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Extraordinary Experiences Five Stages Videos

extraordinary experiences five stages

Summary: Extraordinary Experiences Five Stages blog post includes 5 introductory videos (1-2 min length) to highlight key concepts for each of the Five Stages of the Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform.  5 Introductory Videos Highlighting the Five Stages of the Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform … For “Thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs” … And yet, applicable to all organization […]

Workplace Future of Work

workplace future work

Summary: Workplace Future Work introduces you to the possible connections among extraordinary experiences (EX2), virtual reality (VR), cognitive computing, and the Future of Person and Machine  Workplace Future Work In 1996 I completed my EdD thesis … tilted: Development and Validation of a Holistic Organization Learning Framework for Organizational Learning Consultants and Adult Educators.  I used insights from quantum […]

Flow Experiences

Flow Experiences

Flow Experiences and Experience-based Learning and Educating – Brief reminder of the importance of both to your organization of work.Over the months and years to follow, I’ll share insights about Flow, Flow Experiences, and Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) – suggesting the importance of all for making a movement and creating the well-living workplace …Other topics include:involve your customers […]

Circles and Lines

circles lines

A fun post about circles and lines … The other day I was distracted from my work flow … And a brilliant insight came to view. So let me set the StageI was playing around with circles and lines.  I was doodling, drawing … [The featured picture that accompanies this post was my doodle pic.] Looking to see where circles lines are used […]

Scenius Concept Practice

scenius concept

scenius concept, genius, extraordinary experiences Kevin Kelly on a fascinating concept called scenius. Scenius stands for the intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius … as defined by Brian Eno: Kelly lists four factors that are important in nuturing scenius concept: 1. Mutual appreciation […]

Extraordinary Experiences Defined

extraordinary experiences defined

extraordinary experiences defined, products, services Entrepreneurs are aware of their products and services – their content and formatting, their delivery and sometimes their evaluation of use. However, when asked about the delivery of experiences they are less clear. Sometimes, the tilt of the head, eyebrow raising, the puzzled look speaks volumes. And more so … when […]

Adoption Success Hand Drawing Commentary

adoption success

Adoption Success, managing and leading, extraordinary experiences It’s Up for Dialogue:  Adoption Success: Managing and Leading Delivery of Extraordinary Experiences Overview: In business the way forward in delivery of extraordinary experiences with customers and employees involves Adoption Success. Or else, Fail Fast & Get Out. From an Adoption Success perspective: Scan this drawing … Sales = Left side […]

Manage & Lead Extraordinary Experiences

manage lead

12 Manage Lead insights … in visual form … to stimulate thinking and feeling, and action. Personal Note With the recreation-reinvention of WELLth Movement I gained clarity of my why, how and who by my when, where and what as I manage and lead. I gained a perspective of being an entrepreneur for the world. As […]

Use The Mapping Technique TRIPIS

mapping technique TRIPIS

Using the mapping technique TRIPIS to deliver extraordinary experiences – WHY? Mapping is one of the essential ways you can use – as an entrepreneur – to gain awareness of your organization of extraordinary experiences with your customers (and employees). Are you ready, able and willing to evolve the delivery of your products and services – to deliver extraordinary experiences? Through […]