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5 Legacy Projects Wellth Movement Supports

5 Legacy Projects Wellth Movement Supports

July 29, 2021 What are the 5 legacy projects WELLth Movement is supporting locally and globally? Video format…  Content Time Stamps for the video below:  Introduction to the Video including a Definition of Legacy  01:55 Introduction to Sharing 5 Layered Projects I Support  02:30 Project #1: My business – offering the Legacy DeCoded System/Program  03:18 Project #2: Volunteer with a service organization, creating […]

Want to Explore and Discover Your Legacy Project

Explore Discover Legacy Project

July 23, 2021 Want to explore and discover legacy project in your words, on your terms?  I start with a question because I want to share a SHORT situational story in which the question has relevance.  Conversation at Dinner The family and friends dinner party is scheduled for this Saturday evening. You’ve been mulling over what is an extraordinary […]

Consider your Withdigenous Legacy Project

Withdigenous Legacy Project

July 22, 2021 Want to explore the use of a new term “withdigenous” as it applies to legacy and legacy project:  Let me start with “digenous” ((digenesis)) – from biology – about sexual reproduction. That is, it is synergistic, as in pertaining to and/or originating from two sexes. [from a Google Search] Then there is indigenous – originating or […]

Answer This Multi-Level Question About Your Legacy Project

Legacy Project Multi-Level Question

July 21, 2021 Yesterday, I posted these 2 questions about living — extrapolated to sharing your legacy project:  Slow – as in slow thinking – the logical approach to thinking and deciding  Fast – as in fast thinking – the intuitive approach to thinking and deciding  And that got me to framing this multi-level question based on my […]

Connecting Legacy, Learning, and Educating for Your Legacy Project

Images Legacy Project

July 19, 2021 Legacy Project images about learning and educating… note the use of “about” and “from”  Possibly more important: Ask yourself “Did Your Legacy Founded You?”  Do you have suggested edits for this post? Edit = add, alter, delete!  Please share this post with those you know via the digital marketing channel you prefer – TU!  Share0 […]

What Do the Letters ADIMPST Contribute to Your Legacy Project

Legacy Project

July 14, 2021 Making sense of your Legacy Project using the letters ADIMPST framed by STEEP and STORY  I’m sharing all of the pictures associated with STEEP (x2), STORY (x3), and one each for ADIMPST. With ADIMPST, the letters are in order within the alphabet. Here they are… STEEP — Two ways to explain STEEP. STORY — Three ways to explain […]

The 5Is to Action Your Legacy Project

5 Is Action Legacy Project

July 12, 2021 Ensure you use the 5Is to action your legacy project – legacy challenge – legacy story   Move Intend to Illuminate forward – move present to future *** Move Illuminate to Intend fromward – move future through present *** Intend –> intending — aim, contemplate, design, designate, expect, mean, propose, resolve  Image –> imaging — create a representation of, call up […]

The 5As to Actualize Your Legacy Project

Actualize Legacy Project

July 8, 2021 Ensure you use the 5As to actualize your legacy project – legacy contribution  Move Acknowledge to Assets forward – move present to future Move Assets to Acknowledge fromward – move future through present Acknowledge –> admit, accept, allow, concede, confess, appreciate, recognize, realize, respect, greet, salute, address, recognize  Advance –> proceed, move along, make progress, make headway, forge ahead, gain ground, […]

The 5Ms to Move Your Legacy Project Forward

Manage Legacy Project Forward

July 7, 2021 Ensure you use the 5Ms to move your legacy project forward (present to future) and fromward (present from future)   Move Map to Monetize forward – move present to future Move Monetize to Map fromward – move future through present Map –> chart, plot, delineate, draw, depict, portray  Manage –> be in charge of, run, be head of head, […]

The 5Ds to Move Your Legacy Project Forward

Move Legacy Project Forward

July 6, 2021 Consider the 5 Ds useful to move your legacy project forward.  Move Dream to Determine to materialize forward – move present to futureMove Determine to Dream to manifest fromward – move future through presentDream –> Manifest, think, consider, visualize Design –> Draw, sketch, outline, map Develop – Start, begin, advance, grow, build Deliver – Fulfill, provide, […]