September 29, 2023

Stay Found September FULL Moon Update

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September 14 through September 29, 2023 
Blog Posts & Videos, Publications Elsewhere
+ Meaningful Posts from Others

Sep 29: YT_Short: Preparation Checklist Safety First Your Socks
#2 in series of 5 Safety First: Overview Safe System(s) Safer Practices
*** #Preparation Checklist
Before stage - weather
During stage - body scan
After stage - dry out your socks
#WalkingwithNature #awarests #saferpractices 

Sep 29: YT_Short: Safety First Walking with Nature #awarests #saferpractices
#1 in series of 5 Safety First
Overview: Safe System(s) & Safer Practices via Preparation Checklist, Prevention Backpack, & Practice Continuance - About Reminders
#wellthmovement #awarests #awarest #awareness #walkingwithnature #naturewalking

Sep 29: A #decision - actually many decisions are required and requested each day. The required decisions have no wiggle room - they occur in the NOW. The requested decisions have some wiggle room. You decide, the now. #sololiving #soloagaing #wellthmovement

Sep 29: The Language of Leaves: Tree Walks Learn to read the silent language of trees on a Nature-Aware Walk. Every leaf is a page in nature's diary. #NatureWalking #WalkingWithNature #Awarests

Sep 29: Community and Connection: SoloAging’s Hidden Gems Unlock the power of meaningful relationships and forge connections beyond traditional family ties. Embrace community as a SoloAging Explorer. #CommunityConnections #SoloAgingExploration 

Sep 28: Review the Legacy EcoSystem and PathMap
For Navigating Your Age Confidence Journey
For Charting Your SoloLiving, SoloAging Movement
As You Remain Relevant and Leverage Experience 

Sep 28: From my research, here are 9 keywords highlighting the issues/needs of #SoloAgers…
And, I suggest attention to them, sooner than later in our #NextFifty!!!
***Appreciate your edits (add, alter delete)

1_ #Socialconnection #Socialisolation  
2_ #Healthcaremanagement
3_ #Financialplanning #Financialmanagement  
4_ #Homemaintenance #Homelocation #Housingoptions
5_ #Transportation
6_ #Caregiving #Selfcare
7_ #Legalmanagement #Estatemanagement
8_ #Mentalhealth #Mentalhealthsupport
9_ #Endoflifeplanning

I can support 1_ and 8_ on the list through WELLth Movement
Indirectly, 2_, 6_ (#SelfCare), & the #legacy project-story-contributions of 3_ & 9_
I'm sorting out the challenges to guide my legacy project-story-contributions. 

Sep 28: Mastering SoloAging: Overcoming Financial Hurdles
Delve into the world of financial planning for SoloAgers.
Learn how to secure your future, navigate retirement, and achieve financial peace.
#FinancialPlanning #SoloAgingFinances 

Sep 28: Podcast: The importance of #confidence, #kindness, and #attitude from an ager
#experience #wellthmovement

Sep 28: The nature of me-myself-I is complementary for the world, with the planet, and from the whole.
Actions like nourish - foster - tend are at the tips of my fingers. 

Sep 28: On what days of the week do the terms rest - renew - relax enter your actions?
What about reframe - rescript - regenerate?
Been asking myself these questions a lot. Sitting in my chair waiting for the kettle to boil!

Sep 27: Question for SoloAgers — Of what you are Being-Having-Doing, who benefits?
In what ways do you benefit - When writing your legacy story? Where walking with legacy contributions?

Sep 27: Personal note: I tip my hat to others who express their experiences of promise keeping. To hear others’ outcomes of commitments soothes a noisy world. #consideration

Sep 27: Stick-to-it-ness is a consideration for all #soloagers.
The fortitude of making it so, with your well-being and well-living, demonstrates living legacy life on your terms in your words. #sololiving #sololegacy

Sep 26: Blog: Broad Stroke View of SoloAging Confidently While Living Legacy Life #soloaging #ageconfidence #ageconfidently #legacylife #livinglegacy #wellthmovement

Sep 26: Perspective — What are 5 factors influencing SoloAgers life transitions - about living their Next Fifty? 

  1. Life events: Major life events such as retirement, divorce, death or illness can trigger a transition.
  2. Age (Years Young, Years Old): Age-related changes, can influence transition, such as mid-life crisis or the transition into old age.
  3. Personal values: Changes in personal hierarchy values, and shifting internal beliefs and external opinions can lead to a transition.
  4. Social support: The support or lack of support from family, friends, and the community can influence a SoloAger's ability to transition well.
  5. R words like — Resilience: A person's level of resilience, their ability to cope with stress and adversity without dysfunction, can affect their ability to manage a transition.

Sep 26: Navigating Health and Wellness in SoloAging
Address the vital aspect of healthcare planning as you age independently.
Explore strategies to ensure well-being and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
#HealthAndWellness #SoloAgerHealth #wellthmovement

Sep 26: #Communication from #Commitment and #Clarity from #Consistency are outcomes to deal with frustration. And, they are the impetus for frustration. I enjoy frustration in creative bursts. I’m not a frustration anxietist! 

Sep 25: What enhancement are you supporting while mentoring - personal, professional, outside agenda, imagined future — a combination? Each time you meet, it makes a difference to how you learn-know-share for all involved!

Sep 25: As you walk with your legacy project, and walk with something that fell apart for you and/or others interacting with you, what is your level of empathy for what happens next? #connection 

Sep 25: With #SoloAging, you have yes and no responses to queries.
They are a blessing and a curse depending on your perspective
__ an approach perspective [either and/or both] avoidance perspective.
Yes? No?

Sep 25: Of those you invite to support your legacy project - are they value hinders or value helpers? Based on their “expressed & unexpressed” levels of satisfaction (within-without) and importance (without-within), you have a “community decision” to make!

Sep 25: List 10 characteristics of a SoloAger Do you Agree or Disagree? Edit (add, alter, delete) the characteristics for your use, and include the edit(s) in the comments section… I love to learn-know-share. 

Here are 10 characteristics of a SoloAger, also known as an elder orphan.
It’s not a priority list - it’s an information list. I’m sharing research & result notes:

  1. No children: SoloAgers do not have children, or their children may not be involved in their lives and care.
  2. No spouse or partner: SoloAgers may not have a spouse or partner to provide care and support.
  3. Limited family support: SoloAgers may have limited family support, either because they do not have close relatives or because their relatives live far away or are unable to provide care.
  4. Self-sufficient: SoloAgers may be self-sufficient and independent, taking care of themselves and their homes on their own.
  5. Resilient: SoloAgers may be resilient, able to adapt to new challenges and circumstances.
  6. Resourcent: SoloAgers may be resourceful, finding creative solutions to problems and challenges, and appreciations and opportunities.
  7. Focused on health and wellness: SoloAgers may prioritize their health and wellness, engaging in regular exercise and healthy eating habits.
  8. Interested in technology: SoloAgers may be interested in technology and may use devices and apps to stay connected with others and manage their daily lives.
  9. Involved in their community: SoloAgers may be involved in their community, volunteering and participating in social activities to stay engaged and connected.
  10. Prepared for the future: SoloAgers may be proactive in planning for their future, making arrangements for their care and end-of-life issues, and securing their financial well-being.

Sep 25: YT_Video: Walking With Nature Autumn Colors Safety Whistle
#naturewalking #awarests #safetytip 

Sep 24: YT_Video: Walking with Nature Carry a Whistle
#SafetyFirst #SafetyApproach #safesystem #saferpractices #awarests

Sep 24: About the walks you take:
Wanderment and wonderment
Activities and action-outcomes
Leading, listening, learning, laughing, and leveraging
Ki, kin, kind, kindness
Safe systems and safer practices 

Sep 24: What are 7 important implications of #walkingwithnature, in #forests? 

  1. #PhysicalHealth: Walking with #nature (walking) can impact your physical health. It can help reduce distress, lower blood pressure, and improve cardiovascular health. Walking can provide a low-impact workout or not.. 
  2. #MentalHealth and Well-being: Walking with nature can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and increase overall life satisfaction. Nature can have a calming and restorative effect on mental health or not… 
  3. Connection to the #Environment: Walking with nature can stimulate a deeper connection to your local ecosystem and the wider environment. This connection can increase your appreciation for the natural world and encourage you to take actions to protect it or not… 
  4. #Faith, #Hope, and #Grace Connection: Walking with nature, walking in forests can evoke ways to explore all types of connections via your multi-senses. Visiting natural environments can provide opportunities for contemplation and introspection or not… 
  5. #CreativeProcess: Walking in forests can inspire creativity and innovation. Spending time in forests, with trees, can enhance creative problem inquiry, extend appreciative inquiry, and expand humble enquiry or not… 
  6. #Appreciation for Nature: Walking in forests can foster a deeper celebration and understanding of the natural environment, which can encourage individuals to take action to protect it or not… 
  7. Sense of #BeingHavingDoing: Walking in forests can loverage feelings of awe and wonder. Forests can evoke a sense of place and space that encourages reflection on living your Being-Having-Doing life or not…

 _/|\ What do you think of my reference to "or not..."? 

Sep 24: Skyward Glances: A Cloud Observer’s Walk
Witness the sky's shifting canvas during a Nature-Aware Walk. U
ncover stories floating in the vast blue above.

Sep 23: #Perspective... #consideration
10 climate myths busted

Sep 24: Have you heard about gorilla (guerilla) gardening?
Sharing out loud! #nature #fortheworld #gardeningathome

Sep 23: YT_Shorts: The Morning View Fog Sunrise Nature #beauty #awarests 

Sep 23: Seasonal Spectacles: An Ever-shifting Walk
Marvel at nature's evolving hues as seasons unfold.
Notice new splendors enfold with each shifting season.

Sep 23: Here is a ChatGPT response to the question,
“What are five ways in which a human is like a tree?” (without editing!)

  1. Interconnectedness: Trees, like humans, are part of complex networks of interconnected relationships. Humans interact with other humans, animals, and the environment in complex and diverse ways, and our well-being is often affected by the health of these relationships.
  2. Growth and development: Like trees, humans undergo a process of growth and development over time. We may become larger, stronger, and more complex, developing new skills, knowledge, and experiences as we mature.
  3. Adaptability: Humans, like trees, have the ability to adapt to changing environments and conditions. We may adjust our behaviors, attitudes, and goals in response to changes in our environment or life circumstances.
  4. Resilience: Trees, like humans, have the ability to recover from damage or stress. We may be able to heal from physical or emotional injuries, and adapt to changes in our environment or social situations in order to thrive.
  5. Life cycle: Like trees, humans have a finite life span, and go through a life cycle that includes birth, growth, reproduction, and death. Different humans may have different life spans, and may reproduce in different ways, but we all share this fundamental pattern of life.

Sep 22: A”recent” #Legacy Book __Breadcrumb Legacy: How Great Leaders Live a Life Worth Remembering__ Paperback – Dec 27 2022 by Jann E. Freed
Website: Podcasts: 

Sep 22: SoloAging: Crafting Your Personal Growth Story
Discover how SoloAging can lead to a chapter of personal growth and exploration.
Embrace change, learn new skills, and thrive as an empowered SoloAger.
#PersonalGrowthStory #SoloAgerEmpowerment 

Sep 22: For those of You who like background insights to play with and/or share your thoughts to edit (add, alter, delete) my thoughts and feelings here are: 

The 7+3 Elements of Living (Your Extraordinary) Legacy Life

  • Living–Legacy–Life - meaning/outcome of each and their interactions framed/rescripted by ethical-ecological-environmental legacy decisions 
  • Physicality - Physical Setting - movement, fluidity, possibility, practicality, transition
  • Objectivity - Objects - physical, psycho-social, symbolic
  • Structure-Arrangement - rules, formats, guidelines
  • Relationships-Connections - family & friends, direct social group, indirect social group, colleagues
  • Animation—Socio-Cultural Movement - set in motion, maintainability, sustainability, time, location
  • Project-Stories-Contributions - the continuum of experience and education via hierarchy of values and wholistic psychological safety

_/|\ Perspective and POV ---

  • Point of View Perspective & POV - FOR the World - architecture 
  • Perspective & POV - WITH the Planet - architexture 
  • Perspective & POV - FROM the Whole - archiwholture 

Yes, some new words! 

Sep 22: Blog: Access Introductory Articles for the 9 Elements of the Confident SoloAging Legacy Navigator Program 

Sep 21: Your #soloaging #legacy project is a statement of design & development, delivery & determination framed from dreams. Over time, with effort, your confidence & commitment to the project is an expression of gratitude! TU!

Sep 21: Take a break from your screen and look at plants − botanizing is a great way to engage with life around you #nature via @ConversationUS 

Sep 21: Feelings associated with the Visibility & Beyond 21-Day Video Challenge:

  1. Achievement: about overcoming obstacles, meeting goals, and demonstrating skills or abilities.
  2. Satisfaction: about completing each task and the overall challenge, confirming the time and effort for relearning/learning technology support (efficiency, effectiveness, relevance)
  3. Excitement: about generating excitement, the learn-know-share achievement, and anticipating next steps 
  4. Confidence: about confirming evidence of skills, knowledge, and determination from practice, spilling over into self-assurance//self-concept 
  5. Inspiration: about setting new goals-outcomes, taking on more challenges, and continuing to strive for personal growth and improvement.

Sep 21: Explorations – Mapping Your #Legacy:
Uncover the pathmap to create a legacy that resonates with your #SoloAging journey.
Embrace - celebrate - and leave a mark for the world and footprints with the planet.
#MappingYourLegacy #SoloAgingAdventure 

Sep 21: #Consideration: SoloAging offers a unique chance for self-discovery and personal growth.
With fewer responsibilities tied to caregiving, individuals have the freedom to explore their interests, travel, and invest time in hobbies they've long neglected. 

Sep 20: Wisdom Sharing while Navigating the Pathway:
Walk on addressing what hinders and leveraging what helps.
Craft a meaningful journey on your terms.
#WisdomOfAging #SoloAgerJourney

Sep 20: #Blog: Bringing Wholistic #Mentoring to Others The Legacy #Mentor's Guide #wellthmovement

Sep 19: Excerpt from: The Waggle, Issue 55 from Claire Krummenacher… 

How to increase tree equity across the United States - American Forests ( ), the oldest conservation organization in the U.S., just released an updated version of its Tree Equity Score ( ), a public mapping tool that measures tree canopy, health, income, and surface temperature to calculate a score indicating the degree of need for increased tree coverage in a particular neighborhood. The tool was initially developed based on evidence that trees provide numerous benefits to urban neighborhoods, including lowering stress, storing carbon, reducing runoff, acting as noise breaks, and lowering temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and has now expanded fivefold to cover every urban area in the country and incorporate updated data from the 2020 Census. Cities like Detroit have used the data to highlight tree coverage disparities and advocate for tree-planting programs in low-income, non-white neighborhoods with great success - since the city's tree equity partnership ( )  launched last fall, the team's efforts (primarily led by formerly incarcerated residents) have bolstered tree planting in the city by 500%, with the goal of planting 75,000 trees within five years. (opens to the issue)

Sep 19: #Soloaging Story:
Forever 14: A chance reunion between two high school classmates may have been a coincidence, but now it's a friendship, complete with miniskirts
#goodnewsstory #wellthmovement

Sep 19: #SoloAging Story:Solo Travel: Alone Again, Naturally…
Looking to spend time on your own in the great outdoors hiking, birdwatching or biking? #nature Here are 4 places to consider. Solo travel has become very popular and women do most solo travel. Nature getaways are also trending — put them all together and you've got a winning solo female nature travel trifecta. 

Sep 19: Discovering the universe from our own backyards #perspective #consideration
via @LaConvC

Sep 19: Crafting Your Legacy: #SoloAging Insights
Explore the art of leaving a lasting legacy as a SoloAging Explorer.
Uncover strategies to build connections, embrace growth, and make a difference.
#LegacyBuilding #SoloAgerLegacy

Sep 19: Deciding to Live Your Legacy Life, is to decide who you assist and who you allow to assist you!
With whom do you want to make a difference? And, in what ways? What in your life requires your attention?
Responding to these questions and weaving the action outcomes together is one aspect of Confident SoloAging Legacy Navigation!
Ah, the pathways you can walk. Need assistance? 

Sep 19: YT_Video: Change Surrounds Every ChallengeContext: Video Challenge - WHY

  • Change - Transition
  • Surrounds - Situation
  • Every - Problems as Concerns//Appreciations as Joy
  • Challenge - CARTSLearn-Know-Share
  • Perspective-Consideration-Point of View 

Sep 18: YT_Video: Smells World and PlanetSmells World & Planet

  • Smelling as a way of learning
  • What was the dog smelling?
  • What was I smelling?
  • Smells and memories
  • World smells - created by humanity - persons
  • Planet smells - created by nature - ecology

Sep 18: A learner wrote “Change surrounds every Challenge.”
Knowing this, then it’s important to notice concerns via problems and joy via appreciations are both present.
Whatever the situation, the learning is about the shift. I’m in for the long haul called living legacy life. 

Sep 18: Earth's Ancient Journal: A Geological Stroll
Decipher the narratives imprinted in stones during a Nature-Aware Walk.
Unravel the landscapes of our planet's past.

Sep 18: YT_Video: Outdoor Equipment Purchased 3 Stories of #Living #life #living #life #legacy #aboutus 

Sep 17: #Consideration: "A free educational resource about history and the climate crisis"  #nature

Sep 17: Milan Kundera on the Power of #Coincidences and the Musicality of How #Chance Composes Our Lives via @brainpicker
#legacylife #livinglegacy #ageconfidently #wellthmovement

Sep 17: The #Courage to Be Yourself: Virginia Woolf on How to Hear Your #Soul via @brainpicker
#perspective #legacylife #livinglegacy #ageconfidently

Sep 17: YT_Short: Framing Trembling Aspen September Morning Light
Walking in the morning light of September Canada saw this trembling aspen in its fall colors #nature #natureawareness #awarest #awarests #naturewalking #naturejournaling #journaling 

Sep 17: #Perspective: The experiences of SoloAgers, individuals navigating the path of #aging independently, live without the traditional support of immediate family members. To nurture the SoloAging lifestyle is to open the door to personal growth & the crafting of a unique legacy. #SoloAging #Explorer #selfreflection

Sep 16: YT_Video: My Preference for Online Offline Purchases Is my preference for Online or Offline Shopping? Personally? Business? Share a perspective on both, to Live My Legacy Life And by extension, rethinking some delivery formats for my business #legacylife #livinglegacy #products #practices #services #experiences #wellth #movement 

Sep 16: Striding with the Rain: Embrace the Drizzle Let a gentle drizzle guide your nature walk. Stop, Listen & Feel the soothing rhythm of raindrops falling on leaves, on the ground.

Sep 16: #Perspective: Embrace Your Independence: SoloAging Explorations Discover the freedom of SoloAging as you navigate its unique benefits and challenges. Embrace autonomy, forge connections, and define your #legacy. #SoloAging #Independence Invitation to continuous learning…

Sep 16: When kids feel the magic of nature, they will want to protect it.
_*_ The same is true for #SoloAgers as #EcoAgers and #EnviroAgers!
This opinion piece advocates for early childhood outdoor-based environmental education, especially curricula that emphasize the emotional experience of being in #nature. The author argues that cultivating a sense of wonder and strengthening a child’s relationship with the outside world is one of the most important responsibilities that adults have. Whether through participation in formal environmental education or informal outdoor experiences with family members, these activities convey physical and mental health benefits to children while also nurturing the next generation of environmental advocates. 

Environmental Health News.
via Children and Nature Network #reciprocation #wholistic #psychosocialsafety

Sep 16: Found this article about Nature journaling for kids (and SoloAgers), a powerful learning tool!
The writer highlights how nature journaling helps kids notice — and appreciate — the natural world around them. Incorporating nature journaling activities into school curricula encourages inquiry into the natural world, nurtures imagination and develops critical thinking skills among students. The best part? You don't need any artistic skills to access these benefits — just a curious mind. Deccan Herald. 

Sep 16: Empower and Connect: The Legacy Actionist Way Along Your SoloAging Journey
If you're a SoloAger, Empty Nester, or a Widow/Widower, you've got a lot of wisdom from your journey. Learn how to turn that wisdom into something truly special via understanding Legacy Actionist, a part of our Confident SoloAging Legacy Navigator Program, which is like a path map to make you feel more empowered and connected during your SoloAging journey. 

#BlogArticle: Empower and Connect: The Legacy Actionist Way Along Your SoloAging Journey 

Sep 16: YT_Video: Answer the Hinder and Help Question Whether for work or personally Review at a high level TRIP-IS - Wiggly-T tool-technique-technology using a team/group example 

It's a way to “dynamically” balance #issues as you discover and shape #initiatives in the words of the person/persons answering the question #organization #organizationofwork #work #personalanswer #legacy #welllivingorganization #wellthmovement

YT_Video: Answer the Hinder and Help Question Whether for work or personally Review at a high level TRIP-IS - Wiggly-T tool-technique-technology using a team/group example
#organization #organizationofwork #work #personalanswer #legacy #welllivingorganization #wellthmovement

Sep 15: Along the River's Tale: Waterway Walks Stroll along the river's edge, where the water whispers tales of journey & shift. Witness the life-giving magic of flowing water.

Sep 15: Use this Legacy-Minded Habit Checklist to Guide You on Your SoloAging Journey
Living Legacy LifeSharing as a Wholistic/reciprocal Mentor
Habits to Preserve (as Rituals rather than Routines)

  • Those that align with your long-term living legacy life action-outcomes
  • Practices that have consistently contributed to your mentoring (wisdom sharing) success
  • The ways and means that enhance your mental-emotional well-being and well-living balance

Habits to Release 

  • Methods that no longer align with your current soloaging intentions, legacy vision and mentoring philosophy
  • Time-Effort consuming tasks with little impact on your mentees' growth or your own
  • Activities that drain your energy or enthusiasm without offering substantial benefits to your legacy

New Habits to Foster 

  • Commit to continuous education, staying updated with the latest soloaging techniques, legacy trends, and continuous learning publications to better guide your mentees on their journey
  • Dedicate focused "mentoring time" weekly—uninterrupted hours where you mentor, share wisdom, and nurture the growth of your mentees
  • Engage in regular networking within your well-living community, whether through virtual coffee chats, mentorship groups, or joining online communities, to gain fresh insights and strategies

Navigating transition because of change, especially when you're leading the way, can be an inspiring endeavor for all involved


Sep 14: YT_Video: Preparation Prevention Practice for Soloaging #ageconfidently
– Live presentation about The 3 Ps linked to #soloaging #legacy #nature & #mentorship
1) Preparation Checklist 2) Prevention Backpack 3) Practice Continuance 

Sep 14: #Consideration: Unlock the SoloAging Journey using the Action Architect tools & techniques to navigate your #livingLegacyLife path with confidence and clarity. #SoloAging #ConfidentJourney #WellthMovement #AgeConfidence

Sep 14: Message from @MikeDooley about Time and Space - soooooo made sense today. I receive his weekday messages - great reminders for living legacy life! Big thanks to him!#soloaging #wellthmovement #universe #wholverse 

Sep 14: Greeting the Dawn: An Early Bird's Walk
Welcome the break of day during a Nature-Aware Walk.
Savor the place you walk, stand, & sit as nature stirs awake.#nature

Sep 14: #Consideration: The Language of the Community is important to situate and learn, to decide action-outcomes that move YOU forward. However, if you want ideas only, but no pathway to aligned action and/or if you won’t put in 15-20 minutes a day to nurture a new relationship with Self and/or Community - you’ll stay on the familiar (even if stifling) status quo. #soloaging #livinglegacy #wellthmovement

Sep 14: #Update: "Why the earth quakes – a closer look at what's going on under the ground#
via @ConversationUS #nature #natureaware #natureeducation

Sep 14: YT_Video: Trip to Space Mars Celestial Trees #aboutus #soloaging #adventure #legacy

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