January 1, 2023

10 Actionable Insights To Loverage Your Legacy Wellth Movement 01012023

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10 Actionable Insights to Loverage Your Legacy for 2023 and beyond

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As you ready yourself for 2023 - and unlike New Year's resolutions - the following 10 actionable insights to loverage your legacy can reverberate - when completed - for years to come.

Whether you are an employee, executive, entrepreneur, educator, explainer, elucidator, energizer, etc., you can discover and shape your legacy, and share it as you live (then leave).  

Action one insight each week, each month. You'll experience the extraordinary! 
The insights are not in priority - you can do that.
Because each insight has multiple insights, maybe one of the sub-insights is a priority for you.
Adjust the list accordingly or rewrite the list. You can add, alter, and delete as you determine works for you. 


  1. Think about your immediate influence, about living local. Think beyond the borders of your immediate influence, about living global. Negotiate your pattern of influence for local to global and/or global to local. 
  2. Work with a wide variety of collaborative arrangements. Assess the evolving network of organization that influences you and you influence. Understand your web of correspondence, of connections. 
  3. Respond at the rate of knowledge generation. Reinvent your organization of work and your allocation of resources especially time, effort, and money. Show technological savvy. Encourage learning through socio-intellectual diversity. Develop a repository of wise practices and inspired standards. 
  4. Deal with ambiguities and uncertainties. Reconcile coexistence of apparent paradoxes. Enroll persons to evolve the paradoxes in your words, on your terms. Grow systems capable of delivery while holding paradoxes. Guide persons to assess the reality of the situation. Demonstrate the resiliency of tenacity and persistence. 
  5. Ensure interpersonal competence. Create fellowship among those you serve and those who contribute to your success. Start with full confidence in the potential of those involved. Treat each person as a person. Exercise authority that is person specific. Ensure intercultural competence. 
  6. Share via a sense of caring and stewardship. Exhibit a sense of humility in success and courage in failure. 
  7. Offer a Point of View from where you are headed. Base your direction on sustainable, regenerative knowledge. Develop a beneficial course of action. Inspire the direction you ask others to work from. Focus on what matters most. Share a short, organic process message. 
  8. Encourage persons to reflect on ethical values. Support and model the values to be supported. Distinguish between those who are committed to the values and those who glance at the values.
  9. Show others how to manage, how to lead. Share leading among those assigned accountability. Link transitions to change through creativity and innovation. 
  10. Account for your performance in words and numbers. Oblige the committed to take responsibility for what has been decided. 

As an incentive, I'm going to add more to each of the insights in subsequent posts.  

Add your comments - update the insights in your words - share funnies for all of us to read in the Comments section below!

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