What shared language acknowledges our differences as our extraordinary similarities? Well-Living World 1218

Well-Living World 1218

Eco-creating the well-living world involves greeting others in a language that encourages differences that make us similar. Language involves shared words in combinations – using grammatical and spoken conventions. It’s a powerful and beautiful way to convey differences that make us similar. Because our differences are our similarities. Unfortunately, many hear and see the differences – become […]

Five Learning and Development Perspectives Used to Frame Competence Based Work: Well-Living World 1118

well-living world 1118

It’s important to ground yourself in the base learning & development concepts and practices that guide you in managing and leading organizational and individual level work and their integration.  With this blueprint – framework – approach you can realize action_outcomes like*: Establish a job performance system customized to organizational requirements Use a reward and recognition system to connect […]

Are You Developing a Foundational Architecture to Carry Forward the Inspiration of the Universal Balance of the Many and the One?: Well-Living World 0818

Well-Living World 0818

Eco-creating the well-living world involves developing a foundational architecture that carries forward the inspiration of the universal balance of the many and the one.  The verb “develop” is an exciting verb for me because: it means I’m creating – co-creating – eco-creating something of potential usefulness. It was a purpose-filled decision I made to bring out […]