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Questions Coach Selection

coach selection

coach selection, extraordinary experiences 10 Questions to Ask During Coach Selection (Focus) Here are 10 questions to ask your coach during the selection interview. These questions are based on you having reviewed the potential coach’s credentials and experience, and linked to why you are looking for a coach: What coaching approach do you suggest for our relationship? What type […]

Extraordinary Experiences Defined

extraordinary experiences defined

extraordinary experiences defined, products, services Entrepreneurs are aware of their products and services – their content and formatting, their delivery and sometimes their evaluation of use. However, when asked about the delivery of experiences they are less clear. Sometimes, the tilt of the head, eyebrow raising, the puzzled look speaks volumes. And more so … when […]

Culture High Performance Workplace

culture high performance

culture high performance, extraordinary experiences Quick Response to an Article about High Performance Culture re: Destination Instead Suggesting Culture High Performance re: Journey Consider … Culture is about human interactions and the artefacts that result from those interactions. Culture is the white space of the organization chart in complementarity with the climate along the lines […]

Word Fun Customer Experiences

word fun

word fun, extraordinary experiences Let’s have some word fun … Look for the word “fun” in the wordle above. ~~((>> As you scanned this wordle looking for “fun” – did you notice words jumping out at you? It’s possible those words are non-consciously important to why and how you deliver customer experiences. To continue … Scan […]

Workplace Culture Awareness

workplace culture awareness

workplace culture awareness, start up, entrepreneur Question about Workplace Culture Awareness from an Entrepreneur in Start-Up Question: “If you check out startup blogs or entrepreneurship magazines recently you can see bunch of articles about company culture. I just started a company and I have so much on top of my head that I barely find […]

Adoption Success Hand Drawing Commentary

adoption success

Adoption Success, managing and leading, extraordinary experiences It’s Up for Dialogue:  Adoption Success: Managing and Leading Delivery of Extraordinary Experiences Overview: In business the way forward in delivery of extraordinary experiences with customers and employees involves Adoption Success. Or else, Fail Fast & Get Out. From an Adoption Success perspective: Scan this drawing … Sales = Left side […]

Great Ideas as an Entrepreneur

great ideas

Great Ideas, about something worth contributing As entrepreneurs you have great ideas borne of thoughts and feelings, and lived experience. Those ideas can become products, services and experiences (PSE) useful to customers and clients. Quick Question: Are you an entrepreneur who “develops/delivers the idea with the belief they will come?” Are you an entrepreneur who “Asks about […]

Entrepreneurs Challenges Use Mapping

entrepreneurs challenges

Entrepreneurs Challenges, Mapping There is a saying “At the end of the day ….” However, for most entrepreneurs … a revision is required: “At the beginning of the day – through the day – at the end of the day – the week that follows – the month that follows ….” Because entrepreneurs face all […]

Intention Attention Combination Is Awareness

intention attention

Intention Attention Awareness Intention is the manifestation of something before you materialize it through your business (and life) actions. When you materialize something you pay attention to its formation and use. The combination of intention and attention is called awareness.  Intention Attention Awareness For entrepreneurs, the development of awareness (combining intention and attention) is a vital competence to […]

Managers-Leaders Using Learning Educating To Manage Lead


Your Yearning for Learning for Earning Use Learning and Educating Approaches to Manage and Lead Employee Evolvement Whatever your age you are exploring and evaluating your … World! Workplace! Workspace! As we grow older we become more conscious of how we learn and possibly how we educate. However, there are still holes. And those holes are […]