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WELLth Movement Wellthers

WELLth Movement Wellthers

Summary: WELLth Movement Wellthers bring their insights, tools, and techniques to WELLth Movement workshops, online courses, retreats, gatherings, etc. WELLth Movement WELLthers … Are people like you – seeking ways to guide entrepreneurs to make a movement. They bring their insights, tools, and techniques to the workshops, online courses, blog posts, etc. delivered via WELLth Movement platforms and/or […]

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read announcement wellth movement

On March 31st I was to make an announcement – and the spring flu arrived. Better now ))smilesAnd so … I, through WELLth Movement, guide entrepreneurs (whether a start-up and/or established) to “make a movement with their customers” (using the Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform) ~~~ make a movement or making a movement is your decision […]