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Managing Leading Well-Living Workplace Overview

Managing Leading Well Living Workplace Overview

Suggestion: To manage & lead your well-living workplace, purchase the book “Managing-Leading the Well-Living Workplace” … to access 30+ action_outcomes … to guide your decision making and action taking … to get the movement you envision in the words of those involved on your terms … to develop you Managing Leading Well Living Workplace Overview you share […]

Terms and Concepts of the Well-Living Workplace

well living workplace terms concepts

To define and agree on your Well Living Workplace terms concepts is an essential first step in creating the well-living workplace. And thereafter, it’s important to review and update the definitions based on course corrections. Remain Clear on the Terms and Concepts Associated with Creating Your Well-Living Workplace Experience has shown, one workplace is not the same as another. And […]

Game Theory Recreation Gamification

Game Theory Recreation Gamification

The metaphor of “games at work and work as games” is important reminder of the use of game theory, recreation, and gamification in your organization of work. Game Theory Recreation Gamification Game theory – from Wikipedia is “the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers” … and so, in the workplace persons make decisions and the […]

Playing with Workplace Words

Workplace Words

Are Workplace Words Important? Often before leaders and owners of organizations purchase my company’s services, I am asked for a list of references and credentials. Without hesitation, I can list where and with whom I have worked. When it comes to the question of higher education diplomas and degrees, I offer jokingly that I am a […]

Workplace, 10 Insights About the Organization of Extraordinary Work

workplace insights organization of work

Summary:  Here are “10 Workplace Insights Organization of Work” (WOW). When all are used in their various combinations, they lead you to success. These insights are from an eagle perspective. And, these insights are useful to entrepreneurs with 2 or more employees through to executives with thousands of employees.  9+1 Workplace Insights Organization of Extraordinary WorkHere are 10 insights […]

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