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Groups Teams WWUBlog

groups teams

A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to manage and lead groups teams, and more. When one or more people gather to work on a task, they create a group. The form and function of the grouping is important to nurture and nourish the organization of work. To realize the intended action_outcomes, it’s important […]

Team, Extraordinary Experiences, Entrepreneurs and Executives

team extraordinary

Here is a short 3-minue video on “team extraordinary experiences” for established entrepreneurs and executives. To move from employee experience to extraordinary employee experience requires enhanced managing and leading approaches. In taking it up a few notches, we offer 3 suggestions.  More insights available when you click to read an earlier blog post on teams.  Grab a FREE 25-Minute Extraordinary […]

Business Team Important Questions

business team, extraordinary experiences Team-related development is important to entrepreneurial business growth. Yes? No? The line of thought used by many entrepreneurs: With growth comes the involvement of employees (contractors). We have to refer to them as something to bring them together – like a TEAM. If so … ask yourself this important question before developing your business team or teams: […]