September 1, 2022

Neuroscience and Mentoring

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00:01 Introduction

03:55 __Personal Pathway - Stephen
Accelerated Learning - Maximum Learning
Visual – Auditory – Kinesthetic
Multiple Intelligences - Gardner (IQ) — Goleman (EQ) — Kolbe (UQ)Neuro Linguistics Programming - brain, language, behavior
Importance of Practice - Evidence-based Learning // Experience-based Educating

11:00 Neuroscience - advancements Brain - Cognition - Application
Multi-Disciplinary - mathematics, linguistics, engineering, computer science, chemistry, philosophy, psychology, and medicine 

11:45 __Neuroscience Concepts
brain - central nervous system - biology - psychology - human being
language - memory - learning - knowing - movement
nutrition - aging - external stimulants - distress - fear - guilt
giftedness - identity - labels
meaningful pattern recognition

A hundred billion neurons, close to a quadrillion connections among them, and we don't even fully understand a single cell. 

19:00 Brain - Behavior - Better
Brain - complex organ that controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger and every process that regulates our body 

Behavior - seen expression of movement (one acts towards another) - see action-outcomes (correct and incorrect)
Brain and Behavior
The brain receives information and internal and external influences that enable the most appropriate behaviors to be triggered at any time. 

20:20 The Question of Better
Better - adjective - who is the better personBetter - noun - the better alternative
Better - verb - to better myself

21:04 What is a better life?
Slow is better
Less is better

24:43 Better - improve, focus, strengthen

25:20 Define Mentoring 27:30 Role of Mentoring
Link to
Mental Health
Connection - Competition - Collaboration (Differences — are differences are our similarities) 

32:30 __Neuroscience Practices
SCARF - David Rock 

SCARF - about the story of approach (move toward) versus avoidance (move away)
Status - social standing (sharing advice, comment on performance)
Certainty - pattern recognition (change and transition)
Autonomy - control = determine quality of experience (do this!)
Relatedness - who's in or out (friend or foe)
Fairness - equal treatment (the rules game),sense%20of%20control%20over%20events. with David Rock with David Rock

42:54 Mentoring related connection
Reciprocity (Resilience - Resourence, Relevance, Reliability)
Respect (Fairness and Trust)
Clear Outcomes (Commitment and Estimates)
Personal Connection (Relationship framing structure, arrangement)
Shared Values (Hierarchy of Values)


Functional Neurology - Ageist magazine 

“Our nervous system is there to regulate our own body against the outside world and to move around, read, and react.” 

“Anything new is going to stimulate the brain in a more impactful way. This is also a way to measure decline as we age. How able are we to actually learn new tasks? — freedom to learn” 

Neuroplasticity - Ageist magazine: 

Neuroscience - Mentoring - Mental Health
Mentoring Connection-Competition-Collaboration with Neuroscience 

Mental Health and Neuroscience - with Mentoring,%2C%20behavior%2C%20cognition%20and%20neuroimaging.


Neuroscience of Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching - Ontai, G

Capella University - School of Education

/|\ - web page

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