3 Safety Acronyms When and Where You Are Walking with Nature

Even in a Forested Urban Park - Actually Everywhere You Walk 

Audience: Those involved - considering involvement - with nature and they are researching ideas and insights to ensure a safe experience in nature through safer practices aligned with the outdoor activities.
SoloAgers - Empty Nesters - Retired Creators - Continuing Educators -
Olders as Elders - Grandparents - Intergenerational Contributors - and YOU!

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Do you remember the many ways you were taught to remember things?

Like using your knuckles and spaces between your knuckles to remember which months had 30 or 31 days. Remember “30 days of September; April, June and November – all the rest have 31 except February at 28 and a leap year February at 29”.

Remember coming up with a sentence to remember the order of the planets?

These types of reminders are helpful. And remembering first aid tips using the same approach is also helpful. 

Here are three ways to remember important actions before the trip, during the trip, and when in an emergency situation arises. 

Before you start:

Complete a MAPLE review of those walking with you 

  • Medications – taking any medications?
  • Allergies – any allergies?
  • Past injury or illness injury that could flare up? 
  • Last meal – when did they eat last?
  • Effort required for their involvement – are they ready, able and willing? 

Could add this “S” for MAPLES

  • Situation review – have you and others done this before or been here before?

Along the way:

Organize people from a SAFER perspective means 

  • Safety is woven into the prevention and preparation considerations of the trip
  • Awareness of  types of risk before and during an emergency are known by all
  • Find and use the resources necessary for support are at your fingertips
  • Ensure effort given by everyone aligns with their capabilities  
  • Recognize the effort forthcoming and the situation in front of you to manage safe systems and lead with safer practices

In an emergency:

Stay alert when helping someone by following STOMA means

  • Survive to think
  • Think to observe
  • Observe to manage 
  • Manage to act
  • Act to survive … and repeat again, and again, and again … just like breathing

Moving Forward

Write these reminders down on a card and put them in your working journal and outdoor first aid kit.  

Commit them to memory.

And in preparing for a trip, along the trip, and when an emergency arises
Say them aloud and follow these words to take care of yourself and those walking with you.

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Along your nature-aware journey as you weave your nature-informed tapestry, understanding StoryScope and Legacy are important concepts and practices. A quick reminder of both follow: 

Understanding the StoryScope

Our lives are stories waiting to be told, narratives that unfold with each passing day.

The metaphor of "StoryScope" invites us to view this narrative through different lenses. Just as telescopes reveal the vastness of the universe, microscopes uncover the intricacies of the microscopic world, stethoscopes listen to our vital sounds of living, our StoryScope allows us to explore and find the full spectrum of our daily existence.

Our daily lives resemble a kaleidoscope, with each decision, action, and interaction contributing to the ever-shifting, meaningful pattern.

As SoloAgers and seasoned professionals, you have a unique perspective on life's twists and turns. Your legacy is not only a reflection of your past-present but a blueprint for the future-present.

Legacy: The Useful Whats

Legacy is often associated with material wealth, but it extends far beyond possessions. Legacy comprises the "useful whats" we leave behind, including our time, effort, and money. These elements are the building blocks and seedbeds of our legacy, and how we allocate, plant them shapes the stories we share.

For SoloAgers, who have accumulated a wealth-wellth of experiences and knowledge, legacy is about passing on wisdom and lessons. Your is about preserving your story as it is about empowering others to write their chapters more skillfully. As professionals and educators, your legacy resides in the work you shared, the values you instilled, and the innovations you sparked.


soloager soloaging woman

Moving Forward SoloLiving Legacy Life... as a SoloAger

Embracing SoloAging demands both introspection and action. SoloAgers, Empty Nesters, Orphan Elders, Widows/Widowers can navigate this phase with confidence by understanding the core concepts and practices, addressing the challenges, and embracing the benefits.

They can forge a path that is uniquely theirs and one that encompasses personal growth, independence, and the creation of a meaningful legacy. 

If You are ready to take the next steps in your Confident SoloLiving, SoloAging journey,
review the Legacy EcoSystem and PathMap, and select your starting point.
Alternatively, book a free call to gain clarity on your path forward.
Your legacy life awaits; embrace SoloAging with confidence.

Legacy Agora EcoSystem

Transparency: AI-assisted based on priming and prompting! Considerable editing followed. 

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It's all about sharing the legacy you intend to live (and leave).

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