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Mapping Example for Two Clients

mapping example

Mapping example, customized hand drawings From Mapping to MAPPing for Business: Two Case Examples  We reimagine the word mapping to form a acronym that best illustrates what we do … we serve via MAPPing: Map to Agree Agree to Plan Plan to P______ (whatever P-related word works like Perform, Produce, Price, Position, etc.) By adding “ing” to […]

Entrepreneurs Challenges Use Mapping

entrepreneurs challenges

Entrepreneurs Challenges, Mapping There is a saying “At the end of the day ….” However, for most entrepreneurs … a revision is required: “At the beginning of the day – through the day – at the end of the day – the week that follows – the month that follows ….” Because entrepreneurs face all […]

Use The Mapping Technique TRIPIS

mapping technique TRIPIS

Using the mapping technique TRIPIS to deliver extraordinary experiences – WHY? Mapping is one of the essential ways you can use – as an entrepreneur – to gain awareness of your organization of extraordinary experiences with your customers (and employees). Are you ready, able and willing to evolve the delivery of your products and services – to deliver extraordinary experiences? Through […]

Create Workplace Culture Rewards Killing Ideas

Workplace culture killing ideas

Create a workplace culture that rewards killing ideas – have you? Peter Diamandis speaking with Bill Gross, the CEO and Founder of Idealab  Bill explains about killing ideas: “We kill a lot of ideas. There is no risk to our people; nobody gets fired. In fact, people get praised when we kill something. We save […]