Written by Stephen Hobbs

In celebration of Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist, I wrote these 21 life legacy insights for your consideration.

  1. Luck and coincidence are essential elements of a universal language that envelopes all human languages … allow yourself to experience it.
  2. There is a language of inspiration, gratefulness and enthusiasm, guided by love and purpose.
  3. Transition because of change is a way to offset a reoccurring inner message, “I’m used to the way I am.”
  4. To dream is different from desiring to realize your dreams … to realize your dreams has its ups and downs called living your great life.
  5. A decision is required every day between what you have become accustomed to and something you desire to have … once the decision is implemented it takes you farther than from whence you made the decision.
  6. The reason you exist and the contributions you make are your dream materialized on behalf of your Creator.
  7. Along the path of shared learning, called living life, there are only experiences that enrich your living … whether you perceive them as positive or negative.
  8. Love of self and love of others are the impetuses for living fromward … at no time in your life has love been absent; you will sense it when you become sensual.
  9. Everything is possible no matter what was said or modeled for you in the past … because today you decide what will be, will be.
  10. You already know what you need to know … be receptive to the guidance that points you in the direction to learn even more.
  11. When words are twisted in what you say, you move from how you live to what is thought of as evil.
  12. Thinking of what you left behind is a burden that hinders your moving fromward.
  13. Through action of reaction and creation you know yourself … the journey is the measure of a true person.
  14. Listening to your heart brings the energetics of loving for self and with others to your head and hands.
  15. Search for your dreams because every second you are engaged in your dream realization is a second’s encounter with your Creator.
  16. The first step is the easiest; it is the next steps that are the test of your heart, when you are severely checked for your commitment.
  17. As you share the story of your life, few will believe you possess such great treasures within you … let not their beliefs become yours.
  18. To shift your thinking to contribute your principal story.
  19. Say thank you for the gifts you receive … what you receive freely is meant to be free.
  20. You have a central role in the ‘ourtory’ (collective history) of the world; be the actor, the director, the audience, and most of all, be the producer.
  21. Living your life is obligation alone … once integrated into your way of becoming let the universe conspire with you to achieve it.

In Moving Forward with Your Life Legacy

Choose one statement.
Rewrite or expand on the statement in your own words.
Identify three actions to bring your statement alive in your head, heart and hands.
Prioritize the actions.
Take the actions.
Share your results.

Comments appreciated below.

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About the Author

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is a Decision Facilitator/Leadership Legacy Mentor. He’s available to guide you as a business owner, entrepreneur, executive or team leader to make better decisions – especially about your life legacy and/ore leadership legacy. He uses facilitative mentoring to realize your outcomes in your words. An hour with Steve straightens out even the biggest decision so you can see the forest and the trees.