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Weekend #2 Picture

weekend 2

Click to enlarge Weekend 2:  Dr. Stephen Hobbs: I read this quote many, many years ago, way before I was reading about neuroscience and leadership … And so … was da Vinci ahead of his time? ))smiles Yours for the wellth of it, PS: Grab a 30 minute discovery session to explore and discover your way to evolve […]

Weekend #1 Picture

Stephen Hobbs 1

Click to enlarge Weekend 1:  Dr. Stephen Hobbs: A personal declaration of my voice, position, authority and mastery … in visual format re: WELLth Blog. Yours for the wellth of it, PS: Grab a 30 minute discovery session to explore and discover your way to evolve delivery of extraordinary experiences in the words of those involved (employees, […]

Manage & Lead Extraordinary Experiences

manage lead

12 Manage Lead insights … in visual form … to stimulate thinking and feeling, and action. Personal Note With the recreation-reinvention of WELLth Movement I gained clarity of my why, how and who by my when, where and what as I manage and lead. I gained a perspective of being an entrepreneur for the world. As […]

Managers-Leaders Using Learning Educating To Manage Lead


Your Yearning for Learning for Earning Use Learning and Educating Approaches to Manage and Lead Employee Evolvement Whatever your age you are exploring and evaluating your … World! Workplace! Workspace! As we grow older we become more conscious of how we learn and possibly how we educate. However, there are still holes. And those holes are […]

Using Collaborative Conversations in the Well-Living Workplace

collaborative conversations

Using Collaborative Conversations To Create a Well-Living Workplace I have often been asked where I start conversations about the well-living workplace. That is, to create a place of work where people live and work well together. Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. My response: I use collaborative conversations to create a […]

Legacy Word for the World 

legacy word

Your Legacy Word for the World Once known you have a key to being you for the world.  Within you is a LEGACY WORD. It frames the essence of what you enjoy to learn/educate and learn/educate to enjoy. It illuminates key knowledge and skills that guide you from the future into the present. The associated Legacy Intentions […]

The Truth About the Legacy Topics Chosen for the WELLth Blog

Legacy Categories story

About your Legacy Categories – Why did you choose them for the WELLth Blog? This question was posed by a reader. And to be honest – when asked, it surprised me. Then again … these legacy categories makes sense to me. I’m in and around them everyday. They guide the content curation for our articles and videos, and those of […]

Next Fifty Marketplace

Next Fifty Marketplace legacy

The Next Fifty Marketplace is open for your contributions. Whether you are a mentor, facilitator, elder, business owner, entrepreneur, manager-leader, employee, grandparent, parent decide today to fully express your Life Leadership Legacy. In doing so you see, feel and experience freedom, fulfillment and fun. In the Next Fifty Marketplace you can … Move from living as an […]

Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration

David Savage 10 Steps

Book Review for David Savage’s “Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration” In David Savage’s book Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible Within a Culture of Collaboration he covers both the concepts and practices of collaboration. For that reason alone he is applauded for offering a excellent overview of what it means to collaborate in the […]

Mission and Values, and Vision

Mission Vision Values

Organization(al) Mission and Values, and Vision, Goals and Objectives … One of the frequent conversations I have with managers and leaders focuses on the use of the organization(al) terms mission  and values, and vision, goals and objectives. It seems – even after all these years with the training, instructing, coaching and instructing – there is still confusion about what […]