January 11, 2023

A STEEP Review of Mentoring Forecasting Ahead

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A STEEP Review of Mentoring


A STEEP Review of Mentoring Concepts Practices
00:00 Definition of Mentoring STEEP - an acronym
First introduction PEST - T was for Threat
A]] mountain//hill - effort
B]] nurture a cup of tea - rest

1]] Socio_Cultural
Jumping Experience Queue with use of Google Search and YouTube

Aging Workforce - Leave-Return - Transition into, then leave

Change thought - importance of mentoring… difference between coaching

The recognition of mentoring as a part of the support structure continues to grow - awareness of mental health and of mentoring together has helped raise awareness.

Unfolding the mentor stories - about how to improve, focus and strengthen concepts and practices…

2]] Technology
VR simulations
Mentoring Software https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/mentoring-software-market-2023-size-with-business-forecast-up-to-2029-in-depth-analysis-in-latest-report-2023-01-09

Apps - log books

3]] Environmental
Hybrid workplace

Outdoor Mentoring - Adventure Therapy (location//metaphor)

4]] Economic
Can persons afford mentoring
The growth of mentoring as a business solution - it has, for so long, lacked momentum

5]] Political
Paraprofessional - schools (education)

Ask: What are some ideas you can add about STEEP and Mentoring for 2023

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