unlocking the Extraordinary Power of Wellth Movement

Living Legacy Outline Older to Elder Inside

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The Intention of the Product

Review the importance of wellth movement for individuals transitioning from olders to elders with a legacy lens.

Moving In

The following Living Legacy Life outline provides a “how to who” framework for exploring the concepts (and practices) of wellth movement as you navigate the transition from older to elder using a legacy lens.

Each section of the outline focuses on specific themes with learning outcomes to empower your midlife aging (soloaging) with vitality, purpose, and confidence while moving into your Next Fifty.

Wellth is about well-being and well-living to the nth degree
Well-being for self - achievements
Well-living with others - accomplishments

Movement is about the physical through socio-cultural activities available that you favor in living your extraordinary life. 

Striding Forward Along Wellth Movement Pathway

Learning Outcomes:
  • Review the concepts of transitioning from olders to elders.
  • Recognize the significance of embracing shift and growth during the (solo)aging confidently process.
  • Identify personal inspirations and aspirations for walking wellth movement pathway for the legacy journey.

Chapter 1: Embracing the Journey

Learning Outcomes:
  • Value the significance of transitioning from olders to elders.
  • Identify personal motivations and aspirations for this life phase.
  • Begin laying the foundational legacy mindset for wellth movement.

Chapter 2: The Essence of Wellth

Learning Outcomes:
  • Define "wellth" beyond traditional concepts of wealth and health.
  • Recognize the interconnectedness of well-being & well-living and prosperity.
  • Explore strategies to cultivate wellth in daily life.

Chapter 3: The Dynamics of Movement

Learning Outcomes:
  • Grasp the multifaceted nature of movement in daily living.
  • Discover the safe physical, mental/emotional, and soulual benefits of movement tailored to individual needs and abilities.
  • Implement practical techniques to incorporate movement into daily routines.

Chapter 4: Harmonizing Wellth and Movement

Learning Outcomes:
  • Integrate the concepts of wellth and movement for wholistic living.
  • Develop a personalized legacy map/plan that aligns with personal values and goals/outcomes.
  • Review progress and make necessary adjustments for living legacy life.

Chapter 5: Transitioning from Olders to Elders

Learning Outcomes:
  • Recognize the distinctions between being olders and becoming elders.
  • Embrace the wisdom and experiences that come with aging/soloaging.
  • Use multi-sensory preparation for the transition phase.

Chapter 6: Cultivating Elder Wisdom

Learning Outcomes:
  • Value the role and significance of elders within communities and societies.
  • Discuss the role of wisdom in the elder phase of Next Fifty.
  • Learn from the experiences of others and share personal insights.
  • Embrace the contributions and leadership roles associated with becoming an elder.
  • Foster intergenerational connections, mentorship, and legacy building as an elder.

Chapter 7: The Path from Older to Elder with Wellth Movement

Learning Outcomes:
  • Navigate the transition from older to elder with grace, resilience, and intentionality.
  • Combine the principles of wellth movement with the transition from olders to elders.
  • Engage in legacy practices that foster community, connection, and contribution.
  • Embrace the opportunities for growth, transformation, and sustainable legacy building during this transition.
  • Cultivate a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and well-being/well-living as one progresses from older to elder.

Chapter 8: Integrating Living Legacy Life into Daily Life

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify practical ways to incorporate living legacy life into daily routines.
  • Overcome common legacy challenges and barriers to maintaining momentum.
  • Foster a supportive environment that encourages living legacy life with wellth movement.
  • Explore innovative strategies, practices, and approaches to enhance well-being, vitality, and quality of life.
  • Foster a supportive environment that promotes wholistic health, wellth, for thriving during the elder years.

Chapter 9: Moving Forward with Purpose and Confidence

Learning Outcomes:
  • Reflect on the transformative journey from olders to elders through the wellth movement framework.
  • Set legacy intentions for continued growth and exploration.
  • Embrace the future with relevance, resilience, and reciprocity.
  • Develop a personalized action-outcome plan for continuing to thrive, grow, and contribute as an elder.
  • Embrace the living legacy future with confidence, clarity, and a commitment to lifelong wellth movement.
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Older to Elder Legacy Life Movefesto Asking So What? What Else? Now What?

Evaluative Outcomes:

 [[ Can I __the statement below__?
With Yes - enjoy the pathway and journey!;
With No - return to the chapters that matter and reread and/or source additional material to turn No to Yes!;
and, with a wavy Yes it is a No - follow the No suggestion ]]

  • Manage the concepts and practices of transitioning from olders to elders.
  • Manage the shift and growth during the (solo)aging confidently process.
  • Evaluate the wellth movement pathway for the legacy journey in your words, on your terms.
  • Write an "Elder Legacy Life Movefesto"
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Moving Forward:

This outline serves as a guide for persons seeking to navigate the legacy transition from olders to elders with a focus on wellth movement.

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