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Well Living World Wellther Indra Singh

indra Singh

WELLthers are persons who appreciate life and business, seek to contribute to the community, and desire to share their creative expression with conscious life travellers. Whether it’s a one-time event and/or over multiple projects, we WELLcome opportunities to chat with WELLthers and weave our work together. Introducing: Indra Singh Indra Singh is an intuitive guide for those […]

Share Short-Term Win-Grow-Learn Stories for Workplace Transition 1519

workplace transition 1519

Workplace transition occurs with zip and zing when you share win-learn-grow stories – especially in the short-term. For those who care-to-share, then: Share the wins … Share the learning … Share the growth … That is, infuse the organization of work with stories that acknowledge, advance, and amplify what works as everyone challenges the systems where SYSTEMS means: Save Your […]

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