What is a Mentoring Approach? 
What Tools and Techniques Can You Use?

00:00 Introduction 

05:09 Mentoring Definition

06:28 Mentoring: Avoidance and Approach

How the mentor moves forward

How the mentee moves forward

How the organization who set up the mentoring moves forward

11:40 Mentoring System and Process 

System(s) - Save Your Self Time Effort Money (Safety)

Identify -Discuss 3 Phases of mentoring:

Pre, During, Post

Before, During, After

Start, Sustain, Scale 

Continue, Stop, Start 

Add, Alter, Delete

Reflect, Reuse, Rebuild

Trust, Learn/Develop, Maintain

21:11 7 Tips for Mentoring Process 

7 paving stones along the mentoring pathway you are walking with the mentee
[[open up the sketch pad for me to draw… pic below!

Stepping Stones for Mentoring Approach Pathway

Connect - bring together - into contact - for an actual link

Consider - think about with caring - before making a decision 

Converse - engage in conversation - with openness, sometimes exploring the reverse perspective

Conclude - bring to an end - arrive at reasoned decision

Complete - doing until finishing


Curate - select – organize – look after 

Correspond - match or agree - exchange [[Add: weaving - webwork - network…

35:36 As mentor, could you:

1]] Discern the decision - activity - outcomes filters of the mentee (and for yourself)

2]] Lean into empathy through your felt expression of EQ - add to your reasoned determinations

3]] Acknowledge “I maybe incorrect about Here and There” - collaborative conversations are fabulicious

4]] Remember beliefs are based on limited experiences to date (thought activity: write I believe statements, then rewrite as I suppose statements)

5]] Recognize your reality influences communication - are open to dance with mystery with humor as companion


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