Experience the Joy of Acknowledging the Contribution of All Worldly Beings, Large or Small to Eco-Create the Well-Living World 0218

Well-Living World 0218

Eco-creating the well-living world involves acknowledging the contribution of all worldly beings, large or small. __Eco-Create = the action required for ecological creation – the eco-creation of whole systems – whole persons –> ecology = the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings (Google Dictionary) –> creation […]

30 Initial Thoughts About Serving as a Natural Educator to Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences With Employees: Well-Living World 0118

well-living world 0118

Initial thoughts about from where does a natural educator arise … Overall, can: Manage educative competence Desire to educate – to engage in emergence Share optimism to make a difference Work on the whole system – whole person Demonstrate a transcendent intention Engage in reflective action Fosters workplace culture in which there is movement of learning Maintain presence even when it’s difficult to do […]

10 Easy, Fabulicious Workplace Insights Worth Your Time, Effort, & Money To Experience NOW: Business Decisions 18-05 pt2

Business decisions 18-05-pt2

Introduction to the second five of 10 videos associated with Business Decisions 18-05-pt2: These five videos are short activities you can action to create the well-living workplace:Video 6 = stop doing something that is not workingVideo 7 = strengthen something working in the organizationVideo 8 = strengthen relationships between departmentsVideo 9 = support commitments others makeVideo […]