March 18, 2024

Experience the Wellth Movement That’s Evolving What It Means to Adventure Together 

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Audience: Olders to Elders - SoloAgers 
- Empty Nesters - Continuing Educators 
- Professionals - Retired Creators
- Grandparents - Younger-Older-Mentors 
- and YOU!

Experience the Wellth Movement That's Evolving What It Means to Adventure Together

Hello there! Today, we're diving into something special called the Wellth Movement. 

It's a company (WELLth Movement), as it is a way of living life to the fullest together (wellth movement). 

Moving In:

Imagine mixing the excitement of adventure with the comfort of feeling good, both inside and out. That's what wellth movement is all about. It's a journey that combines well-being (that's about you) and well-living (how you vibe with others) to the nth degree. 

Let's unpack this approach in a way that's easy to grasp and fun to action.

What Exactly is Wellth?

The idea behind wellth is straightforward AND profoundly deep. It’s about achieving well-being for yourself and well-living with others, pushing these concepts as far as they can go. Imagine feeling great, physically, mentally-emotionally, soulualy (1), spiritually, and wholversicaly(2) and then sharing your optimistic energy with everyone around you. That's wellth in a nutshell.

Movement: More Than Just Getting Around

When we talk about movement in the Wellth Movement, we're looking at the blend of physical and mental actions required for personal well-being, along with the socio-cultural steps we take for collective well-living.

It's like a dance where every move counts for our health and how we harmonize being for the world and with the planet. This movement is about going places and experiencing spaces, AND growing and glowing in every aspect of our lives.

The Personal Journey and Shared Adventure

Here's where it gets personal and exciting. 

Well-being is your own unique journey within/without and without/within. It's about finding what makes you feel alive, dynamically balanced, and genuinely happy. It could be a quiet morning with a book, a sweaty run in the park, mastering a new recipe, or witnessing smiles on grandkids' faces as you walk in the park.

Well-living is an adventure we embark on between, together, and beyond. It’s about creating memories with others, lending a hand, and improving//strengthening a community where everyone feels at home.

Rock Bridge

Path Stones of the Pathway

In the wellth movement platform (with programs and projects), we talk about path stones. These are the steps or milestones along the journey of movement. 

Each stone represents an insight, a breakthrough, or a moment of joy we've experienced in our quest for well-being and well-living. 

They’re the markers that show we’re heading towards a life about surviving to thriving, about ordinary to extraordinary…as we:

_*_ transform challenges into opportunities, where every setback serves as a stepping stone for personal growth and resilience

_*_ share our journey from mere existence to meaningful engagement, where each day is an opportunity to connect more deeply with others

_*_ use the well-being signposts to guide us from a life of routine to one filled with moments of awe and wonder (including rituals), encouraging us to find magic in the mundane

_*_ use the well-living guide rails to move from a state of complacency to a state of curiosity, where the quest for knowledge and new experiences encourages living life to its fullest 

_*_ serve as the beacons (lighthouses) that signal our transition from self-doubt to self-discovery, while uncovering our true potential to live with intention and purpose

Mixing and Matching for a Wellthy Life

The movement ingeniously mixes and matches aspects of profitability, evidence, and accomplishment (which are part of well-living and wealth) with sustainability, experience, and achievement (integral to well-being and health). 

This blend ensures we're successful in the traditional sense of the word AND lead lives that are replenishing and respecting in being, being fully human, being natural, being planetary, and being Solaris. (This continuum: Dr. Chris Thompson–a mentor, a mentee, a friend!)

Whereas a whale is a whale, a dragonfly is a dragonfly, humans are confused. The wellth movement in its entirety offers ways to clarify commitment and courage through contributions of what it means to be a person FOR the world, WITH the planet, and FROM the whole. 

The Art of Blending Wealth (Well-Living) and Health (Well-Being)

At its heart, wellth is about combining wealth and health on this incredible path of movement we're all on. It's about being better—with what we do and in how we treat ourselves and others. 

It’s about becoming wiser, learning from every experience and every person we meet. 

And it’s about being kinder, recognizing that every act of kindness, no matter how small, makes an aWELLsome contribution for the world and TREEmendous gift with the planet.

SoloAger Soloaging Man

So What?

Now, you might be wondering, "How do I start my Wellth Movement journey?" It’s simple… 

Here are a five suggestions to get you going with a journal at hand:

Reflect on Your Well-Being: 

Start by taking a moment each day to check in with yourself. How are you feeling physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Soulualy? Spiritually? Wholversicaly? What small shifts (adjustments, corrections) can you make to improve your well-being?

Connect With Others: 

Reach out to friends, family, and even strangers. Share your stories, listen to theirs, and find ways to support each other. Remember, well-living is an adventure we’re all on together.

Celebrate Your Path Stones: 

Acknowledge your personal achievements and accomplishments with others, no matter how small they may seem. Every step//stride//skip forward is mastery worth celebrating.

Mix and Match Your Experiences: 

Give new things ago (safely), whether it’s a new hobby, a new way of working, or a new approach to taking care of our planet. Embrace a deeper and richer life by blending different aspects of well-living and well-being.

Spread Kindness and Wisdom: 

As you walk your path, look for opportunities to be kind and share the wisdom you’ve gathered. Experience how a simple act of kindness or a shared piece of advice can impact someone’s life.

Moving Forward: 

The Wellth Movement invites us to live our lives with intention and joy, to live life on our terms safely for all—terms that include health, happiness, and harmony with all kin and wild kin. 

It’s a call to action for each of us to become architexts(3) of our own well-being and architects for well-living with those around us. By following this path, we don’t just enrich our lives; we make the world, the planet, the whole a better place for everyone.

So, are you ready to join the Wellth Movement? Let’s embark on this journey together, creating experiences that benefit our unique journeys and uplift those around us who we adventure together. 

Here’s to being better, wiser, and kinder—let’s make wellth movement a way of living an extraordinary life.

(1) Soulualy --- adding "ualy" to soul in congruence with the other terms in the list (maybe "soulaly")
(2) Wholversicaly --- instead of universally, I prefer the term whoversical, thus wholversicaly
(3) Architext is to persons living as architect is to buildings built

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