June 29, 2022

Co-Creating the Mentoring Arrangement and Connection

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Co-Creating the Mentoring Arrangement and Connection

01:26 A Space and Place for Collaborative Conversations 

03:57 The Mentor's Guide: Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships

04:23 Topics:

Educating and Learning
Define Mentoring - as an educating approach
Mentoring Space - background conversations
Mentoring Place - foreground conversations
Collaborative Conversations
Relational Structure ← → Arranged Connection

What are 10 action outcomes that guide the co-creation of a mentoring relationship//structure?

14:28 Confirm consensual agreement

16:00 Define outcomes (personal and professional)

17:53 Identify completion metrics and measurement (success criteria)

18:27 Connect – Consider – Convert – Conclude – Complete 

21:00 Manage accountabilities for participation

23:49 Manage responsibilities to action outcomes 

26:30 Confirm commitment requirements 

29:16 Manage safe system for involvement 

31:32 Lead evolvement through safer practices 

34:10 Review continuously

35:20 Evaluate summatively

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