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September 29 through October 14, 2023 
Blog Posts & Videos, Publications Elsewhere
+ Meaningful Posts from Others

Oct 14: Standing on the Lake Shore of #LivingLegacy
conveys the idea of finding inspiration & #clarity
by connecting with #nature. It's about reflecting
on your life's journey while standing beside a lake,
where the waters mirror the stories of a meaningful legacy.
#LegacyReflection #NatureConnection

Oct 14: Walks by Moonlight Experience nature under the soft glow of the moon.
Discover a new world that awakens with the setting sun.

Oct 13: “Awareness of, walking with, considering from” are reminders you control the quality of your experience and the accompanying narrative. Wording matters. Writing matters. Living legacy life matters. #perspective

Oct 13: Following the Flow: Riverside Walks Experience the magic of waterways on a Nature-Aware Walk. Each river, each stream has a story that flows.
As you think - prepare for your weekend walk, consider walking with a river - creek... as a way to appreciate #Flow... and ask yourself, "Where am I in flow now?" and "When am I not in flow and why?" #wellthmovement #walkingwithnature #naturewalking #natureawareness #awarest

Oct 13: SoloAging requires careful planning for future healthcare needs and potential caregiving. Navigating the complexities of healthcare systems and ensuring one's well-being demands thoughtful preparation and engagement with professionals.

Oct 13: Writing Your SoloAging Action-Outcome Plan For Appreciation and Achievement, and Celebration and Accomplishment
The documentation of your thoughts and feelings in a plan concentrates your allocation of time, effort, and money. You earned these resources over the years. To assign them wisely in your Next Fifty to SoloAge Confidently is a testament to your action mastery approach. With this article, we dive into the essential task of creating your personalized Action-Outcome Plan.

Oct 12: Crossing the Oceans of Living Your Life Legacy invites you to be aware of the impact your journey has on others and the world. Just as tides shape coastlines, your actions shape the legacy you live to leave. #LegacyAwareness #TidesOfImpact

Oct 12: The beauty of SoloAging lies in the autonomy it grants. Individuals have the liberty to make decisions that align with their values and desires. This newfound independence fosters a sense of autonomy and control over one's life.

Oct 12: Building Maintaining Growing Nurturing Social Connections in SoloAging
Social connections are a cornerstone of well-living, and they hold particular significance in the context of SoloLiving SoloAging Confidently. This article helps you understand the importance of social connections, develop strategies for building and maintaining AND growing and nurturing meaningful relationships, and avoid the pitfalls of social isolation during your SoloAging journey.

Oct 11: "When Legacy Comes to Shove" embodies the idea of persistence and determination. It means you never back down from your goal of creating a significant and lasting legacy, no matter the obstacles that may arise. #LegacyPersistence #NeverBackDown

Oct 11: Without the traditional family support structure, SoloAgers often form diverse social circles and deeper connections. They have the flexibility to choose the relationships that resonate with them.

Oct 11: Navigating Wellness in SoloAging: Your Introductory Guide
SoloAging comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities, especially when it comes to health and wellness. This article introduces the essential aspects of health for SoloAgers who become Wellness Wholversants. We'll explore physical well-being, mental-emotional health, and the concept of soulual well-being to help plan for a well-balanced and fulfilling SoloAging SoloLiving lifestyle

Oct 10: My writing is for me as much as it is for the reader. Possibly more, because writing is my expression of educating what I want to learn, knowing where I share, I educate. A question arises, “What tools & techniques will I use?” #perspective

Oct 10: One of the most significant challenges of #SoloAging is the potential for loneliness and isolation. Without a built-in support system, individuals may struggle to combat feelings of solitude. Create a Community of Practice? Significance?

Oct 10: SoloAging Sustainably: Your Eco-Enviro Footprints
Now environmental consciousness is paramount. SoloAgers have an opportunity to consider their own well-being and their reciprocal impact on the environment as a whole & local ecological landscapes. This blog article delves into the significance of the environment and sustainability for SoloAging SoloLiving confidently

Oct 10: Research insights from the
American Society on Aging
#SoloAging #SoloLiving#Soloness
Articles linked with my interests
#legacy #movement #walking #mentoring #community:
1)) https://generations.asaging.org/confronting-challenges-solo-aging
2)) https://generations.asaging.org/solo-agers-too-want-be-remembered
3)) https://generations.asaging.org/our-guest-editor-solo-ager-solo-aging
4)) https://generations.asaging.org/community-family-model
5)) https://generations.asaging.org/why-we-need-broader-framework-solo-agers
Aspiration (maybe?))smiles
6)) https://generations.asaging.org/rise-older-influencers

Oct 9: Found this #SoloAging (#SoloLiving) Resource Page during my #research
#Consideration: 22% of Americans age 65+ are at risk for becoming “solo agers” or "elder orphans" From this video: https://www.retirementlivingsourcebook.com/videos/live-interactive-panel-discussion-on-solo-aging
Everyone — Looking for more stats - do you have any?
Shout out to @SteveGurney of Positive Aging Community on LI:
Post: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/plan-your-week-virtual-companions-thurs-cohousing-fri-steve-gurney/

Oct 9: #Soloagers. The absence of immediate family members can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness. The challenge here is to actively seek out social interactions, join clubs or groups, and partake in community events to build a network of like-minded individuals.

Oct 9: Henceforth — I’ll share a sense of better. There are elements of my legacy projects that fall short because of not knowing how to do something and/or my laziness of doing. Thus, better enters today. I rescript the story and begin!

Oct 9: Embracing the Digital Age Technology's Impact on SoloAging
For SoloAgers, embracing technology is a necessity in navigating the complexities of aging independently. This article encourages adapting a personal technology approach (rather than avoidance), reviewing ways technology influences daily life already and leveraging them, and exploring how technology can empower SoloAgers in the realms of health, communication, and age confidence.

Oct 9: YT_Short: Nature Walking Question Tip Long Shadow Conversation
#naturewalking #walkingwithnature #whywalking #tipwalking #walkingtip
Reflective conversation about Why Walk? and What is a Tip while walking?
#soloaging #sololiving #ageconfidently #soloagingconfidently
#remainrelevant #leverageexperience #walkwithcontributions

Oct 9: Yes - the October issue of Opal Rising is available.
Free to read! Made available through Words from the Heart!
In it, I'm sharing insights about Essential Supplies for Nature Journaling.
Enjoy the read!
Link: https://issuu.com/opalpublishing/docs/opal_rising_october_2023?fr=xKAE9_zU1NQ

Oct 8: Walking the Financial, Legal, and Political PathMap of SoloAging
This article unveils the importance of these elements, reviewing their impacts, and equipping you with a base understanding of how financial, legal, and political implications intersect with age confidently. By comprehending these influences, you'll be better prepared to navigate the complexities of #SoloAging.

Oct 8: Sunrise Serenades: A Morning Walk Greet the day on a Nature-Aware Walk. Experience the sublime serenade of sunrise in the heart of nature.

Oct 7: YT_Short: Peace Prayer Entering Outdoors Awareness
#naturewalking #walkingwithnature #awarests #walkingwithnature
Share a brief prayer - saying - upon entering the outdoors
Sometimes said along the path like today
Brings awareness of space and place
#wellth #movement #wellthmovement #legacy #sololiving #soloaging

Oct 7: Nature's Zen: Awareness Walks
Immerse in nature's tranquility on an awareness walk.
Experience the calming effect of the great outdoors on your well-being.

Oct 7: Negotiating SocioCultural Waters Influences on SoloAging Decisions
This article encourages understanding, identifying, and examining the impact of social, cultural, and demographic trends on your daily life as a SoloAger. It's crucial to grasp the concept of SocioCultural impact because it influences & shapes our perspectives, hierarchy of values, behaviors, & decisions as #SoloAgers.

Oct 7: The life bucket includes the bucket of work. Not the other way! When I realized that fact - the bucket of leisure sized up. More so, my bucket of wellness became my focus. Which expanded my bucket of philanthropy and volunteerism. An Ode to Buckets!

Oct 6: Financial stability is paramount in SoloAging. Without traditional family support, individuals must ensure they have a robust financial plan in place to cover retirement and unforeseen expenses.

Oct 6: YT_Shorts: Animal Trails Tracking ObservationNature Walking
There are countless stories written in the earth, telling tales of creatures both big and small. These stories crisscross the pathways we walk. Often they go unnoticed - and, unappreciated! Observing these trails - while walking with nature - can lead to a deeper connection with the place and a better understanding of the fascinating lives of wild kin. From a life skills perspective, observing these animal trails aligns with the principles of proactivity, accuracy, detail, evidence-based thinking, and an open-minded approach to nature. "By immersing oneself in this practice, one can forge a profound connection with the natural world and gain insights into the lives of its diverse inhabitants. Happy journaling! #legacylife #livinglegacy #soloaging #sololiving #writing
#naturewalking #walkingwithnature #tracking #observation #lifeskills #awarests #awarest #wellthmovement

Oct 6: Me talking about soloaging products and services helps. Those SoloAging Confidently with the use of my products and services are important troubadours of this lifestyle. I appreciate the seven of us. Something in this post has to shift!

Oct 6: Navigating the SoloAging Journey: The Power of Prioritization
In this article, consider the art of prioritization, a skill that can transform your SoloAging journey into a fulfilling and purpose-driven experience. It's an adventure filled with opportunities and choices, and the decisions that follow. #SoloLiving

Oct 5: Without the safety net of traditional family support, securing financial stability becomes paramount to SoloAgers. They must navigate retirement planning, investment strategies, and potential long-term care costs with careful consideration.

Oct 5: Balancing within-care and without-care leads to between-care. Then, together-care can arise. From which, beyond-care accelerates being for the world, with the planet, and from the whole!

Oct 5: #Blog #Article: Unveiling the SoloAging and SoloLiving Lifestyle Challenges and Benefits
In this article we delve into understanding SoloAging and SoloLiving, shedding light on the meaning of the terms, and some of the challenges and benefits SoloAgers face. It aims to provide insights that resonate with your journey. SoloAging SoloLiving Challenge as a SoloAger Explorer

Oct 4: #Blog #Article: In this article, we embark on a journey through the "StoryScope of Legacy", dissecting its dimensions "FOR the World, WITH the Planet, and FROM the Whole."
#sololiving #soloaging #wellthmovement #legacylife #livinglegacy

Oct 4: SoloAgers may face challenges in leaving a lasting impact. To overcome this, they can focus on identifying their interests and values, and engage in volunteer work, mentorship, or philanthropy to contribute to their communities and build a meaningful legacy.

Oct 4: Perspective: I’m in my #soloaging - #sololiving story. One I’m writing paragraphs a day, chapters a week, ebooks a month, and series a year. A lot of wording goin’ onward! Giving the alphabet a writeout #NetWebComParty

Oct 3: My Ask: I’m researching, writing and publishing products, services, and experiences supporting soloaging and soloagers who want to discover, shape, and share ways to gain age confidence while sololiving a legacy life!
Can you help me with ideas and insights? Your thoughts! Reports! Websites! Authors! Videos! All appreciated. Comment, DM, Contact Form

Update: I'm exploring Google Scholar and found reference to "radical self-care"
And reading through ResearchGate - a source of academic writing...
And using the hashtag search here and on other digital media channels...
Ah - research - about the search for truth, worth, and utility!
Appreciate your thoughts and feelings!

Update on Research Request:
Point of Reference (so far)
Seems what I'm reading sets up for after-care re: soloaging living
And so, what about wholistic prevention - before you get into soloaging with limitations --- why not spring forward with activities-behaviors that spark consequences of laughter and living!
So much more to learn!!!

Oct 3: Explorations & Your Independence:
Discover the freedom of SoloAging as you navigate its unique benefits and challenges.
Embrace autonomy, forge connections, and shape & share your legacy.
#SoloAging #Independence

Oct 3: YT_Short: Importance of First Aid Course #NatureWalking
#preparation #firstaid #firstaidpreparedness #firstaidcourse
When nature walking and I meet and greet
I'll sometimes ask, "Have you taken a first aid course before walking with nature?"
The answer -- often -- no.
Then I'll ask a follow up question, "What happens if you meet someone bleeding?"
"What if that somebody was your family or friend?"
I explain my questioning -- by mentioning -- I was a wilderness remote first aid instructor
Then I see the awareness light bulb go on
However, I do not know if they flipped the toggle switch of action
Safety preparation checklist = check: first aid course
Safety prevention backpack = what you carry with you helps if you give first aid
Safety practice continuance = practice before walking with nature

Oct 2: YT_Short: Chatting with the Trees, Their Stories
#treeawareness #awarests #treestories #Iftreescouldtalk
A moment of reflection
Sharing out loud
Asking a question
Seeking an answer
The life force of trees, forests, the landscape
The conversations that can leaf forward
Getting into the roots, what meaning is present
Learning what the bark is telling you
So much can unfold, enfold

Oct 2: #Consideration: What matters to the giftee, often matters more for the gifter, so long as “rrrrr — neither of you become a pirate”!

Oct 2: YT_Short: Nature Walking With Freshness of Rain #walkingwithnature
I’m sharing stories about nature - it is one of my legacy projects!
Today - it was raining And I stood in wonderment!
Freshness --- feelings --- on the trail coolness, warmth enveloping
Walking with the dog, rain shelter!

Oct 2: The situation in which you find yourself has problem concerns and appreciation joys. The degree to which you move with or without the concerns and joys influences the time-energy-money you assign learn-know-decide-action-outcomes.

Oct 2: Each of these words, then mixing them together – clarity, confusion, certainty, complexity, complicated, commitment, curation – offer glimpses into living legacy life _[ past, present, & future]_ The Question: “Now What?”

Oct 1: Navigating SoloAging Challenges with Grace Walk into the world of SoloAging, addressing loneliness, mobility, and living legacy. Gain insights on overcoming obstacles and crafting a meaningful journey. #WisdomOfAging #SoloAgerJourney #SlowAging

Oct 1: I Wrote a Book About Safety and Nature Walking #walkingwithnature
It was a tip and technique book for first aid and survival considerations
Decided — I’m ReVAMPing it, linking the content to Nature Walking; Walking with Nature
It will reflect an all season perspective and cover various landscapes
More for Information and Consideration than deep practice transformation - that arrives by taking a first aid course plus safety continuance practicing
#safetymatters #safetyfirst #safesystem #walkingwithnature #awarests #awarests #wellthmovement

Oct 1: Paying Attention to the Rain Tree Roots #naturewalking
#awarests #safety #saferpractices
It started to rain as we (the dog and I) got on the road
Decided to move into the trees, along the path
Still --- I got a tad wet
And the exposed tree roots on the path were slippery
Safety kicked in - and I realize safer practices were necessary
While I rarely step on exposed tree roots (the toes of trees)
I was going to pay particular attention today
A most enjoyable - slow - walk today!
#safetymatters #safetyfirst #safesystem #walkingwithnature #awarests #awarests #wellthmovement

Oct 1: A Walk Through the Seasons
Witness nature's magnificent palette change with the seasons.
From spring bloom to winter frost, every walk is a new spectacle.
#wintercoming #naturewalking #natureawareness

Sep 30: YT_Short: Safety Nature Walking with Dog
#safetymatters #saferpractices #awarests
#5 in series of 5 Safety First
Overview Safe System(s) Safer Practices
Walking with the Dog
*** #NatureWalking with the Dog Outdoors
For your walking companion safety matters
What is going on around you that can influence the dog?
What is going on for the dog along the trail?
Watch the dog for clues!
Access to water or treats

Sep 30: YT_Short: Safety Practice Continuance First Aid
#saferpractices #awarests
#4 in series of 5 Safety First
Overview Safe System(s) Safer Practices
*** #Practice Continuance
Of the skills you need for walking with nature
Practice them
You can run them through your mind as well
Like shooting a basketball
Especially first aid skills

Sep 30: YT_Short: Prevention Backpack Safety What You Carry Helps
#saferpractices #awarests
#3 in series of 5 Safety First
Overview Safe System(s) Safer Practices
*** #Prevention Backpack
Of what you carry with you
Think about three uses of the item
1 = its use
2 = for first aid
3 = alternative, practical use

Sep 30: Strolling Among Nature's Majestic Pillars
Step into a living history book amid forest trees.
Nature's chronicles await your curious strides.
#naturewalking #walkingwithnature #natureawareness

Sep 30: Thriving Through SoloAging: Challenges and Triumphs
Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
Navigate SoloAging challenges while celebrating personal growth and resilience.
#ThrivingInAging #SoloAgingJourney  

Sep 29: Stay Found September FULL Moon Update — Summary Digital Media Posts: September 14 through September 29, 2023

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