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Workplace Facilitating Insights 2

Workplace Facilitating Insights 2

Summary: Here are 21 Workplace Facilitating Insights 2 of 2. Drs. Stephen Hobbs and Laurie Maslak each prepped 10 questions they combined into this list. They added a bonus insight. The insights are important to facilitate meetings and learning events. 21 Essential Insights for Facilitating on Intention (Part 2 of 2) … Two experienced facilitators, Dr Laurie Maslak and Dr […]

Workplace Facilitating Insights 1

workplace facilitating insights 1

Summary: Here are 21 Workplace Facilitating Insights 1 of 2. Drs. Stephen Hobbs and Laurie Maslak each prepped 10 questions they combined into this list. They added a bonus insight. The insights are important to facilitate meetings and learning events. 21 Essential Insights for Facilitating on Intention (Part 1 of 2) … Two experienced facilitators, Dr Laurie Maslak and Dr Stephen Hobbs, met […]

Workplace Mentoring Employee Experiences

workplace mentoring employee experiences

Summary: Move mentoring along the good to extraordinary continuum to deliver workplace mentoring employee experiences that are extraordinary. Connecting facilitating with managing and mentoring with leading. Move Mentoring Along the Good to Extraordinary Continuum to Deliver Extraordinary Employee Experiences … ​Mentoring employees is your pathway to success for win-grow outcomes.  Because your employees ask Why-How-Who-When-Where-What questions on a daily basis, […]

Extended View Facilitative Mentoring & Executives

facilitative mentoring executives

Use Facilitative Mentoring To Manage and Lead Your Delivery of Extraordinary Employee Experiences Here is a quick definition of facilitative mentoring in connection with managing and leading.Facilitate is to draw insights from a group and/or a person (the participants) – through questions & answers and listening to presentations – about one or more of Imagined Futures (IFS), […]

Fundamentals of an Effective Mentor Mentee Arrangement

mentor mentee arrangement

The Mentor-Mentee Arrangement: What are the fundamentals of an effective mentoring arrangement?For this article, here are two requests:Reflect on your current mentor mentee arrangementReview the fundamentals of an effective mentor mentee arrangement. Consider these mentee/mentor relationships … Reflection:Aristotle had Plato, Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs, Dr Phil Mcgraw had Oprah Winfrey, Luke Skywalker had Yoda, Eliza Doolittle had Professor Henry Higgins, Daniel LaRusso […]

Circles and Lines

circles lines

A fun post about circles and lines … The other day I was distracted from my work flow … And a brilliant insight came to view. So let me set the StageI was playing around with circles and lines.  I was doodling, drawing … [The featured picture that accompanies this post was my doodle pic.] Looking to see where circles lines are used […]

Overview Facilitative Mentoring & Executives

overview facilitative mentoring

Two of the ten educating approaches executives can use to manage and lead delivery of extraordinary employee experiences is facilitative mentoring.  Facilitative mentoring is the combination of facilitating and mentoring.  Facilitating is about drawing ideas from the employees in response to their questions and to directly involve employees in the delivery of accountable products, services and experiences.  Mentoring is encouraging […]

Questions Coach Selection

coach selection

coach selection, extraordinary experiences 10 Questions to Ask During Coach Selection (Focus) Here are 10 questions to ask your coach during the selection interview. These questions are based on you having reviewed the potential coach’s credentials and experience, and linked to why you are looking for a coach: What coaching approach do you suggest for our relationship? What type […]

Workplace Mentoring Lessons Learned

workplace mentoring

workplace mentoring, extraordinary experiences 9 Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Workplace Mentoring (Appreciate) The pleasure of mentoring has filled my work and volunteer days over the years. Some arrangements have been long and involved, as others have been short and to the point. Each has been a wonderful experience for the mentee or me. In […]

Crafting Great Life

Read These Three Books to Live Extraordinary Experiences As you enter your next fifty are you thinking and talking about wellness, happiness, fulfillment and giving back – about living a great life? If yes … these topics are about YOUR wellth creation. If no – why not? A Great Life is a wellthy life where wellth refers […]