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October 14th through 28th, 2023

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Oct 27: Attention SoloAgers (& if you know someone). Let’s get together to strengthen nature-aware projects around the world. Yes - asking to manage or support #greenlegacyprojects. Contact me: wellthmovement.com/contact #smallgroups #wellorganized

Oct 27: Environmental Challenges Exist: Address the challenges that trees and forests face, such as deforestation, habitat loss, and climate crises. Discuss the effects and impacts of these issues on the ecosystem, wildlife, and communities. Raise awareness and inspire action towards conservation efforts.

Oct 26: As we journey through life's various chapters, the stage of #SoloAging, marked by aging without the traditional support network of family or a spouse, presents unique hindrances/challenges. Recognizing the FIRST Signs of Isolation, Loneliness, Loss of Purpose, and Lack of Support are important to guide the adeption (adoption, adaption) of the personal growth, connection, and fulfillment suggestions SoloAgers can use to flourish in their Next Fifty. One way to deal with all hindrances together is to discover, shape, and share a legacy project. https://wellthmovement.com/the-first-signs-of-isolation-loneliness-loss-of-purpose-and-lack-of-social-support-of-soloagers-are-26102023/

Oct 26: Consideration:Here are 7 community outcomes of your legacy project in action:

  1. Legacy projects offer an opportunity to make a forward-looking impact on individuals, communities, or even society at large.
  2. It can inspire others to engage in similar projects or activities, creating a ripple effect of contribution.
  3. Legacy work often leads to the enrichment and improvement of the communities in which you are involved.
  4. Sharing your wisdom and expertise allows you to pass down knowledge to younger generations, benefiting them.
  5. Legacy projects can contribute to the preservation and promotion of cultural traditions and heritage.
  6. When they focus on environmental sustainability, they highlight your footprint with the planet.
  7. Social justice and advocacy-based legacy projects contribute to progress and equality within society.
  8. Legacy initiatives focused on health and wellness improve the well-being of individuals and well-living in communities.
  9. Artistic or creative legacy projects contribute to cultural richness and artistic expression.
  10. Acts of kindness and charitable contributions create a legacy of empathy and goodwill.

Oct 26: Of your stories of transaction-transformation-transcendence consider learn-know-decide for the activities-behaviors-consequences required to discover-shape-share your legacy project-stories-contributions.   

Oct 26: In moving forward from where you are to when you want to be, a new question is required: “Whole is IT?” [The IT references one’s interpretation of the I Transition story.A story of future living in the present for reasons of living tomorrow today.] As it applies to legacy project:
_*_ About living the legacy you intend to leave.*_* Most stories are not complete.

Oct 25: #Consideration: Here are 7 personal benefits for discovering, shaping and sharing #legacyprojects

  • 1)) #SenseFulfillment: Engaging in legacy work provides a profound sense of fulfillment as you contribute meaningfully for the world and with the planet - from the whole!.
  • 2)) #PersonalGrowth: Legacy projects require personal decisions about wellth (well-bein for self and well-living with others)that in turn fosters living-life learning and development.
  • 3)) #LastingImpact: By creating a legacy, you leave a lasting impact with your community and future generations especially when the conversation about the legacy project is intergenerational.
  • 4)) #SelfReflection: The process encourages self-reflection, helping you gain deeper insights into your hierarchy of values, beliefs & assumptions (inside out), and opinions & perceptions (outside in)..
  • 5)) #CommunityEngagement: Legacy projects can connect you with like-minded persons and communities, reducing feelings of isolation-loneliness while encouraging ways to remain relevant and leverage experiences.
  • 6)) #SensePurpose: Legacy work gives you a sense of purpose - reasons to move forward, inspiring you to make the most of each day.
  • 7)) #PersonalSatisfaction: Witnessing the positive effects of your legacy projects can provide a profound sense of personal satisfaction and celebration.

Oct 25: Standing on the Lake Shore of Living #Legacy... suggests a moment of appreciation & celebration for the timeless beauty of nature. It's a reminder to pause, take in the lake shores, and ponder the legacy you want to shape/share! #LegacyContemplation #TimelessBeauty #NetWebComParty

Oct 24: #Blog: From Soloaging to Legacy Living The Value of Early InitiativeThis article explores the compelling reasons why initiating your journey to discover, shape, and share your legacy project and stories sooner rather than later is a wise decision, more so, a pivotal one. Attending to it NOW means you OWN your legacy journey, and you WON your race of living legacy life!

Oct 24: As you move into the delivery of your legacy project, let’s remain aware and alert to these arrrm-reach factors: Authority, Reviews, Relevancy, Recommendations, Mentions

Oct 24: One of the many hashtag stories:
For_ #WellthMovement #SoloAgingConfidently #WellBeing #WellLiving #Wholistic
For_ #SoloAgerConfidence #Relevance #Resilience #Reciprocity
While_ #SafetyMatters #SafeSystems #SaferPractices
Through_ #AwarenessWriting #LegacyScoping #GenerativeSharing #LearnKnowShare
So as to_ #RemainRelevant #LeverageExperience #NatureWalking
For reasons of_ #LegacyLife #LivingLegacy #LivingLegacy
LifeWith_ #Awarests #LegacyProject #ForestsTrees #IntergenerationalConversations
Through_ #Mentorhearts #Courses #YTVideos #BlogArticles
Supported by_ #WorkBooks #Notebooks #Journal #Books
Including_ #EthicalValues #EcologicalLiteracy #EnvironmentalTenets

Oct 23: #Consideration: While Living Your #LegacyLife, 

_What are the insights and ideas, investigations and interpretations, and inquires you could use to explain and describe your response(s) to this question?

“What MAKES it SO IT Matters?”

Let’s look look look at the statement this way:

What - is the question about your allocation of time, effort, and money

Map - a representative boundary of something

Actions - practices in application

Knowledge - concepts learned 

Engagement - involvement with others 

Safety - manage safe systems and lead safer practices

it - indicates (identifies) whatever you are giving thingness to because of your actions, behaviors, consequences for reasons of sharing 

Significance - your determination with feedforward from others the meaning you assign (fluctuates)

Outcomes - the monitored and measured consequences of your actions and behaviors

Information - of what you learn and know, how does it inform your actions

Transition - Transformation - of what you be-have-do because of the information, how do you respond to the change (the stimulus of response)

“Matters” is the realization that what you share can hinder and help, and by your sharing you guide another or others to dynamically balance what matters as a way to experience light and love. 

Oct 23: YTShort: Celebrating First Snow Walking the Dog #seasons Quick reminder - end of October Snow arrived! Celebration of seasons #nature #naturewalking #walkingwithnature https://youtube.com/shorts/tqhAPX_0oMI 

Oct 23: As you turn to a new page in your #legacy #journal, write the words “seen & valued.” As you sense these words, “What arrives, what do you write about?” Consider: It’s important to consider these two emotional-framing words for your legacy project, for all persons you engage!

Oct 22: Scheduling Update Short Videos on Channel #projectupdate Scheduling Awarests videos on weekends Forest Awareness & Tree Awareness videos on Weekends #awarests #awarests #schedulingvideos #naturewalking #natureawareness #awarestslegacy #legacy #legacylife #livinglegacy https://youtube.com/shorts/Sgzqkjwydto 

Oct 22: Awareness Writing is like Painting Forest Landscape #naturewalking Awareness Writing and Conscious Writing Their connection, competition, collaboration - more in depth to follow
Awareness writing like a forest landscape
Conscious writing like a tree portrait
More to follow on awareness writing
#writing #awareness #awarenesswriting #walkingwithnature #creativeprocess https://youtube.com/shorts/mIeJY4FlTfI 

Oct 22: What Are the Multiple Uses of What You Carry #naturewalking Quick reminder about clothing on colder/cooler day nature walking #awarests #awarests #safetyfirst #clothingpreparation #clothingprevention #multipleuses #walkingwithnature #safetymatters https://youtube.com/shorts/h3RrkmIWTcw 

Oct 22: Who Administers First Aid to Ill or Injured? #naturewalking #awarests When doing first aid remember - when and where possible: Use your head to leverage first aid experience, knowledge, & skills Use the ill and injured's hands to administer first aid to get them involved for self-care Do you agree? __or?__ #firstaid #firstaidkit #safetymatters preparation #prevention #practices #wisepractices https://youtube.com/shorts/oubu6xKJ9Ig 

Oct 22: When writing about nature via trees and forests, “Research their ecological significance. Gain knowledge about different tree species, their characteristics, and the role of forests in the ecosystem. Add sketches and doodles. Include tree portraits and forest landscapes.” #Journal 

Oct 21: Carry a First Aid Kit or Survival Kit or Both #naturewalking While walking with nature - from a safety matters perspective Carry a first aid kit - yes or no Carry a survival kit - yes or no Carry both - yes or no Carry a combination of the two - yes or no #firstaid #firstaidkit #survivalkit #survivalgear #firstaidsurvivalkit #awarests #awarest #safetymatters #preparation #prevention #practices https://youtube.com/shorts/vfE-ZlsKwTA 

Oct 21: YT_Short: Reminder to Read First Aid Kit Survival Gear Article #naturewalking #SoloAgers #Agers https://youtube.com/shorts/IPFEG8byWis Available here: https://wellthmovement.com/nature-fun-emergency-ready-aligning-first-aid-kit-and-survival-supplies-with-outdoor-activities-21102023/

Oct 21: Nature Fun, Emergency Ready: Aligning First Aid Kit and Survival Supplies with Outdoor Activities Audience: Those involved - considering involvement - with nature and they are researching ideas & insights to ensure a safe experience in nature through safer practices aligned with the outdoor activities. #SoloAgers #Agers https://wellthmovement.com/nature-fun-emergency-ready-aligning-first-aid-kit-and-survival-supplies-with-outdoor-activities-21102023/ 

Oct 21: Sunrise Surprises: A Morning Walk
Greet the day on a Nature-Aware Walk.
Experience the serenade of sunrise
with the trees, with your feeling of nature. 

Oct 20: Blog: Creating a Legacy That Endures: Using STORY Project Organization… Review an organization of work approach for those those shaping & sharing (while living & leaving) a legacy project (with its stories & contributions) for the world and/or with the planet like…SoloAgers - Empty Nesters - Retired Creators - Olders as Elders https://wellthmovement.com/creating-a-legacy-that-endures-using-story-project-organization-19102023/ 

Oct 20: Everyday – As data reframes as information: Is it what you expected? Is it what you found? Was it given or gifted by others? In terms of your SoloAging Legacy Project - whatever the data to information - seek the NEWSS from the NOISE!

Oct 20: #Consideration: The connection between SoloAging and Legacy lies in the unique circumstances and challenges that SoloAgers may face in their Next Fifty.

SoloAging refers to the process of aging without traditional family support structures, such as a spouse or children. When individuals are soloaging, they often need to take generative actions to map/plan for their Next Fifty and consider how they want to live a legacy they leave. 

Legacy in this context involves not only the distribution of assets but also the impact an individual wants to make on their community, society, or future generations. SoloAgers may choose to leave a legacy through philanthropy, mentoring, or other means that reflect their values and life experiences.

How do you see your SoloAging Legacy unfolding during your Next Fifty?

Oct 20: Rhythm of the Rain: A Nature Walk Let it rain. Enjoy it! Discover the beauty and rhythm of nature's shower on a Nature-Aware Walk.

Oct 19: Searchable in the light. Findable in the love. Decisions required along the pathway of living legacy life as SoloAgers with your kin and wild kin.

Oct 19: #LegacyReflection #NatureConnection "Standing on the Lake Shore of Living Legacy" conveys the idea of finding inspiration and clarity by connecting with nature. It's about reflecting on your life's journey while standing beside a peaceful lake, where the still waters mirror the potential for a meaningful legacy. 

Oct 18: Define living and aging; What are their connections?_Sharing my research results - somewhat academic_

"Living" refers to the state of being alive, existing, and experiencing life. It encompasses all aspects of existence, including physical, mental/emotional, soulful, spiritual, and social aspects. Living involves activities, behaviors, and consequences (ABC) through the passage of time. It can be considered a dynamic process that unfolds from birth until death.

"Aging" refers to the natural process of growing older over time. It is a biological, psychological, and social phenomenon that involves shifts in an individual's physical appearance, health, cognitive abilities, and social roles as they progress through different stages of life. Aging is a continuous and inevitable process that affects everyone and can be accompanied by hindering and helping challenges.

Connections: The connection between living and aging is that aging is a fundamental aspect of the human experience. Aging is a subset of living, as it represents a specific phase within the broader context of an individual's life. While living encompasses the entirety of one's existence, aging focuses on the transitions because of socio psychological (outside in) and bio-psychological (inside out) changes that occur as individuals advance in age. Aging is a natural and ongoing part of living through which you discover, shape, and share your quality of life and consequences of living at different living life stages.

Oct 18: Define #soloaging, #soloager, #sololiving 

SoloAging: SoloAging is a term used to describe the process of aging without the traditional family support structures in place. It refers to individuals who are navigating their Next Fifty without a spouse or children to provide informal support and eventually formal caregiving. SoloAgers often face unique challenges and opportunities related to aging, including the ways and means to remain relevant, leverage experiences, and share contributions.

SoloAger: A SoloAger is an individual who is experiencing SoloAging. 

SoloLiving: SoloLiving is a broader term that can refer to individuals of any age who are living independently and alone, without a spouse or children in their household. It can encompass various life stages, including young adults who are not married or parents, as well as older adults who are SoloAgers. While SoloAging specifically focuses on aging, SoloLiving is a more general term that can apply to people at different phases of life.

Connections: The connections between these terms are primarily related to the absence of traditional family support structures. SoloAging and SoloLiving both involve individuals who are not part of a typical family unit. However, SoloAging specifically pertains to the challenges and opportunities faced by older adults in this situation, including planning for their later years and legacy. SoloLiving can encompass a wider range of ages and life circumstances. Essentially, SoloAging is a subset of SoloLiving that focuses on aging-related issues.

Oct 17: #Blog: SoloAging Wrinkles and Wisdom Sharing Your Legacy Life #wellthmovement #ageconfidently #legacylife #legacydecisions https://wellthmovement.com/soloaging-wrinkles-and-wisdom-sharing-your-legacy-life-17102023/

Oct 17: When Legacy Comes to Shove signifies a deep commitment to making your legacy matter. It's about dedicating yourself to leaving a meaningful mark for the world, even when faced with challenges and resistance. #LegacyCommitment #MakingItCount  

Oct 16: What is the starting place for SoloAging Confidently? Let’s get nittty-gritty: “What is your beginning time and selected location for soloaging confidently?” It differs from person to person. 

Oct 15: #Consideration: In Nature’s Places we assign paths for being with the planetIn Nature’s Spaces we enter other paths in being with the planet.Knowing trees migrate - what pathways are we displacing nature?

Oct 15: YT_Short: Nature Walking Tips Techniques Safety Book SOON #naturewalking #walkingwithnature #tipstoolstechniques #book #safety #saferpractices #safesystem Oct 22 - watch for nature walking articles On the main website... com forward slash nature and com forward slash wellth-blog https://youtube.com/shorts/VasvIrjn-Q4 

Oct 15: YT_Short: Slipping on the Wet Leaves Safety First #naturewalking #safety #safetyfirst #prevention #safetyprevention #walkingwithnature #awarests #awarest Afternoon walk, autumn leaves, wet mix of leaves and dirt Slipping and sliding in places, and I slid... Reminded me to watch -- where I place my feet! Safety prevention, safer practices https://youtube.com/shorts/hplJUYf6N74 

Oct 15: Exploring the Green Spaces in the Concrete Places
Venture into your local urban park for a Walk.
Unearth the miracles nestled within the city's hustle.
#naturewalking #urbannaturewalking #nature #wellthmovement #selfcarecompanion #livingsystems

Oct 14: YT_Short: Painting Trees in Front of Early Morning Sunrise #naturewalking #awarests #awarest #walkingwithnature #sunrise #natureawareness Along the pathway... A view of the trees, sunrise behind them Could I paint that view? Nope - took a video instead! https://youtube.com/shorts/Ro--7REWl5E 

Oct 14: YT_Short: Fun Walking with Dog Carrying Firewood Home - Humor #naturewalking Upon returning from my nature walk with Georgia, the dog, she brought some firewood home - thinking we would have a fire! Not the case - no where to burn it! It will go on the front porch with the rest of the firewood she brought home. Eventually the wood will find its way back to nature. Did you notice her proud-as-could-be walking style? #awarests #walkingwithnature #nature #awarest #wellthmovement #funwalk #humor #humour https://youtube.com/shorts/LX21PGPJw34 

Oct 14: Long post summary of videos, blog posts, articles, and podcasts about soloaging, confidence, nature, legacy, experience, education, and safety from the WELLth Movement Community... September 29 through October 14, 2023 https://wellthmovement.com/stay-found-october-new-moon-update/

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