September 14, 2023

SoloAging Legacy Nature Mentorship Update 2023Sep14

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WELLcome... Daily Update

#Consideration: Unlock the SoloAging Journey using the Action Architect tools & techniques to navigate your #livingLegacyLife path with confidence and clarity. #SoloAging #ConfidentJourney #WellthMovement #AgeConfidence

Message from @MikeDooley about Time and Space - soooooo made sense today.
I receive his weekday messages - great reminders for living legacy life! Big thanks to him!
#soloaging #wellthmovement #universe #wholverse

Greeting the Dawn: An Early Bird's Walk
Welcome the break of day during a Nature-Aware Walk.
Savor the place you walk, stand, & sit as nature stirs awake.

#Consideration: The Language of the Community is important to situate and learn, to decide action-outcomes that move YOU forward. However, if you want ideas only, but no pathway to aligned action and/or if you won’t put in 15-20 minutes a day to nurture a new relationship with Self and/or Community - you’ll stay on the familiar (even if stifling) status quo. #soloaging #livinglegacy #wellthmovement

#Update: "Why the earth quakes – a closer look at what's going on under the ground# via @ConversationUS #nature #natureaware #natureeducation

YT_Video: Trip to Space Mars Celestial Trees #aboutus #soloaging #adventure #legacy

YT_Video: Preparation Prevention Practice for Soloaging #ageconfidently
– Live presentation about The 3 Ps linked to #soloaging #legacy #nature & #mentorship
1) Preparation Checklist 2) Prevention Backpack 3) Practice Continuance

New Moon Summary of WELLth Movement posts across all channels - Aug 30, 2023 --- Sep 13, 2023

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