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Mentoring Wisdom from Four Mentors

Mentoring Wisdom of Four Mentors and the Actions I Took (Words Really Matter)

Mentoring Wisdom is about 4 mentors who helped shape my practice of mentoring and competence as a mentor.  They each gave me the gift of mentoring through the presence of mentorship.  Mentoring Wisdom of Four Mentors and the Actions I Took (Words Really Matter) Life decisions are made from the choices available. To have appropriate choices requires […]

Facilitating Conversations for Health and Wellthy Decision Making

facilitating wellness conversations for wellthy decision making

Facilitating wellness conversations is supporting your wellthy decision making by identifying and dealing with what hinders and helps you about your health and wellness … and then, committing to doing more of what helps while rectifying what hinders. Each day you dynamically balance what hinders and helps you evolve your legacy, life, and leadership. Facilitating conversations about health […]

17 Hacks for Co-Creating the Well-Living Workplace

17 workplace hacks taken from 5 WLWP book series

Workplace Hacks is about 17 suggested activities – work arounds, work throughs, work froms – ways forward –> for co-creating the well-living workplace. The source of inspiration are the eBooks in the Creating the Well-Living Workplace series:  17 Workplace Hacks A workplace hack is a work around – a way forward – a work through – a work […]

Gender Research Mentor Competence via International Mentoring Community

gender research mentor

Natural Educator – Mentor includes an Executive Summary from University Students’ – Class Project re gender research mentor – focus: gender-based mentoring. This project was for partial credit for a graduate-level university course.  Clarification: The research process and text below does not adhere to strict academic protocol nor does this summary include references. However, should you […]

Mental Triggers – Emotional Prompts Affecting Collaborative Conversations Between Mentors and Mentees

mental triggers mentor

Natural Educator 3919 introduces 7 mental triggers mentor – emotional prompts mentee that affect the collaborative conversations between mentors and mentees.   What are Mental Triggers – Emotional Prompts?Mental triggers & emotional prompts drive action and highlight feelings associated with next steps of every mentoring arrangement and relationship – that is, triggers and prompts influence […]

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