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August 31 through September 13, 2023 
Blog Posts & Videos, Publications Elsewhere

Sep 13: Blog: Unlocking Your Legacy Create Project Outlines Aligned with Your Vision and Fearless Confidence… consider the Legacy Launcher approach to your #soloaging legacy project outline

Sep 13: YT_Short: Log Cabin Tree Through a Tire 1of3 #nature #naturewalking

Sep 13: YT_Short: Around the Cabin Outside Observations 2of3 #nature #naturewalking

Sep 13: YT_Short: Cabin in the Woods Forest Location 3of3 #nature #naturewalking

Sep 12: YT_Short: Inside and Outside the Log Cabin 4of3 #nature#naturewalking

Sep 12: Note to Younger Self Sharing Wisdom
Momento Mori; Memento Vivere; Et Simul
“remember, you are going to die; remember to live (and play); both together”
And so, nurture inspiration for what you enjoy about your presence in living legacy life now!
There, Ere, & Here - Note to Younger Self

Sep 11: YT_Video: With Pen and Pencil
Writing Instruments #soloaging #legacy #journaling #aboutus

Sep 10: Eat Ate Tea of Food Favorite Prep Disasters

Sep 10: Favorite Movie and The Movies I'm Making
Share three stories about movies 1) Movie is about I Move 2) My favorite movie (series) - Australian Man From Snowy River 3) The Movie (series) I'm developing

Sep 8: YT_Video for About Us series - Destination Nearby for About Us Series #walking #walkingwithnature #destinations #wellthmovement

Sep 8: Blog: Mastering SoloAging Movement with Action Architect Insights and Practices
Soloaging is an ever-shifting journey filled with twists, turns, and transitions.
With Action Architect, an approach including processes, procedures, tools, techniques, concepts and practices, soloagers can access a pivotal element of our Confident SoloAging Legacy Navigator Program.
It's the unique advantage to create personalized action plans to navigate the unique challenges of SoloAging with confidence and commitment without wasting time, effort, and money

Feb 7: YT_Video: Stuck Places: Balochistan, Pakistan (Iran border) and SoloAging - Sharing two stories for you to get to know me ))smiles
The Balochistan region is administratively divided among three countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balochistan
Ageing-Aging (SoloAging) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ageing

Sep 7: Pinterest is a digital marketing place
where I add "pins" to my pin board
"Age Confidently - All Things Legacy"
Also, I add book notifications (mine & others)
and tree (nature) pictures
Join me if you visit this neck of the internet!

Sep 7: "Self-Discovery Unleashed" Uncover your true self and supercharge your SoloAging journey. #SelfDiscovery #AgeConfidence
More here: https://wellthmovement.com/cultivating-self-discovery-bounce-back-the-resilience-reinforcer-for-soloagers-09062023/

Sep 6: YT_Video: Worst & Best Jobs – Now #Legacy Life #legacydecoded
https://youtu.be/IuaMf8VLPjk #aboutus

Sep 6: YT_Short: Sunrise 🌅 Short Horizon Line #awarests #nature
Morning Walk, Observation Was that I person I saw? It was a bush! #Journal #Writing

Sep 6: "Confidence through Resilience" Boost your Age Confidence through the power of resilience. #ConfidenceBoost #ResilienceBuilding
More here: https://wellthmovement.com/cultivating-self-discovery-bounce-back-the-resilience-reinforcer-for-soloagers-09062023/

Sep 6: #Blog: Cultivating Self-Discovery & Bounce-Back The Resilience Reinforcer for SoloAgers 09062023 #soloaging #soloager #legacy #legacylife #legacydecoded https://wellthmovement.com/cultivating-self-discovery-bounce-back-the-resilience-reinforcer-for-soloagers-09062023/

Sept 5: YT_Video About Us:
Music Singing Personal Perspective #legacy #wellth

Sep 5: OPAL RISING SEPTEMBER 2023 issue is available:
Magazine expressing, outlining, sharing the wholistic mix of head, heart, and hands.
Wonderful contributors - of which I'm one!

Sep 4: YT_Short: Weather Memory Canada & Tanzania
#WeatherMemory #nature #walkingwithnature
https://wellthmovement.com/nature (main website)
Canada 🇨🇦 & Tanzania 🇹🇿
Ngorongoro Crater_YT: https://youtu.be/ItYWcObY2mU Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ngorongoro_Conservation_Area
#weather #memory #outdoors

Sep 4: FB_Live: Bucket List, Gift IT List
Many share their Bucket List
I'll share my Gift IT List
Got IT in the sense of "from the future;" what is on the list that I move my present forward, towards and because of leaving My Legacy Life!
It's about Be-Have-Do
1) Resource allocate 1M for nature-aware projects - live a legacy
2) Develop a 1M donor directed fund - leave a legacy
3) Publish 89 books (better if 144 books) [writing, research, publishing]
4) Of the books, a children's book series about Fluffy and Whuffy (2 dogs), and Summer Dogwalker (an ager) --- minimum of 9 illustrated (watercolor) books
5) Visit Ireland (Scotland, Wales) & England especially around Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Sep 3: YT_Video: Thinking About Vacations, Shorts on Backward
#legacy #nature #vacation #Ireland

Sep 3: YT_Video: ONE DAY
My comments: WOW - TU!... Singing through breakfast --- writing in a diary --- feelings --- use the creative process to process the past for living in the present --- songs of experiences --- connection through vulnerability --- words as gifts --- small words, big words --- intergenerational story dances --- What can I ask for?

Sep 2: YT_Video #2 of 21 videos in a Challenge:
About My Coffee, Getting to Know Me #nature #legacy #mentoring

Sep 2: YT_Short: After the Rain A Blanketed Warmth Pathway
#awarests #walkingwithnature
Ah yes - rain and its contributions for the world and with the planet
In celebration of the rain!

Sep 1: YT_Short: Two Sentinels Cottonwood Trees Portal Passing
#awarest #awarests #nature #walkingwithnature #awarests
Along the way I find and explore portal passages
For my imaginative writing and sensing something else!

Aug 31: Navigating Key Transitions Confidently: The Transition Tactician Approach for SoloAgers
The SoloAging path is often foot-printed by a series of significant transitions (because of change) that can leave individuals feeling alone, unsupported, and unsure. However, nurturing the Transition Tactician tools and techniques, SoloAgers can confidently navigate these transitions.

Aug 31: YT_Short: Into the Woods, Along the Path, Writing a Story
Added a whimsical poem prompted by the title using AI support ))smiles

Aug 31: YT_Short: When You Pay Attention, It's About What You See #nature #walkingwithnature #landscape https://www.youtube.com/shorts/XugunG6d2mM?feature=share

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