Enfold Your Welcoming of Others as a Wondrous – Wandrous Ode to Living Your Extraordinary Life for Well Living World 2519

well living world 2519

Well Living World 2419 is about enfolding those you connect with as they inspire your welcoming ideas The art of enfolding – drawing into you – surrounding yourself with others – holding and grasping another tightly … Is a wondrous & wandrous ode to living your extraordinary life. Through these connections the wind sings – the clouds cry […]

Experience Networks: Living – Laughing – Listening – Leading – Loving in Interconnectedness for Tree Stories 2519

tree stories 2519

Tree Stories 2519 is about the importance of networks … think a bee pollinating a plant and a plant providing food to the bee  From our ecoliteracy series … This week’s topic is “network” … the previous topics were “cycles”, “flow”, “development”, “dynamic balance”, “nested systems” The video to the right explains & describes ecological networks … it’s a great […]

Assess Characteristics #1 & #2 of the Well-Living Workplace for Workplace Transition 2419

workplace transition 2419

Workplace Transition 2419  is the first of five overviews of the terms and concepts associated with the 10 characteristics of the well-living workplace. This term is a viable substitute to “healthy workplace” or “better workplace.”In addition, you can complete a quick self-assessment of each characteristics from your organization’s perspective. In doing so, you gain personal […]

Are you an Inspired Practitioner Wanting to Expand Your Practice Naturally? Natural Educator 2419

Natural Educator 2419

Natural Educator 2419 is about asking yourself this baseline question: Are you an Inspired Practitioner wanting to expand your practice naturally? From a workplace – employee-customer – perspective: That is: Do you have something you deeply want to share with others in your workplace? Your customers and clients?Do you seek a way to improve, focus, and/or strengthen the lives […]

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