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10 Easy, Fabulicious Workplace Insights Worth Your Time, Effort, & Money To Experience NOW: Business Decisions 18-05 pt2

Business decisions 18-05-pt2

Introduction to the second five of 10 videos associated with Business Decisions 18-05-pt2: These five videos are short activities you can action to create the well-living workplace:Video 6 = stop doing something that is not workingVideo 7 = strengthen something working in the organizationVideo 8 = strengthen relationships between departmentsVideo 9 = support commitments others makeVideo […]

If You Have an Opportunity To Enhance Adult and Workplace Learning Today: Would You Be Ready? Business Decisions 18-04

business decisions 18-04

Setting up a story for Business Decisions 18-04: ​Dominique is writing at her work desk. Phil knocks on her open door. “Morning, again. I see you’re busy. A quick question?” Looking up, Dominique nods ‘yes.’ “Do you have any information on adults and learning in the workplace?” “Yes – I’ll send you a copy of a handout given to me. And […]

Mentoring 18-04: Experience the Joy of 14 Truths about Mentoring

Mentoring 18-04

To mentor is to provide trusted advice during the learning adventure of the mentee. That is, mentors share the truth of their lived experiences when the mentees are ready (and sometimes not ready) to listen. Mentors share their experiences in a friendly, conversational way from close in or far away. They have a vested interest in […]

73 Ways to Deal with a Sticky Situation Through Leveraging Your Stick-To-It-Ness Business Decisions 18-01:

Business Decisions 18-01

Business Decisions 18-01 = 1st in the Work Well Together series You may be stuck (stuckness) or experiencing a situation that is not fulfilling your personal hierarchy of values nor matching the organizational values (sticky situation).Because of this stuckness and/or sticky situation it’s useful to identify the measure of stickiness you require to deal with the stuckness and/or […]