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Book Marilyn Suttle

Marilyn Suttle

Guest Author – Workplace-related BookCustomer Experience Marilyn Suttlewww.MarilynSuttle.com/ColorTheirWorldHow do you make challenging work feel more like play?  Give your creative-side a chance to express itself with best-selling author Marilyn Suttle’s new activity book/coloring book COLOR THEIR WORLD: The Art of Creating Strong Customer Loyalty.It’s designed for lowering stress and raising resilience while strengthening customer relationships. · On […]

Scenius Concept Practice

scenius concept

scenius concept, genius, extraordinary experiences Kevin Kelly on a fascinating concept called scenius. Scenius stands for the intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius … as defined by Brian Eno: Kelly lists four factors that are important in nuturing scenius concept: 1. Mutual appreciation […]

Extraordinary Experiences Defined

extraordinary experiences defined

extraordinary experiences defined, products, services Entrepreneurs are aware of their products and services – their content and formatting, their delivery and sometimes their evaluation of use. However, when asked about the delivery of experiences they are less clear. Sometimes, the tilt of the head, eyebrow raising, the puzzled look speaks volumes. And more so … when […]

Use The Mapping Technique TRIPIS

mapping technique TRIPIS

Using the mapping technique TRIPIS to deliver extraordinary experiences – WHY? Mapping is one of the essential ways you can use – as an entrepreneur – to gain awareness of your organization of extraordinary experiences with your customers (and employees). Are you ready, able and willing to evolve the delivery of your products and services – to deliver extraordinary experiences? Through […]